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Jupiter Transits to Natal Venus

Jupiter transits to natal Venus interpretations
Image by Darbagan on Pixabay

By Corinne Lane         15 Comments

Jupiter transits to your natal Venus represent periods of peace and a longing for happiness. During these times, you crave social interaction and a joyful existence. These periods usually have positive effects on love and finances. You have a strong desire to be surrounded by beauty and pleasant circumstances.

These transits typically manifest beauty in some form, whether it be physical or mental. As a result, you tend to attract people to you and feel more open and expansive. This often coincides with romantic infatuations, although for them to truly flourish and endure, Saturn transits to the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant must also be present.

In some cases, these transits can also enhance fertility for women or, at the very least, increase creativity and artistic expression. They always boost your self-esteem and self-love, which can help smooth out any conflicting or difficult transits that may be occurring.

These periods also tend to bring pleasure and money, but it can sometimes mean having many expenses while also indulging in generosity or self-gratification. If other transits do not contradict this, you may not have the drive to discipline yourself during these times. You might become quite lazy since you feel good and lack the urgency to be productive, unlike in other moments.

Transit Jupiter Conjunct Venus

During the transit of Jupiter conjunct your natal Venus, relationships improve and you attract well-being and economic benefits. Your refined tastes and harmonious presence have a strong impact on your social environment. Be cautious of excessive pleasures and unnecessary expenses. Overall, this transit brings internal peace and the opportunity for positive expressions of affection.

Transit Jupiter Sextile Venus

The transit of Jupiter sextile your natal Venus is favorable for relaxation, vacations, and softening conflicts. You feel sociable and loving, and it can potentially lead to an important love relationship. You are more sensitive to others’ needs and can attract money or improve your financial resources.

Transit Jupiter Square Venus

The transit of Jupiter can make you passive and expect things to come to you. It may be difficult to find a meaningful relationship. This transit provokes compulsive feelings and conflicts with the desire for freedom. It can also lead to self-indulgence and laziness, so maintain self-control. Be careful of excessive drinking and eating.

Transit Jupiter Trine Venus

During the transit of Jupiter trine your natal Venus, you’ll feel sociable and loving. This is a great time for relaxation and vacations, but watch out for laziness and self-indulgence. It could also bring a new love relationship and improve your relationships with others.

Transit Jupiter Opposite Venus

The transit of Jupiter opposite your natal Venus brings harmony to relationships and new significant connections. It may result in emotional conflicts, but compromise and transparency are important. Express your needs openly and be cautious of excessive expenses and indulgence. Stay balanced.

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  1. MS. Boles on said:

    The Jupiter Saturn conjunction will oppose my natal Venus this year. I also have Jupiter in Capricorn catalog at 29degrees retrograde. It is quite exciting to see how my story unfolds this year.

    • Faye Leister on said:

      I’m very interested to as I will also have both Jupiter and Saturn opposing my Venus soon at 4 degrees Leo. So far (and the transit is still building up), a friend of 40 years has unexpectedly, and without any known reason, discarded our friendship. She just walked past me in the street last week saying ‘I’ve got to go, take care.’ I’m angry, bewildered and sad, but at the same time, looking at the friendship without rose coloured glasses (I have natal Venus square Neptune), it’s obvious that she hasn’t been a good friend for a very long time – no support when my mother died, my dog died, my friend died, when I separated from my partner, when I had life threatening illness etc. The friendship should have ended long ago, so Saturn is just doing the work for me.

      As for the Jupiter part of the transit? I’ll have to wait and see. It’s almost exact now.

  2. MS. Boles on said:

    Faye I have Venus 4* in Leo as well. A similar experience happened with me a few years ago when I dissolved an old friendship that tried to come back into my life. She was a Libra ( Venus ruled ). So lately I’ve been contemplating my self worth and how it has always been difficult for me to connect to it. I have to learn to validate myself. It’s hard in such a “kiss ass World”. I am looking at this really hard. All of society trains us to seek approval and validation from outside ourselves.

