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Chiron Transits to Natal Venus – Interpretations

Chiron Transits to Natal Venus - Interpretations

By Corinne Lane     33 Comments

To get a clear picture of what transiting Chiron will do to your Venus, take note of Chiron’s whole story.

In Greek mythology, Chiron’s story is not just about a wound and healing. Chiron’s story is one about abandonment, growth, betrayal, pain, and ultimately, suicide.

Chiron was abandoned by both his mother and father. Later, a close friend accidentally hit Chiron with a poisoned arrow. The poisoned arrow caused Chiron, who was immortal, to live with a pain that was so unbearable that Chiron willingly chose to die in order to escape the pain. He begged for death. The pain was so great that this once-immortal god traded in his immortality for the stillness of death. Chiron, the wise healer, was not able to heal himself.

…unless you consider his death as the ultimate healing, which many do.

With this story of Chiron in mind, it’s difficult to see how any transit from Chiron could end well. Many people assume that they will only experience that part about “growth,” buried there between abandonment, betrayal, pain, and suicide.

Yes, you can learn and grow during Chiron transits. But, you will learn in the school of hard knocks, just like Chiron, who was abandoned at birth, learned. He learned so much that he became a renowned healer, skilled medicine man, skilled martial arts master, trainer, teacher, prophet, mentor, and more. Chiron came to be very highly revered. But, this was only after Chiron was conceived through rape, was born a bastard child, and was abandoned by his mother, who was literally disgusted by him.

So, while Chiron transits can offer life lessons and growth, I would not call Chiron a benefic.

When Chiron contacts gentle, pleasure-loving Venus, you’re in for a sort of shocker. Chiron was a martial artist, not a “painting” artist.

The key is to remember that this is only a temporary transit and it will pass!

How does that famous quote go? “There is a time for everything…” Chiron transits are a time for unbearable pain.

As you read the interpretations below, consider the following 3 points.

  1. Check to see if you have a natal aspect between Venus and Chiron. If you don’t have a natal Venus-Chiron aspect, you may not notice Chiron transits to Venus so much.
  2. If your natal Venus has any stressful aspects (square, opposition, conjunction) to any planets, you’ll feel the influence of this Chiron transit more strongly.
  3. Consider also the dignity of your natal Venus: if you have Venus in detriment or Fall (in Scorpio, Aries, or Virgo), any transit to your Venus will be difficult. Sorry. On the other hand, if your natal Venus is exalted (in Pisces), you may not be bothered at all by Chiron transits.

Consider the 3 points above as you read the interpretations that follow.

Transiting Chiron Conjunct Natal Venus

When anguished Chiron makes a transit conjunction to your Venus, you’ll quite possibly endure a traumatic event in your social life. You may have a change of job, relationship, or residence. A particular event may leave you feeling abandoned.

You may also feel unbearable pain in the houses which Venus rules in your birth chart, not simply the house which Venus is in. So look at the houses in your birth chart with Taurus and Libra on the cusps.

(For example, if Venus rules your 1st house, you may experience a physical injury as well as a lowered sense of self-esteem. If Venus rules your 2nd house, your income and self-worth will be affected. If Venus rules your 3rd house, you may experience betrayal by a family member, or close friend. Something involving contracts, perhaps, and requiring you to make a short trip. If Venus rules your 4th house, your home will be affected. If Venus rules your 5th or 7th house, you may experience a break-up or unrequited love. If Venus rules your 6th house, your health or daily schedule will be affected, as well as, possibly, your job. If Venus rules your 8th house, your circumstances may involve an inheritance, a will, or joint finances perhaps, and the pain will be felt on a deep psychological level. If Venus rules your 9th house, circumstances may involve long-distance communications, religion, and the law. If Venus rules your 10th house, your public reputation will be affected. If Venus rules your 11th house, sadly, your hopes and wishes will be affected, as well as your social groups. If Venus rules your 12th house, your circumstances may involve a hospital or prison, or else you will be confined in some way, even if only in your mind.)

