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Mercury Transits to Natal Saturn

Mercury transits to natal Saturn interpretations

By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Mercury Transits to Natal Saturn

Mercury’s transits to your natal Saturn make you reserved and cautious in your actions and speech. They raise your level of awareness. These transits can help you solidify projects and learn from past mistakes. They could indicate moments when you find realistic solutions or mentally confront what you were trying to avoid. You must avoid negative thinking and over-critiquing your own or others’ ideas.

These are good times to be disciplined, realistic, and logical. You may worry more and tend to overthink things. You may be very introverted during these times and prefer not to communicate, or you may only want to discuss important issues. You may feel very lonely. You might have to say goodbye to someone with whom you had good communication.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Saturn

When transiting Mercury is in conjunction to your natal Saturn, your thinking is likely to be focused, organized, deliberate, and perhaps profound. Along with this, there may be a touch of depression. You may have to say goodbye to someone or face a conversation about something very important. Try not to be too negative in your communication.

This transit can hinder your communication with others by causing you to think and act negatively, causing you to be misunderstood. Staying silent about what you have to say can hurt your relationship. Try not to be too introverted or overly worried. Try to lighten up a little and see that the world isn’t as bad as you think it is. Focus on positive mental thoughts.

You’re more aware and cautious now. This transit provides a high level of intellectual precision. You can now make plans or carry out realistic projects without leaving any loose ends and with the ability to learn from past mistakes. You can see flaws in other people’s arguments as well as your own.

You must trust your perception, which is now sharp, accurate, and realistic. However, you must also relax in your interactions. Because your mind is now extremely critical, you should avoid projecting that onto others. Do not be afraid of constructive criticism from others.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Saturn

Your thinking may be concentrated, obstructed, morose, or limited when transiting Mercury is square to your natal Saturn. You may feel lonely and distrust people and things. Saturn has a way of throwing cold water and constraints on things. Depression is possible, but it will pass, so try to stay optimistic. A negative mental outlook, along with an unwillingness to accept the ideas of others, is characteristic of this aspect. Don’t be worried over a lack of inspiration. It won’t last long.

It is a good time to make mental efforts that require discipline. However, there is a risk of misunderstandings. Due to interpretation flaws, some negotiation or agreement may be difficult to achieve. There may be delays in mail, email or phone calls. People will challenge your ideas. You may be struggling to make the right impression at the right time, or you may be overly preoccupied by criticisms made at you.

If you’re worried about something, it’s better to confront it directly and, if necessary, discuss it rather than withdraw into yourself. You must avoid pessimistic and depressive attitudes. At the very least, you need to recognize what causes you to see the “dark side” of things and learn from your mistakes and shortcomings. You must keep a broad perspective and make realistic plans based on logic.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Saturn, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Saturn

You have a keen eye for detail and a practical mindset when transiting Mercury is trine, or sextile, to your natal Saturn. Your thinking is deep, practical, organized, and deliberate. You are aware of every flaw in thought and material, and your work today will be towards precision. You’re capable of great concentration while paying attention to details. Plans made today are well thought out and, because of this, will probably succeed.

It’s a good day to think about serious and important things. You should not waste your time and energy on trivial matters. You act with caution and perceive things clearly, so you can organize yourself in a practical and methodical way. You may find yourself somewhat reserved, but you’ll have no doubts when it comes time to present those ideas or thoughts that matter. You can also anticipate others’ reactions and prepare in advance.

This can be an excellent time to ask for advice or speak with someone who has more experience than you. It’s a favorable time for both learning and teaching. It’s also a good time to give or receive constructive criticism.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Saturn

You’re inclined to think very seriously when transiting Mercury is in opposition to your natal Saturn. It makes you worry about your relationship with everything around you. You are now concerned with how others see you, what they think of you, and the criticisms leveled at you.

This may cause difficulties in your relationships. But, you can always defuse and correct the problems if you’re willing to acknowledge your role in the problems and do what is necessary to avoid them. Avoid negativity, as well as criticizing and blaming others for existing issues. Instead, look at things from a broad perspective and relax your interaction. Listening is just as important as talking.

You may speak with someone who has more experience than you. Even if you don’t, you still have a lot to learn today. Perhaps you’re forced to say goodbye to someone or face a necessary separation that, when viewed in a positive light, can be useful and provide valuable experience.

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