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Mars Transits to Natal Mars

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By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

Transits of Mars to your natal Mars make you feel significant and powerful. During these times, your physical energy is unmatched, and your physical health is also greatly favored.

You have a strong need for activity and movement, so engaging in sports or activities that require sustained and concentrated effort is highly beneficial. These transits are excellent for initiating projects and attempting things that you may not have otherwise dared to do.

They increase courage, but they can also amplify harshness, impatience, aggression, and lack of tact in some individuals. It is crucial to fulfill your desires during this time, as failing to do so can lead to frustration and resentment, which can be dangerous. It may cause you to explode violently or engage in unnecessary conflicts with people you have no association with.

During Mars-Mars transits, you may have better self-control than usual, or conversely, your self-control may worsen, especially if you suppress the energy that these transits offer.

New encounters and experiences can make you feel excited and stimulated. However, due to the excess of energy you possess, you may also act impulsively and take risks, which can sometimes result in accidents. Your anger can be easily provoked, and you may unintentionally harm others or yourself.

Transit Mars Conjunct Mars

Transit Mars conjunct natal Mars every two years, giving same energy. If used wisely, can be productive. Repressed feelings dangerous. Travel and new experiences encouraged. Results seen in next Mars square or opposition.

Transit Mars Sextile Mars

During this transit, you can express yourself vigorously without being aggressive. It’s a good time to start new projects and work alone. Travel and new experiences are favorable. Avoid wasting time doing nothing. Be true to yourself and express your individuality.

Transit Mars Square Mars

During transit Mars square natal Mars, be cautious of impulsive behavior and alienating others. Watch out for unnecessary challenges and impatience. Take pride seriously, but remember to respect others’ wishes as well. Avoid unnecessary risks and maintain self-control.

Transit Mars Trine Mars

During this time, you’ll have plenty of self-confidence and the ability to express yourself vigorously without being aggressive. It’s a great time to start a new project and work well with others. Travel and new experiences are favorable. Don’t waste these days doing nothing.

Transit Mars Opposite Mars

During this transit, express yourself and affirm your individuality, but be mindful not to provoke opposition. Avoid suppressing your energy and watch out for the aggressiveness of others. Learn not to succeed at someone else’s expense and avoid being overly dominant. Tap into your vital energy and demonstrate your value to be successful in your endeavors.

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  1. I am experiencing Mars trine Mars right now. I am getting things done left and right! It feels good. Even though the weather is crappy, I am doing all I can to stay up and focused in a healthy way. I’ve started going to bed earlier instead of mindlessly watching TV or youtube at night. Getting up earlier and managing my time better. I love it here lol! I would love for this new routine to stick long past this energy transit!

  2. Grant Kitchener on said:

    Mars semi-sextile Mars here today, and maybe tomorrow ; fruition of a frivolous but fun & fulfilling adult fling with a female pal aged 70. So i guess i am playing the young man, even though i am 59 i am 11 yrs younger than her. lol. Ehay do thers think on this?

    • Lol…interesting transit…my ex and I have 11 year age difference and were together for 26 years…me being the older one…we have some great natal synastry aspects…but our progressed synastry aspects definitely shows we grew in different directions over the years…ah well…better to have loved than never at all…we sure had some fun tho…

  3. Trina Simon on said:

    My Mars is 9° Mars conjunct Pluto, 10° in Leo, which is where mars is at right now. also have a fixed T square in my natal chart. Similar to the Aquarian moon right now conjunct Pluto. I have been so frustrated because I am bedridden these days—because Mars could be the beginning of new things. And I’m not able to properly physically express it creatively. I’m just a student, but my grandmother was a professional astrologer. Thank you for the detailed explanations.

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