The kinds of friends and lovers you attract into your life will change. If you’re a woman, you may reinvent your appearance, such as change your hairstyle and buy new clothes. If you’re attracted to women, the “type of woman” you prefer will change.

Your idea of beauty, and even your definition of love, will change. Your preferences in all sorts of things will change.

If you start a love relationship during this transit, it will end up causing you great pain. Even friendships started during this time can ultimately cause you pain.

You may discover a new athletic skill or talent for the first time, but you will not really be able to enjoy it during this transit. Hold on to it, you can enjoy it after this transit passes.

It’s all too easy to give up on things during this time because you may feel so hurt. You will feel an insufferable pain, like the one which caused Chiron to beg for death in his legend. You may find yourself begging for a way out. But don’t give up. Endure as long as you can. Chiron’s transit is temporary.

Transiting Chiron Square Natal Venus

When transiting Chiron makes a square to your Venus, the interpretation for the conjunction (above) also applies, however, on a slightly less intense level. With the transiting square, much of the pain is due to inner conflicts regarding your relationships. If you’re involved in a relationship, you may be unhappy in it, or the relationship may feel unbalanced. You may desire more out of the relationship than you are getting.

More often than not, transiting Chiron square your Venus challenges you to endure as much pain as you can. You will experience a pain, abandonment, or death of some sort. This can be a metaphorical death, such as the death of a relationship, death of a job, or leaving your old home behind to move to a new residence. The houses in your birth chart with Taurus and Libra on the cusp will be the setting for this pain.

Transiting Chiron in Opposition to Natal Venus

When transiting Chiron is opposite your natal Venus, the interpretations for the square and conjunct (above) apply here. In addition, with the square, you may feel that you contribute more than you receive in relationships. You feel like people are against you, like they’re purposely trying to hurt you.

You may greatly dislike new people that you meet during this time.

Transiting Chiron Trine Natal Venus

Transiting Chiron making a trine to your natal Venus doesn’t necessarily mean anything positive. Rather, it means that energy flows easily between Chiron and your Venus.

We barely notice soft transits, such as trines and sextiles, because they occur almost as an undercurrent, without making any friction. It’s as if they tiptoe.

With the trine, Chiron is operating in the same element that your natal Venus sign is in. This provides a common ground for them.

So, you will not necessarily hate the circumstances brought about by this transit. You may not even notice any thing different through this transit. During this transit, Chiron may express itself in a way that doesn’t upset your natal Venus, too much.

If you do notice a painful circumstance brought on by this aspect, it will most likely bring you some tears and sadness, but you’ll also learn some new way to deal with it. You’ll simply endure things during this time, or else you’ll get over them easily. Even if you experience pain, you’ll be able to help others during this time.

A word of caution: be wary of starting new love relationships while Chiron is making a transit to your Venus (even a trine). Your new lover and you may love each other dearly, but this relationship may end up hurting you more than a little bit.

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  1. astrologer on said:

    wow what a negative article lol

  2. My boyfriend just broke up with me: chiron is conjuncting his venus and squaring my venus, his in pisces mines in gemini. It hurts so much, love can actually be a mental disease, it’s worse when you realize the other one couldn’t care less. He just looks so happy and content with his new life. I guess what you said about venus being exalted in pisces and that chiron transits wouldn’t even bother is pretty much true. Your article is spot on. Thank you.

  3. Kelley Rosano on said:

    This was an awesome explanation of Chiron. And, his transit to your natal Venus. Brilliant!

  4. Just saw me and my girlfriend both have chiron venus convictions in the 10th house…..

  5. My Virgo Venus in 7th house is currently conjuncting my Chiron in Libra 8th house. Seriously… I’m recovering myself from an unrequited love relationship… I’m not very well at this time, I’m in a terrible mood, I wish I could be loved, but … what can I do? Let this transit just pass….

