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Mercury Transits to Natal Moon

Mercury transits to natal Moon interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mercury Transits to Natal Moon

Mercury transiting to your natal Moon enhances your emotional and mental flow, providing you with an intellectual instinct that allows you to understand others even without words. You’ll have a strong desire to discuss matters important to you on a personal level, and you’ll be open to what others have to say.

During Mercury-Moon transits, you’ll find it easier to express your emotions and feelings compare to other days. Your words will carry the right emphasis, making them highly effective and personal. You’ll have the ability to examine your attitudes and gain a better understanding of your reactions. Furthermore, you’ll have a deeper insight into others and their troubles.

It’s possible that dwelling on your own mistakes, emotional conflicts, and psychological state can make you anxious or worried. These periods can be ideal for seeking advice from a trusted expert or offering guidance to others. It’s natural to feel concerned about how others perceive and criticize you, but it’s important to recognize that some criticisms can be constructive.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Moon

During this transit, you may find it challenging to communicate if you’re upset. However, if you’re relaxed, you’ll be a good listener and able to empathize with others. It’s a good time to ask for advice and express your feelings, though logical communication may be difficult. Works in the arts may be successful during this time.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Moon, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Moon

The transit of Mercury trine, or sextile, to your natal Moon livens up your daily life. You’ll have enriching exchanges and feel comfortable discussing personal problems. Your conscious and subconscious minds are in sync, making you persuasive in conversations. You can learn about others and yourself, and approach problems with a carefree attitude.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Moon

Transit of Mercury square to your natal Moon puts you in touch with feelings. Pay attention to psychological patterns and habits when speaking, as they can block communication. It’s a good time to examine emotional reactions to what others say and learn about yourself. Separate facts from feelings and watch out for indecisiveness.

Transit Mercury Quincunx Natal Moon

The transit of Mercury brings delayed or confused communication, causing inefficiency in everyday tasks. A logical, systematic approach is needed right now.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Moon

Transiting Mercury opposes your natal Moon, causing emotional cloudiness and difficulty being objective. Separate facts from feelings. Overthinking past events and worrying about criticism can cause tension. Seek support and observe yourself. Be mindful of what you say and your reactions. Be aware of unconscious thoughts seeking reality. Watch out for indecisiveness.

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