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Mars Transits to Natal Saturn

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By Corinne Lane     3 Comments

Transits of Mars to your natal Saturn provide you with patience and the ability to act carefully. You will plan everything meticulously in order to achieve the best results. These moments are characterized by heightened activity and concentrated energy. Paying attention to details, being practical, and maintaining a sustained effort are crucial.

During Mars-Saturn transits, you may experience feelings of frustration, bitterness, resentment, or moodiness. If you cannot find a practical and realistic outlet, you might face tiredness and a lack of energy, which could lead to a chronic or latent illness.

Now, you are fully aware of your inhibitions, limitations, and inner doubts. It is best to accept this self-confrontation.

You may feel disturbed by circumstances or people who seem to be obstructing your progress. However, if you are able to identify your goals, you will be motivated to strive for them. You will possess a fairly realistic perspective on the outcome of your efforts.

Furthermore, you might start feeling bored or depressed. This can become problematic if you allow resentment and a negative outlook to take over due to not feeling well for several days. It is essential to earn the respect of others and learn how to obtain it.

Transit Mars Conjunct Saturn

The transit of Mars conjunct your natal Saturn can be difficult. Frustration may arise, but taking decisive action can yield positive results. Focus on routine activities, prioritize important tasks, and follow a defined approach. Other people may annoy you, so it’s best to keep silent if anger arises. Use this time for introspection, self-discovery, discipline, and hard work. Be cautious with machinery or dangerous tools.

Transit Mars Sextile Saturn

The Mars sextile Saturn transit brings patience and self-control, allowing you to overcome obstacles and succeed. Your efforts will be recognized, potentially leading to a promotion. You will gain self-awareness and define your approach for future endeavors.

Transit Mars Square Saturn

When transit Mars is square your natal Saturn, proceed carefully and make an effort to overcome obstacles. Learn to be more careful in dealings with authority.

Transit Mars Trine Saturn

The transit of Mars trine your natal Saturn makes you patient and in control. You know how to overcome obstacles and succeed. Others may think you deserve a promotion.

Transit Mars Opposite Saturn

During this transit, others may react intensely to you, causing you to look within yourself. You may feel angry and frustrated, but have trouble expressing it. It’s important to recognize and address these emotions to avoid resentment and frustration. Careful planning and self-reflection are needed during this time. Physical tension can also weaken your body.

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  1. Both the younger generation of saturn in gemini. woo woo. I m the older.
    I just finished the time line for us both. Pretty close saturns. Finished by MARCH. I have been at times terribly tired and then other times i m into it.
    I had a dream that helped to let go i think. I felt a clearing release nasally. It was a lotus pond and a presence. Told me i had to go. Oh oh. what does that mean.
    I accepted. I m around family for 10 yrs now so maybe time to move on or what.
    I just definitely see it as psychological tension released. No crying just release.

    • Charlotte on said:

      funny i here again as mars did it’s retrograde and today is conjunct my natal saturn in gemini. i told you there’s a younger one too with mars trans her saturn just before mine. Her family of origin went to hawaii and she is working at car place so home early plus a movie was being made in their home so she had lots to scurry around doing which is awesome as her sign is Capricorn and she’s off to a healthy supervised start. Of course she said where’s time for me but i bet she’s pretty proud of herself. i told her how my chores were to tie up a huge freight boat in an inlet and pack up the boxes at 12. As pluto is conjunct my south node Ghosts i met a nice ex tug boat operator on my walk and that reminded me of that boat The Triggerfish but i heard it sank . For absolute years i did not know but wondered about those flirtatious young men so i looked it up with tech and found a picture and it’s story incl that 3 men drowned. it sank.
      Other than all that there’s conflict about me not working i m 79 May. I m reading on line how transitional we are for two years til mother earth finishes her transit to outer milky way and geo magnetic settle down and pluto enters Aquarius .
      i read that this transit can be debilitating . This building i moved into 8 years ago seems finished renovations and finally got bug free with proper actions at long last . So i m not in big hurry . i m hearing people say crisis of burn out is scaring everyone but pluto is 29 degrees capricorn structures so it’s finishing renovations and in general it’s the crisis degree. It looks like it waffles on that degree til late 2024 . Gemini is a lower consciousness vibe. it’s my first house and that’s the body. Years ago my creative writing class published a book called The Body of our poems. You can hear the past seeping in and it feels like something is very over . It reminds me. i went to see Cher in concert and we re all on the sky train coming home everyone chatting so they did not realize they needed to switch. i said it twice . Suddenly it registered and they all moved as one stampede to the door. Sorry i m off on a long tangent. Mercury. sigh.
      poems which i still have.

  2. The transit of Mars square to natal Saturn was traditionally considered extremely malefic, what with the 2 malefic planets being in malefic aspect to each other.

    Yet, like everything else in astrology, this transit does have a positive side. One time Mars even went stationary in close square aspect to my natal Saturn, something which would strike most people as extremely unfortunate. It was not an easy time for me – a number of things went wrong in my personal life (perhaps reflections of issues I was needing to sort out) – and yet I think I dealt with it positively via some counselling I was undergoing at the time. I think it was this transit that gave me the courage to work through a number of painful issues I had never dealt with properly before then. And the end result was that I felt a lot better and more free inside myself than I had done for a long time.

    So yes, the positive side of this transit is that it can give you the courage (transiting Mars) to confront and deal with (transiting square aspect) issues in your life that had been painful and inhibiting (natal Saturn).

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