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Mercury Transits to Natal Ascendant

Mercury transits to natal Ascendant interpretations

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mercury Transits to Natal Ascendant

When Mercury transits your natal ascendant, you will experience a surge of thoughts and movement, which will keep you busy and entertained. This is the perfect time to communicate important matters and expect messages or phone calls with news from others. You will find yourself paying more attention to personal interests than usual. These are favorable moments to finalize contracts or agreements.

You may find that communication comes effortlessly during this period, but your mind may also be racing with thoughts. It is important to slow down and express yourself clearly so that others can understand you. Avoid over-analyzing others and trust their perception. Trust that you are capable of making a positive impression on them.

All your exchanges and experiences during this time can be enriching, providing an opportunity for self-discovery. These days will be filled with short trips and engaging conversations.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Ascendant

Express yourself with exceptional clarity today. Your mind is sharp and clear, and you’re receptive to others’ thoughts. It’s a good day to communicate and be productive. Stay active and learn new things.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Ascendant

During the transit of Mercury square to your natal Ascendant, communication with others may be challenging due to a fast-paced mind. Keep your mind quiet to avoid misunderstandings and try not to analyze or overthink. This is a good time to handle pending matters and reach out to people.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Ascendant, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Ascendant

The transit of Mercury enhances your verbal interactions and gives you a mental spark. You’re more alert and able to learn from experiences. This is an excellent time to reach an agreement and communicate your point of view.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Ascendant

Encounters are stimulating with Mercury in opposition to your ascendant. Express yourself easier, seek expert advice, reach agreements with others. Clear up relationship complications.

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