    • Faye Leister on said:

      Thanks. That’s interesting. I’m also now reflecting upon my self worth, realising that I’ve accepted quite unacceptable behaviour from this friend for a very long time. I think the Leo quality of loyalty was too strong and was overriding what was actually taking place in this friendship. I should have moved on years ago and I didn’t.

      So your venus is also 4 Leo, so anything happening now?

      • Anna Boles-El on said:

        I have been making beauty products with essential oils. It’s been fascinating. My oils are better than what I can buy! That’s the only Venus/Jupiter activity lately.

        • Faye Leister on said:

          That’s great!

          I wish I could feel Jupiter, but can’t recognise anything really.
          My friend who discarded our friendship rang me today like nothing had happened and wanted to go out to dinner. I confronted her with the behaviour and said no.
          My default tendency is to just let it go and continue with the friendship but she’s done this so many times to me before I feel like I’ve had enough.

          • MS Boles on said:

            I am probably older than you but my so called friend was not the only person that behaved that way toward me. I always let it go. One day I had to own the things I allowed and accept the fact that I can’t expect other people to always behave honorably and if that’s what I want I have to make new friends. Friends that support the new me.

    • I understand fully this societal training, especially women. Kiss ass , I laughed when reading this.
      I politely rebelled against this cause so phony.
      Loving yourself is quite a concept and a fear if raised this way.
      At 21 I decided to buy myself a nice stereo for Christmas. Ok this was 70s . No utube , Spotify .

      Long story short, best thing I ever did. I had participated the yearly exchange of presents and I knew never receive a pioneer. Stereo.
      Wow, it lasted 2 overstate trips other moves for 30 years.

      You can began little things. It works.
      God I’m a Pisces with shades of Uranus though.

      Look at your Venus for help.
      Mine aqua Venus

  3. I have just the opposite as the above reader, the conjunction of Tr Saturn Jupiter to my natal north node/venus 5degrees Aquarius. I recognize the end of a 34year karmic relationship and things are surprisingly going well for me. I just left on a plane to hang out with my best friend while legal proceedings of outstanding divorce settlement will be negotiated. This guy is a high end narc, lots of emotional financial abuse. Alienated me etc. I’m in a much better space having let go, again. Also havinv a Chiron return and Tr Uranus/Mars conjunct my natal moon, definitely shows up the non support aka backstabbing from the immediate females in my family. Thank goodness this transit feels like a good thing for me,heavy but releasing, finally!

  4. I won more lottery scratch offs than could believe. Transit Jupiter conjoin Venus.
    Venus rules fourth and ninth , part of eight.
    No fifth house action.

    Next year Jupiter will sextile sun and trine Uranus
    Uranus rules first.

    Now , have transit Uranus oppose Saturn ,
    It an itchy transit. You want to change things.
    Jupiter conjoin mars too, now. Mars rules third.
    Neptune makes it a last hit to my sun , conjoin December.
    I feel Uranus over rules. I don’t feel nothing Neptune.
    I keep waiting , I heard some pretty nasty stories Neptune to sun. Sun rules seventh My husband having health issues bad. Neuropathy

    I go by rulerships.
    Does this mean we dissolve ?
    I’m getting energy spikes and he has health issues.

    My sister in law, Neptune oppose sun.
    She appears like she just disappearing . Uneasy looking at her. She lost a lot of weight. Her arthritis really flared up.

  5. I am experiencing transiting Jupiter in Taurus conjunct natal Venus in the natal 10th house. There is a new female relationship brewing. I just met her. She is very pretty, likeable, and lots of sparks between us. I went through transiting Neptune square natal Sun, during the previous two years, a very difficult and awful transit, actually, and it brought much personal grief and deception from others. Time will tell what becomes of this new person. I don’t expect much and will keep my expectations real.

  6. That s good!!!! Jupiter Venus at the least , have a good time.
    I ve heard Neptune can be very deceptive .
    Lots of stories.
    My worst transit was Saturn sq Neptune
    Felt like walking in cement .

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