  6. How important are transits to your progressed Venus?

  7. Very good explanation, especially the focus on the energy of Chiron.

    I have Venus in Pisces (11th house) and although exalted and being the strongest planet in my chart, Venus was severely wounded after the conjunction with Chiron. I find the explanation in the other events in my chart which were… oh my… Just in the last 2 years I’ve been through Uranus opposition Saturn, Pluto square Saturn, Pluto conjunct the South Node, Chiron square Neptune, Chiron conjunct Venus, Chiron sextile Chiron… Nothing left from the person I used to be because of a very wounding Venus(me)-Pluto relationship which lead to all of the effects of the other transits. So… Venus in Pisces is not immuned to Chiron transits (but may be my natal sextile Venus-Chiron was the reason for that).

  8. Honestly these are difficult but ime not as difficult as Saturn. But thank you so much for the write up it is so hard to find good info on Venus Chiron natal or transit. I looked up the times in my life when Chiron hard aspected Venus and because Venus makes so many aspects in my natal it was a little difficult to pinpoint, but I can say in all of them there was a definite “ouch!” factor involved. The person I’m interested in has natal Venus opp Chiron so this helped in a small way to understand his aspect better too. Again thank you.

  9. Chiron is currently 2 degrees from my Venus in Aries. This transit may be temporary but is going to be one helluva long one! The transit will not be clear until 2021!! I’m hoping that the pain is not as intense the whole time–there are at least 2 retrogrades between 2 – 10 degrees. In this case, I left the other person because it became clear to me that I was the one madly in love while he was “confused”. F* that….I wasted a whole year waiting for him and giving him everything in my heady madness…..meanwhile he was in and out and off and on. I got sick of the whole game when he couldn’t find time to spend with me for my birthday. *DEUCES* It hurts to not be loved as much as you love the other. This transiting Chiron also opposes my Pluto as my venus opposes my natal pluto. So I’m just trying not to focus on him, but myself as I was too readily to love someone who didn’t have the same feelings. I believed in his fantasies; didn’t want to see the truth, which tells me I’ve got some childhood wounds to take care of. I try my best to keep the other out of my mind and just see that I am the person that needs attention right now.

  10. June Doe on said:

    What a irresponsible interpretation. Every transit has a purpose, higher learning. In this case, learning how to embrace your wound and not have it say something about your value. The action is not “duck” as well as not to not start any relationship because it will hurt you. The action is awareness that your value doesn’t depend on external validation, cleaning of the wound and rebirth of yourself as someone who doesn’t let others, or his life story dictate his or hers self love. Not accepting others criticism as truths, but as a mirror to your wound, eventually developing self love.

    • June
      I totally agree…Here I am several weeks later (after my posted comment) and I’m seeing what you wrote as my new truth. It clicked for me recently. I feel brand new, although I can sense remnants of the old me still there. Let’s me know more cleaning up ahead. So when others show up and rub that wound, I think I can now be an observer to “the game” and be able to take a whole new approach! And that approach is one of Centeredness and Detachment. And a knowing I am valuable. I must say the Universe has certainly given me a helping hand in these matters–bringing new opportunities that light me up and new supportive friendships into play to help me see my value and to move forward towards greater exploration of talent, love, creativity in my life, and abundance (my natal venus is sextile my natal Saturn in 11th house). Thank you for the confirmation. I’m still healing, so for any spectators who want to merge right now, the garden is off limits until I can get more grounded in my self-love. It is a bitter sweet experience as I must say good-bye to the old me, old lovers and friends who no longer serve me.

    • Margarita on said:

      Thank you for this comment June Doe, it is extremely valuable for me. This is something that had to be in the article! Learning to stand behind yourself never mind what is the lesson here! Thank you so much, it immediately gave me a key and released my fears after reading this article! I hope more people read your comment. By the way this square started for me on May 4th 2020, on May 7th I broke up with a man who did not show me that I am important enough for him to commit. I did not know then that this aspect have started, I only saw it today. Well, we have 2 years ahead Self love practicing!

