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Mercury Transits to Natal Uranus

Mercury transits to natal Uranus interpretations
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By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Mercury Transits to Natal Uranus

Mercury’s transits to your natal Uranus are marked by surprise and open-mindedness. They bring excitement, stimulation, and liveliness. These are the days when you can meet with interesting people and experiences. You think and act quickly and are more original than at other times.

During Mercury-Uranus transits, you jump to conclusions quickly. This can work in your favor at times, but you must be cautious at other times. Consider your thoughts carefully before defending them vehemently. Be careful not to start something new without first finishing the one before it, nor to be carried away by chaos or a lack of order. You may feel nervous and irritable, neither of which are conducive to driving or traveling.

You don’t endure routine at these times and are willing to take risks. Think about the consequences ahead of time and make use of the logic and mental brilliance that these transits provide. Avoid impulsivity and stubbornness. Listen to others and stay open to new ideas. You can understand them much better on these days. You’ll realize what you need to feel free.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Uranus

Things go faster than usual when transiting Mercury is in conjunction to your natal Uranus. It’s not a routine day. Something unexpected may happen, but it can be very stimulating. Thoughts race around your head like electricity. New and original ideas bombard your mind, and you want to express these in communication with your friends.

If you can stay focused, it’s a good time for any work that requires originality. You are not afraid to experiment and try new ideas. You’re a freethinker today, and you don’t want anyone to put restraints on you.

Avoid jumping to conclusions. Slow down your mind if you have to. Let new things and situations sink in before making a premature judgment.

Try to stay focused. Do not be too scattered. This transit may cause nervous exhaustion or an overload of stimulation that prevents you from relaxing. When you’re on the road or traveling, you need to be extra cautious and calm. Pay attention to what you are doing so you don’t have an accident. Stay in control of your mind to benefit from this transit.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Uranus

When transiting Mercury is square to your natal Uranus, you need excitement and can get bored more easily than other times. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability, and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. Today’s plans may not come to fruition, causing a great deal of nervous tension. Travel plans may change unexpectedly.

Thoughts race through your mind at such an incredible speed that you can’t keep up. You may even do or say things that are wrong or unintentional. So, you should later review and go over everything you’re doing.

It can be a very creative day if you maintain control and flexibility. Try not to be impulsive or say things you will later regret. Avoid hasty speech and things said out of anger in the heat of the moment. You’re inclined to base your ideas on half-thoughts or not finish what you start.

Be extra cautious while driving or traveling, as accidents are possible through carelessness and impatience. You have quicker reflexes but can take too many unnecessary risks, and you can’t rely on your mental balance or composure today.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Uranus, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Uranus

When transiting Mercury is trine, or sextile, to your natal Uranus, your thinking is ingenious, original, clever, sharp, and magnetic. Electricity is in your head and probably the rest of your body. You are full of nervous energy, but it is the type that can help you accomplish more. You have more spontaneity, which helps you avoid boredom or daily routine. It’s a good time to start new interests. Go exploring.

New and exciting opportunities may come about today through travel, conversations with others, or new reading material. You can gain from almost anything that comes your way and find new meaning. The more experiences you have now, the better off you will be, and you can enrich yourself for the immediate future. The only things you should avoid if you want to benefit from this transit are rigidity and inflexibility, because something may not go as planned.

Stimulating people and conversations give you a new understanding of your freedom and the universe, and you are open to new opinions and ideas that might shock or surprise you at other times. It is a good day to find new solutions to old problems. It’s a favorable time for new discoveries and encounters with different people. You have more intuition for understanding unusual things.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Uranus

Try to control your mind and slow down because you speak and think too fast when transiting Mercury is in opposition to your natal Uranus. You can be very impatient and anxious. Be disciplined so you don’t make too many mistakes. You may also come across as rude, arrogant, and blunt when conversing with others, so watch out for that as well.

Other people irritate you because they move at a slower pace. Impractical ideas, nervousness, irritability, and unexpected disruptions are what you may have to deal with today. Travel plans may change unexpectedly. Avoid rash speech and things said out of anger in the heat of the moment.

However, you can have very stimulating interactions with others. You can perceive and understand things that would be difficult to comprehend at other times. New people challenge your way of thinking and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when trying something new, but the key is to keep an open mind and maintain flexibility. The ideas that come to mind today should be tested over time to check their validity. Today, don’t jump to conclusions or make hasty decisions; you might change your mind several times. Control your impulsivity, especially when driving or traveling.

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