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Mars Transits to Natal Mercury

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By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mars Transits to Natal Mercury

When Mars transits your natal Mercury, you experience a surge of mental energy that lasts for a couple of days. Your ability to stay focused increases, allowing you to engage in convincing and effective discussions. Making firm decisions becomes easier during these transits, making them favorable for negotiations.

You are currently highly alert mentally and know how to effectively express your perspective. You possess enough energy to engage in debates, so it’s important to avoid becoming angry or irritated. If you do, you may become closed off to the opinions of others, which is key in convincing others without making them feel threatened by your ideas or opinions.

Under Mars-Mercury transits, you are likely to engage in travel. But exercise caution and practice good judgment and moderation. These transits are ideal for making decisions and determining which studies to pursue in the future, especially if there are additional outer planet transits in effect.

The important thing to remember is to avoid situations where you find yourself constantly having to defend your point of view. By doing so, you can conserve the mental energy that this transit offers and instead focus on fostering creative communication.

Transit Mars Conjunct Mercury

Transit Mars conjuncts your natal Mercury, giving you the ability to express yourself and establish opinions with great strength. Be mindful of interrupting others when feeling threatened. Your mental energy can be concentrated to make a good impression and avoid arguments. Use caution while driving and embrace enthusiastic and creative communication.

Transit Mars Sextile Mercury

Transit Mars sextile your natal Mercury is great for mental work and planning. You can convince others and gain their cooperation by understanding their opinions. This transit also sharpens your understanding and is favorable for studying, traveling, and putting ideas into action. It’s a confident and active time for negotiations and sharing ideas publicly.

Transit Mars Square Mercury

When transit Mars is square your natal Mercury, be careful when talking to others. You identify too much with your own ideas and become defensive. You may tend to fight and argue without respecting others.

Transit Mars Trine Mercury

When Mars trines your Mercury, it’s a great time for mental work and decision-making. You can make a positive impact on others and understand different opinions. This is also favorable for studying, traveling, and putting ideas into action. It’s a good time for negotiations and sharing your ideas publicly.

Transit Mars Opposite Mercury

Mars transiting opposite your natal Mercury can make you feel irritable and argumentative. Others will challenge your ideas, so be careful not to provoke them. Control scattered thoughts and distractions to maintain mental sharpness and energy. Be cautious with driving and handling sharp objects to avoid injury.

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