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Mercury Transits to Natal Venus

Mercury transits to natal Venus interpretations

By Corinne Lane     4 Comments

Mercury transits to your natal Venus stimulate your artistic and poetic sense. They also stimulate your ability to appreciate beauty and your understanding and communication of feelings. They help you to understand your relationship problems, to experience harmony, and to know and appreciate universal patterns. They greatly facilitate social interaction and communication with the public.

These transits make pleasant days in which you have a good time and in which you can appreciate the pleasure and company of other people. You must avoid unpleasant places and people, since they may resent your sensitivity and balance. These are good times to socialize. You will meet people who will get an immediate good impression of you.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Venus

Your appreciation of beauty, art, music, and poetry will be stimulated when transiting Mercury is in conjunction to your natal Venus. Pleasant conversation and harmony are the order of the day. Express your feelings to those close to you. You’re more inclined to tell someone you love them, or more able to talk about your relationship.

This transit helps you see your own patterns of behavior, which, together with your experience, allows you to understand your life as a whole. You can better understand others and talk about sentimental problems. You may now understand much of what you share with others, thanks to your perception of the relationships between the various elements of the universe. This is useful for scientific research and for the understanding of universal harmony or business matters.

This transit affects mainly the mind, not the feelings, but it gives you the ability to appreciate beauty intellectually. You will have more feelings when evaluating a concept, and you will be able to express your emotions in a more intellectual way. Therefore, you are now more receptive to art. Light mental pursuits bring enjoyment and happiness. Short trips go smoothly. It is a favorable time for financial or business matters.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Venus

When transiting Mercury is square to your natal Venus, you may experience difficulties in social or romantic communication. Others are just not hearing what you’re saying, or else you just can’t seem to find the right words to express your feelings. You may realize that you don’t feel the same way about someone as they feel about you, but if you are flexible and willing to compromise, you may be able to avoid arguments and reach an agreement. Mental discipline is not strong today. Poor judgment in spending habits is likely. Put off major decisions and purchases until this aspect is over.

It is important to be disciplined and not be drawn into hedonistic attitudes, and also watch what you say about another person. You should avoid getting involved in bitter arguments, although this does not mean that you should allow others to change your mind too easily. You should also stick to your ideals and beliefs, as you now tend to be easily swayed. The important thing is that your attitude be a true reflection of your feelings, so that they can be expressed honestly, both to others and to yourself.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Venus, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Venus

The transit of Mercury trine, or sextile, to your natal Venus makes you feel positive and friendly. It relieves tension and helps you honestly express your affection, both in your intimate relationships and friendships. It makes you appreciate beauty and relationships, so it is favorable for entertainment, going out, and having fun. The pursuit of light pleasure gives you happiness today. Spend time with friends in harmonious conversation.

This transit considerably increases your sensitivity to the feelings of others. It also helps you present the most pleasing aspect of your personality. If you have a conversation about a problem, you can now express yourself better than ever. You will be more receptive to others, thanks to which it will be easier to reach an agreement beneficial to both parties. You should now have relief and peace regarding any bad moments from the past.

This is the perfect time to go to especially beautiful places, whether to the countryside or to some artistically significant place. Go see a museum or go to an art gallery. Activities involving music are favored. Artistic stimulation of the mind is the keynote today.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Venus

When transiting Mercury is in opposition to your natal Venus, the people you meet and the conversations you have will be more pleasant than usual. It is very favorable for socializing or going to parties. You are in a good mood to make concessions and accept compromises, but you are not in a good mood to fight or show your disagreement, so if there was something to defend and you didn’t do it, you may feel bad.

It’s not a favorable time for complicated mental work nor for ambitious efforts, but for being calm and relaxed, enjoying how pleasant your life may be now. You may declare your feelings for someone and enjoy making them happy, or perhaps you will be happy simply because of the mutual exchange of love. You should not waste your resources, but consider whether using them is worthwhile.

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  1. Bantu son on said:

    Nice explanations

  2. I had Mercury square Venus transit for the past couple of days, and I spent all the money that was left in my account on expensive train fare..

  3. I signed a mortgage on the day Mercury transited my Venus (chart ruler). Tr. Venus sexitiled my nat. Venus, trined my nat. Mars. Tr. Uranus retro was opposite my nat. Venus :) Tr. S. Node transited my nat. Neptune. I had a good feeling about it and got a good interest rate. The apt is beautiful and at very least very artistic.

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