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Mars Transits to Natal Venus

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By Corinne Lane         1 Comment

When Mars transits your natal Venus, your interest in love and sex will increase for two days, and you’ll desire more emotional and sentimental gratification. Your communication with others will also grow more intense, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or a lack of tact.

These transits also provide ample energy for socializing, entertainment, and fun. You crave happiness and want to share it with others. You become more open to giving and receiving pleasure, leading to more satisfying exchanges with others.

Your sense of beauty becomes heightened, and you feel the urge to surround yourself with pleasant circumstances and places. This is why these transits are highly favorable for artistic creativity.

If the outer planets are also making transits to Venus, then you may experience increased tension and conflict.

Transit Mars Conjunct Venus

The transit of Mars conjunct your natal Venus brings increased sexual energy and a need for physical expression. You’ll seek gratification with others, even if not in love. This transit also boosts creative energy for activities like writing, music, or dancing. It may signal the start of a love relationship, but may not last without other transits. Enjoy life’s offerings during this time.

Transit Mars Sextile Venus

The transit of Mars sextile your natal Venus favors all relationships, existing and new ones. You feel cheerful and have a desire to please others. This greatly favors artistic expression and financial activity. You feel good about yourself and know how to express that well.

Transit Mars Square Venus

During this transit, assert your individuality in your relationship and find a proper balance in your sexual relationship. Your sexuality is strong, so show interest to avoid frustration. Maintain moderation in your social life and enjoy it.

Transit Mars Trine Venus

The transit of Mars trine your natal Venus favors relationships and brings more sensitivity and pleasure. You feel cheerful, enjoy socializing, and have a desire to please others. This transit also brings artistic expression, inspiration, and financial opportunities. Overall, it offers internal satisfaction and a positive impact on your environment.

Transit Mars Opposite Venus

The transit of Mars opposite your natal Venus intensifies desires and wants, causing possible disagreements in relationships. It can give you the energy to pursue love or artistic activities. Satisfaction may vary between individuals.

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1 comment

  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    When transiting Mars in the 10th house went stationary in close square to my natal Venus I suddenly lost my temper with a difficult person at work, and quite a major argument ensued. Thankfully the situation was not “life-threatening” (hard Mars transits are not usually malefic in the sense that hard transits of Saturn and the outer planets may be considered so).

    I don’t think I had ever before lost my temper with anybody at work.

    Having been through the experience/transit myself, the advice I would give to others is to watch out for any kind of situation which might lead you to anger, as it might creep up on you without you being aware of it, since Mars (anger) is touching an aspect of yourself which is usually charming and eager to please (Venus). As the transit approaches, carefully examine your life, especially any areas in which you display a strong Venus, to see whether there’s anything causing you any potential aggravation.

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