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Mercury Transits to Natal Neptune

Mercury transits to natal Neptune interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         1 Comment

Mercury’s transit to your natal Neptune will enhance your understanding of everything that lies beyond the five senses. It will enlighten your intuition and telepathic abilities, as well as boost your imagination. You will gain the ability to comprehend strange and mysterious phenomena. These transits also cultivate a heightened level of empathy and understanding of subtle matters. However, at times, they can also lead to delusions, fantasies, and apathy.

Engaging in confrontations with others can be challenging since you might lack clarity or self-assurance. Nonetheless, these transits encourage inspiration and artistic expression, and they aid in comprehending certain psychological issues. On the flip side, they can intensify existing psychological problems, making them more noticeable.

During these times, the outcomes of various situations will greatly depend on your honesty and transparency. Misunderstandings and confusion can easily arise without these key qualities. It is crucial to handle business transactions with caution, unless your intuition strongly guides you. Alternatively, it may be wise to delay making decisions for another day. For now, simply observe and absorb everything around you.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Neptune

During this transit, your imagination is heightened and you may have a strong interest in spirituality and the arts. It can enhance your creativity and intuitive communication. Be mindful of unclear thoughts and potential illusions. Stay grounded and focused on reality.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Neptune

During this time, confusion may arise in your relationships with others. It is important to be clear-headed and avoid making important decisions.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Neptune, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Neptune

When Mercury is in a trine or sextile with Neptune, it’s a day for dreaming, being imaginative, and trusting your intuition. You may feel inspired and creative, and conversations about impractical things can be inspiring. Take some time for spiritual study and indulge in uplifting music. This transit enhances your artistic and romantic side, and helps you understand spiritual and hidden things better. Trust your inner sense and accept things as they are.

Transit Mercury Quincunx Natal Neptune

During the transit, mental confusion or deception may occur. Avoid signing contracts or making decisions because hidden factors could cause plans to fall through. Judgment could be impaired due to incorrect or incomplete information.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Neptune

The transit of Mercury in opposition to your natal Neptune brings mental confusion, unclearness, and problems in your interactions with others. Be cautious in business transactions and contracts, as you may be deceived. Misunderstandings and anxiety in communication are likely. It’s important to handle things realistically and avoid important decisions or confrontations during this transit. Don’t let your imagination carry you away.

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1 comment

  1. I have this aspect Natal.
    Now, progressed mercury Gemini is trine my natal mercury aqua and Neptune .
    I’ve done a lot of artistic things. I’m a dream weaver
    Great social media. , violin , creative design.
    Pisces here. With progressed sun gemini 1 degree.
    All of a sudden I want to travel.

    Gemini is my fifth house.
    I can’t seem to focus one endeavor.

    Gemini, aqua libra air grand trine. What do gems do besides communicate. I know several gems .they are teachers to musicians

    Trying to get handle direction .
    Any thoughts
    This progressed mercury be here rest of my life. It going RX in 10 ten years.

    This air not use to. I’m fixed water chart.

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