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Mercury Transits in the Houses

Mercury Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Mercury Transits in the Houses

These are interpretations for Mercury transits through the natal houses.

Transit Mercury in 1st House

When Mercury transits through your first house, your personal reactions are accelerated, and you give the impression of being more intelligent and alert. The characteristics of this transit of Mercury are: increased curiosity, intellectual self-confidence, self-expression, as well as ease in the communication of ideas. There will be some intellectual competitiveness in communication with neighbors, friends and co-workers and a tendency to make short trips on topics related to work or matters in which you have an intellectual interest.

This transit is also wonderful for lecturing, writing, teaching and studying. There will probably be communication about the improvement of work methods. During this period you will become more aware of your personal appearance and think more about your personal goals, and how to project your personality outward, including a concern for the way you dress, diet and hygiene.

If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it causes a tendency to become nervous and agitated, and even arrogant, to feel that you know everything. In general, the mental process will be affected, causing you to be easily distracted by disturbances in your environment, and you may speak a lot about trivial issues, affecting your efficiency at work.

Transit Mercury in 2nd House

This Mercury transit through your second house is wonderful for making financial plans and for devising methods to increase productivity and efficiency in business. You may at this time make commercial agreements and you may sign contracts. You are more interested in reading books related to intellectual occupations. Perhaps, you may even participate in training programs to improve your chances of making money. Anyway, your main concern will be ideas that have practical value and implication.

You will be busy with short trips for work or for health reasons, or with shopping, and you may spend money on intellectual pursuits. You may have to define your value scheme for another person who clearly understands your position on some issue. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, you may have financial concerns and you may be forced to review your business plans. In addition, you should be careful when formulating business agreements or signing contracts.

Transit Mercury in 3rd House

During this transit of Mercury through your third house, mental processes are accelerated and often coincide with important decisions and/or the formulation of plans for the future. This time is very good to study, give lectures, teach and any other types of communication, such as phone calls, writing or receiving letters.

It is a very fast period, and it will be difficult to keep to yourself and stay calm, so you should be attentive, mentally flexible and ready for any new experience that may arise. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it can cause difficulties in any type of communication or transportation, nervousness, mental hesitation, misunderstandings, and you must be careful when making important decisions or signing contracts.

Transit Mercury in 4th House

During this transit of Mercury through your fourth house, you will find it much easier to communicate your most intimate feelings and emotions. It is also a wonderful time because you feel much more able to see the connection between the events of the past and the issues that concern you now. Finding the key to this connection may allow you to solve a difficulty that you have now.

There is a certain kind of energy going through your head that requires you to investigate it by talking to your parents or some other figure involved, to learn more about the past. This could happen in the form of discussions or correspondence. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it could cause problems in family communication, or how family matters should be handled.

Transit Mercury in 5th House

This transit of Mercury through your fifth house has a very attractive side, which is that it is easy for you at this moment to clarify your position on any subject. You can explain in a very concrete way what you are thinking. This mental activity will include reading, writing and games such as chess, which require special skill. There will be a tendency to be interested in intellectual subjects, art and child psychology.

You will probably notice an unusual amount of social activity, a lot of coming and going from all kinds of people. With Mercury in this position, you will most likely be attracted to the idea of investing money and studying the movements of the Stock Market. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, you must be careful with your health and not be so easily distracted at work or in studies, since pleasurable activities will attract you a lot at this time.

Transit Mercury in 6th House

When Mercury transits through your sixth house, you will pay more attention than usual to the details regarding health or work. You will have enough concentration to carry them out. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, you may feel nervous or worried about something. Any anguish or fear that appears at this time lacks a rational basis and is only causing physical tension. Nothing will happen in terms of health if you are able to recognize what is happening, since the purpose of this transit is to find the rational source of our illnesses.

On the other hand, there may be a propensity for pointless conversations that interfere with efficiency at work, delays in delivery, technical problems, misunderstandings with work colleagues. You will be attracted to the possibility of spiritual service in hospitals, asylums and prisons.