    • Wow! A year later and im still working on this! Lol! Had a friend who insisted on being lovers. Chiron was still conj venus (square jupiter). After much confusion–due to neptune, venus, NN/SN, amd moon positive aspects–i decided to gove it a try. A very sweet connection–BUT his saturn in 5th house is retrograde, a reflection of my own sun square saturn. His sense of inadequacy, sluggishness, neediness and lack of inspiration repulsed me. I finally realized that although i love our mental/emotional/spiritual connection, the aspects i didnt like were a reflection of me. O decided to try to love him amyway. Well his satirm sqiares my venus. No luck there; i am no longer willing to play martyr to helpless men who dont hv the inspiration to fill their lives with a love for life. I am sympathetic to his karma, but the realization, after many life lessons on this, is i am not responsible for it. I am responsible for my own karma, love and care of myself, and filling my life with joy and satisfaction. It is good to see what i wrote over a year ago and see how i have progressed and am still growing. Thank you

    • Why read astrology-articles if all you seek is self-validation? No need to read anything than to look in the mirror.
      There are enough sites that will only tell you what you want to hear, go there.

      PS: It is spot on.

  11. Maureen Maneo on said:

    I have to say, its pretty spot on, when Chiron was 2 degrees from my natal Venus in the 8th house, I had a massive heart attack and flat lined 3 times, and had Open Heart Surgery. The most frightening thing I have ever been thru in my life, now its 8 weeks later, I have medical trauma induced PTSD. I feel extremely alone emotionally, I am forced to depend upon others. My role in life has always been that of the Helper, so hard needing help. I know a couple said that this interpretation is a bit negative, I have to say its pretty spot :(

  12. I am so grateful for this information thank you

  13. Little Jonny Bonnor on said:

    Chiron conjunct my Aries Venus in the 11th house sent me to the hospital with a painful heart attack. Aries is the sign on the cusp of my 12th house. Taurus occupies most of my 12th. Transiting pluto has been beating the hell out of me for years with my Moon, Jupiter and Saturn at 16-24 degrees in natal Capricorn 8th thru 9th house. I can’t wait for pluto to enter my 10th house and conjunct my natal AQ Sun. Shoot me now!!!

  14. Neil Morris on said:

    We all have a Chiron-type-wound within us which we must face up to, as also do our partners.
    Chiron is now exactly-conjunct my Natal Venus in Aires, and so far – not too bad. I feel that I´ve been here before. I am 75 years old, and have already been through my first square at about age 25, then the opposition (Chiron-return in Libra) in 1996: and also conjunct Natal Chiron in Libra later that same year, and then square Natal Venus (Chiron transiting 1st-House Capricorn) in 2004.
    This is one of life´s hard-realities, and we have no other choice than to face up to it as honestly as we are able to. If we don´t become broken with age, then hopefully we can become wiser, more insightful about ourselves, and more understanding of the pain and suffering of others.
    Perhaps this transit at my ripe-age will indicate to me whether or not there is anything else that I need to process.
    ´´The proof of the pudding is in the eating´´ most certainly applies.
    Take good care of yourselves.

  15. Very refreshing article happy to read it. It is a ton of pain. Lots of gain. I have Chiron conjunct Venus in Aquarius natal 11th. Currently, transit Chiron is conjunct my natal Sun in 12.

