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Mercury Transits to Natal Venus

Mercury transits to natal Venus interpretations

By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

When Mercury transits to your natal Venus, it stimulates your artistic and poetic senses. It also enhances your ability to appreciate beauty and communicate your feelings. These transits help you understand your relationship problems, experience harmony, and recognize universal patterns. They greatly facilitate social interaction and communication with the public.

During these times, you will have pleasant days where you can enjoy yourself and the company of others. However, it’s important to avoid unpleasant places and people who may not appreciate your sensitivity and balance. Socializing is highly recommended during these transits, as you will likely make a positive impression on the people you meet.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Venus

During this transit, your appreciation for beauty and art will be stimulated. You will have pleasant conversations and feel more inclined to express your feelings. This is a favorable time for financial matters.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Venus

When Mercury is square to Venus, communication may be difficult. Avoid arguments and be flexible to reach an agreement. Poor judgment in spending is likely, so postpone major decisions. Be disciplined, watch your words, stick to your beliefs, and express your feelings honestly.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Venus, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Venus

The transit of Mercury trine or sextile to your natal Venus brings positivity and friendliness. It helps you express affection and appreciate beauty in relationships. Enjoy entertainment, socializing, and harmonious conversations with friends. It is a good time to visit beautiful places and engage in artistic activities.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Venus

During this time, you will have pleasant conversations and meet enjoyable people. It’s a good time for socializing and going to parties. You may feel inclined to make concessions and avoid conflicts. However, be mindful of not wasting your resources.

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  1. Bantu son on said:

    Nice explanations

  2. I had Mercury square Venus transit for the past couple of days, and I spent all the money that was left in my account on expensive train fare..

  3. I signed a mortgage on the day Mercury transited my Venus (chart ruler). Tr. Venus sexitiled my nat. Venus, trined my nat. Mars. Tr. Uranus retro was opposite my nat. Venus :) Tr. S. Node transited my nat. Neptune. I had a good feeling about it and got a good interest rate. The apt is beautiful and at very least very artistic.

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