Transit Mercury in 7th House

When Mercury transits through your seventh house, it brings an increase in communication with your significant other and with partners. It is a good time to talk about any difficulties that have arisen in your intimate relationships. You will now greatly enjoy intellectual conversations, debates and mental encounters about controversial issues.

Mercury in this position is also very favorable for making contracts and starting any kind of negotiation, except if there are difficult aspects, in which case it is better to avoid these. You will probably establish close relationships with intellectuals or scholars, will be interested in the intellectual activities of your partner and/or close friends. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it can cause communication problems in important relationships, legal difficulties, marital arguments, and so on.

Transit Mercury in 8th House

When Mercury transits through your eighth house, it is a very favorable time to get in touch with the hidden aspects of yourself, since this type of energy is related to a very deep way of thinking, where there may even be a concern for mortality, yours and your loved ones.

This transit can lead to obsessive thoughts related to death. It activates the hidden areas of the mind, where subconscious thoughts throw seeds that then bloom in consciousness, and attracts you to any subject that has hidden tones, for example, life after death, the occult sciences and all kinds of mysterious phenomenon. There is also the possibility of communication with disembodied entities if Mercury is directly connected to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

During this transit, sex may be subject to scientific curiosity or intellectual interest. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, be careful, because your secret investigations could put you in danger, or you could be subjected to investigation.

Transit Mercury in 9th House

When Mercury transits through your ninth house, it is an optimal time to apply for admission or to apply for a job at a university or higher education center. It is also a good time to write, publish, give lectures, take long or short trips and communicate with people of different cultures or associated with universities.

If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it could lead to discrepancies about religious, philosophical, educational and cultural concepts. If Mercury has favorable aspects, your interest in those topics will increase and you will listen attentively to what is said about them, and, in general, you will have much more patience and tolerance for the ideas of others.

Transit Mercury in 10th House

During this time that Mercury transits through your tenth house, and for professional reasons, you will be very busy with phone calls, correspondence and short business trips. This type of communication could be with your bosses, supervisors, or government agencies. Those in positions of power and authority will have to make decisions and sign contracts. Due to the Mercury energy, your professional activities could be related to the media in connection with political and professional activities.

These activities could be influenced by siblings, neighbors or friends. You may perhaps want to explore the possibility of specialized training as a means to progress in your profession. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, it can lead to arguments with your superiors or professionals, or confusion in communication, or in the methods of work. Your professional reputation can also suffer.

Transit Mercury in 11th House

When Mercury transits through your eleventh house, what stands out most at this time is your willingness to learn from people who come from all social levels and from friends, groups, organizations, etc. Here the mercurial energy will lead you to have animated conversations with brothers, neighbors and friends, and perhaps also to make short trips with them. Of course, this transit will awaken greater feelings of universality, and a much more impartial concept of life.

The contact of Mercury with the 11th house can also cause you to have sudden intuitive ideas and give you a way of thinking that is much more unique and original. If your work has to do with technology, it will be a very innovative time. Finally, there is also the possibility of participation in trade union organizations. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, you could become impractical, getting carried away by very unrealistic ideas, as well as giving and receiving advice with little basis.

Transit Mercury in 12th House

In general, the 12th house has to do with a perception, with a psychological awareness of the content of the subconscious, as well as secret communications and investigations, psychic practices and/or intuitive perception. During this period when Mercury transits your twelfth house, it is possible that a powerful energy arises that has to do with the intuitive channeling of information from a higher source, because it is evident that when Mercury is in this position, the mental aspects of the imagination will be strongly stimulated.

It is a good time to meditate, and it might be a good idea to go to an ashram or take a retreat. You may come into contact with hospitals, institutions or prisons. If Mercury makes difficult aspects, there may be subconscious mental distortion, escapism tendencies, and in extreme cases it may affect health, so you should watch it.



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