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Mars Transits to Natal Moon

Mars transits to natal Moon interpretations

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mars Transits to Natal Moon

Transits of Mars to your natal Moon intensify your emotions for a couple of days. You become more aware of your inner needs. These transits bring a lot of irritability, which is actually an emotional resistance when you are in contact with your unconscious.

They can cause irrational outbursts, especially if you repress your needs or allow others to take advantage of you. You can have more satisfying relationships with others and with your family, unless another transit causes more conflicts.

You may experience more passionate and satisfying sexual relationships. However, if you feel repressed and others do not consider your needs, you will have to confront them. Whether the results are favorable or not depends on other transits. Many childhood problems and compulsive behavior patterns may arise at this time.

It is essential to maintain balance and emotional control so that you can effectively utilize all the inner strength that this transit provides.

Transit Mars Conjunct Moon

When Mars is conjunct your Moon, you feel intense, irritable, and angry. You may direct this at your family or close relationships. This intensity can help you withstand difficult situations and confrontations. However, it’s important to avoid letting old resentments get out of control. Find healthy ways to express your emotions and needs.

Transit Mars Sextile Moon

When transit Mars is sextile your natal Moon, you feel intensely and express yourself honestly. You have a fighting spirit and can defend your beliefs. It’s not a good time to make long-term decisions.

Transit Mars Square Moon

When Mars squares your Moon, you may become moody, irritated, and have emotional outbursts. This can lead to conflicts and accidents. Practice self-control and look inward to understand yourself better.

Transit Mars Trine Moon

During this period, when Mars is trine your Moon, you feel things intensely and are able to express yourself honestly. This can lead to a more fulfilling experience in relationships. You have a strong sense of self and know your boundaries. While you can maintain control, your emotions may cause you to either love or hate people. It’s not a good time to make long-term decisions.

Transit Mars Opposite Moon

Transit Mars opposite natal Moon brings emotional difficulties and possible confrontations. Your own internal problems may be reflected in how others treat you, leading to heightened self-awareness. Difficulties may arise with women, but may also lead to creative outlets and inner strength.

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