    • Neil Morris on said:

      For me, the limited natal-data you presented, can indicate a person who is NOT egocentric, and although such people might not receive much public-attention, and most certainly are not looking for it, or dependant upon it in order to be content with themselves, you may in fact be quite disinterested in other´s appraisal of you. I can only guess that you might be quite altruistic, with a genuine concern for things far-greater than yourself. And I can only continue to guess that you have the rare-aptitude to be beautifully-humble. These are rare-qualities in this day-and-age, but as we now approach The Aquarian-Age for real, as of January 2024 when Pluto enters Aquarius (my evaluation, for what it´s worth), then I can only imagine that you might really start to feel more comfortable within your own skin….if you need it.
      It´s all about self-love, and self-trust (trust is BIG), and those who manage this challenge gracefully, will become unobtrusive beacons-of-light for many others who will intuitively ´´get the message´´, even though not a single word may ever be spoken.
      Finally, PAIN, and the fear of pain are gravely misunderstood experiences, to such a degree, that pain, from an emotional-perspective, is negatively-over-charged. Far too much, in my opinion. Who ever promised us a rose-garden? And what´s the benefit of feeling sorry for oneself? Wondering where Mummy is, and when she will come and comfort us?
      Our very first life experience i.e. BIRTH, is extremely painful, but somehow we all seem to have forgotten about it, and have certainly got over it. We always do. Also, people´s pain-tolerance varies enormously. I have lived in Vietnam for four years (not this year due to C-19), and their tolerance of pain and endurance is way-off the western scale. When it hurts most: they laugh. Real-courage is the first word that comes to mind: warrior-type-energy. Among other things, Chiron was a martial-artist, and we all have it within us, in varying degrees. Apparently, I have my fair-share, and admire it in others. I see it intuitively, instinctively.
      I also guess that JW is pretty intuitive.
      It ain´t over ´til it´s over…..and then what? There is no death.
      God speed you well wherever your journey takes you.
      Real Neil.

  16. My relationship of 7 years ended when chiron was in close proximity (4 degrees in front) of my 7th house. Also chiron was square with my natal venus, inconjunct with my natal moon, square to my natal Neptune and in opposition to my natal neptune. Even though I lost people who were close to me because they’d passed away, nothing came close to the pain I felt because of this break-up.

  17. Aquagirl on said:

    I have to say, I have Chiron right now Conjunct my natal venus in my 8th house.
    I was hospitalized for Covid for 2 months, Ive never been so sick in my life (i had 3 cardiac arrests and open heart surgery 8/2020) and I would rather go thru that than go thru what I have and am going thru w/Covid and trying to recover. At one point in hospital I begged God that if he couldnt quickly heal me, then to please take me, because it was that bad. So brutal, and I find it interesting that yes, this article does sound very negative, but, this transit really is that bad. Im hoping it passes soon, the endurance is brutal.

    • Neil Morris on said:

      Dear Aquagirl,
      I was really effected by your Chiron-message. To me, what you have been through sounds unbelievably tough, so please don´t apologise for the fear of sounding negative. You don´t need to.
      I can´t imagine what your situation must be like for you: I don´t think anyone can, unless they have been through something similar themselves.
      I hope you get the speedy-recovery that you pray for. No-one wants to live with insufferable-pain and difficulties for the rest of their lives: albeit physical or/and emotional.
      I send you my best wishes: I really do. I also hope that you get a lot of loving-response from as many people as possible………….Neil._

  18. Aquagirl on said:

    Thank you Neil for your kind and compassionate response. Their transit although very, very tough to endure, goes with a patter/theme in my life. I have Uranus Pluto and NN all in my 12th, so I’m used to suffering’s, but this one here is the toughest. Was hoping to hear from others hope snd tips. Again thank you and Bless You.

    • Neil Morris on said:

