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Mars Transits in the Houses

Mars Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mars Transits in the Houses

Here are the interpretations for Mars transits through the natal houses.

Transit Mars in 1st House

When Mars is in your first house, you become more dominant and confident. You crave freedom and recognition as an individual. This is a great time for ambition and taking initiative. Be cautious with impulsive actions. Show the world what you can do. Difficult aspects may make you appear aggressive and selfish.

Transit Mars in 2nd House

During Mars transit in your second house, you’ll be more ambitious about money and possessions, making impulsive purchases to satisfy your ego. Your entrepreneurial endeavors will be driven by the desire for material things. Beware of excess and the potential for theft if Mars makes challenging aspects.

Transit Mars in 3rd House

During Mars transit in your third house, there may be professional communication and issues with contracts. Trips related to business are likely. Be cautious of trying to persuade others or feeling insecure. Selling work ideas and maintaining a gentle attitude is beneficial. Siblings, neighbors, and close people may be involved. Difficult aspects can lead to accidents and irritability in speech.

Transit Mars in 4th House

During the Mars transit in your fourth house, there may be emotional challenges related to past painful experiences and family disputes. It’s important to consider the needs and feelings of other family members. This period is favorable for home improvement projects, but be cautious of accidents or property disputes.

Transit Mars in 5th House

During the Mars transit through your fifth house, be sensitive in relationships, control sexual desires, and handle children. Beware of jealousy, frustrations, and dangerous situations. Avoid violent entertainment and sports. Kids may be hard to control. Safe sports are recommended.

Transit Mars in 6th House

During Mars transit, focus on working as much as possible, preferably for yourself. Make sure to take care of your health and watch out for potential health problems caused by inflammation or nervous tension. Be aware of conflicts at work.

Transit Mars in 7th House

Mars in the 7th house teaches that working in partnership is the best way to use your energy. Avoid conflicts and be patient as others may claim your attention. Use this time to express love and unity.

Transit Mars in 8th House

During this Mars transit in your eighth house, there will be commercial activity and changes in living conditions. Ego conflicts may interfere with negotiations. You’ll feel urgency and impatience, and be interested in others’ possessions. Intense and intimate connections will be important, and you’ll have the ability to transform and reach a higher level.

Transit Mars in 9th House

When Mars transits through your ninth house, you may go on a trip for action and adventure. You may get involved in cultural, educational, or political institutions, like college students involved in political activism. Be careful of becoming too fanatical and imposing your opinions on others. Look for experiences that expand your mind instead of defending your ideas.

Transit Mars in 10th House

During this transit, Mars in your tenth house can stimulate professional ambition and dynamic actions. You may need to put in physical effort for work. Explore career possibilities and consider starting a business. Be mindful of not being too dictatorial, as conflicts can arise. Mars thrives in this house for ego expression.

Transit Mars in 11th House

During Mars transit in your eleventh house, physical activity and working with friends or groups will be beneficial. You’ll feel the urge to fulfill your dreams and goals. Teamwork is key, so find people and groups to collaborate with for a productive and enjoyable time. Be aware of encouraging or being influenced by reckless actions from friends, especially if the aspects are challenging.

Transit Mars in 12th House

During this transit of Mars, you may become interested in the unconscious and exploring the occult. There may be frustration, self-denial, and staying in the background. Repressed energy can manifest as irritability and unrest. It is a good time to work alone or in social assistance.

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