      Hello again, Aquagirl:
      You say that you welcome tips from readers of this Astro-website – and your entry: otherwise I would have said no more.
      Most people, unless they are trained-professionals or/and have had similarly tough-challenges, find it difficult to meet face-to-face such heavy-experiences as you have described. This is not because they are cold: in fact they might feel completely inadequate, because they feel that they have nothing to contribute with that might help you in any way.
      You obviously understand the Astrological-indicators to some extent, and I am in fact wondering if I can add anything further to help you, without being too direct, or sounding like a know-all, so I will be careful.
      What I can say, in a positive-light – as I see it, is that your illnesses have probably been physical-manifestations and releases of emotional-issues that have not previously been processed, for whatever reason i.e. you have now released, and processed through physical-catharsis, previously unresolved- issues. Done is done: gone is gone: 12th-house. This must have led to an enormous amount of introspection, but it is also important that you try to move forward, if possible. The time might not be right, right now, but everything in due course.
      Many decades ago, I consulted an Akashic Reader: William Shaffer, who I am sure will be able to answer any questions you might have: because he contacts the client´s Higher-Self, in order to help the person with the correct answers to their specific questions, and since he only reads the client´s Higher-Self, he is completely non-biased. YOUR Higher-Self has ALL the right answers. Just write his name in YouTube, see his postings, and if you feelthink that this is right, then I believe the contact information is provided.
      I hope you will be able to move forward, constructively, and revitalise yourself.
      I also believe that Pluto and Uranus in your 12th-house, could be indicators of your own natural-ability to contact the deepest-depth of your Soul (Pluto in 12th) and access deep intuitive-information (Uranus in 12th) in order to access your Higher Self i.e. Your Soul.
      Fingers and toes crossed………….neil.

  19. An elaborate and correct article, at least from the experience I had, becuase seems to meet many aspects of those presented above.
    I ve started a relationship during this transit (Chiron squaring my natal Venus) and it was the most painful break up I ve experienced, along with ending up being abandoned, with no closure. But this brought me also a great deal of inner work and past traumas healing. Another true aspect stated above is that I have some hard aspects on Venus (squaring Saturn and Jupiter). Thank you.

  20. An elaborate and correct article, at least from the experience I had, becuase seems to meet many aspects of those presented above.
    I ve started a relationship during this transit (Chiron squaring my natal Venus) and it was the most painful break up I ve experienced, along with ending up being abandoned, with no closure. But this brought me also a great deal of inner work and past traumas healing. Another true aspect stated above is that I have some hard aspects on Venus (squaring Saturn and Jupiter). Thank you! Much appreciated.

  21. VenusAries93 on said:

    I have a cardinal cross involving my Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune And Uranus. It’s my Saturn return as well. I can relate to the comment above as I started a relationship with a narcissist towards the beginning of the Chiron-Aries transit. The pain of being discarded never fully went away. He did it right before the pandemic in 2020 and that was the harshest thing I’ve felt since childhood (natal Chiron Leo 7H square Pluto). That relationship literally gave me PTSD. Now that Chiron is approaching a conjunction to my Venus… I’m just ready for it to pass. I pray nothing terribly painful happens

  22. Well, today begins a long painful haul… my natal Chiron conjunct Venus transit all the way to March 11, 2024. My natal Chiron is in Capricorn in the 7th house and Venus is in Aries in the 10th house next to my MC in Aries in the 10th. Not sure how to translate if this is about healing self-worth and value in my career or is it based on Chiron in the 7th ruling relationships??? Perhaps someone can share some insights on this. No rush… I’ll be healing whatever it is for a long two years.

  23. 1984. A visit from Chiron to my South nodes in Gemini in the lovely 8th.
    6 months pregnant and from nowhere aborted spontaneously. Completely devastated to this day.
    Exactly at that same time, mother of my grandsons born. you can guess how that goes! My Mars Pluto midpoint as well. I’ve always been
    1987. divorced from the violent one with 2 children, never got any money from him Chiron on my Venus. 8th equals others money.
    2003 Mother died after very long traumatic illness Saturn on 8th house Venus.
    Of course, all other transits, progressions must be taken into account, but I’ve been struck by those transits, looking back.

  24. JEAN ENDRUSCHAT on said:

    Definitely happened to me. Venus ruling 3rd house, betrayed by sister and brother, Venus ruling 8th house involving inheritance.
    Right now is conjunct Venus at 14 degrees of Aries. Was quite a wounding for me.

  25. Angela Stevens on said:

    True story. Thank God it moved on.

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