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Neptune Transits to Natal Mars

Neptune Transits to Natal Mars

By Corinne Lane         3 Comments

When Neptune transits your natal Mars, it’s not a time to advance your own interests or desires. Your ego surrenders to higher purposes. It’s difficult to succeed and establish your individuality without considering the needs and perspectives of others. You don’t feel very competitive or inclined to start new challenging projects.

It’s a good time for sharing with others, achieving spiritual goals, and performing great humanitarian acts. During these transits, you should continually question if your actions align with the realistic goals you want to achieve.

The challenging Neptune-Mars transits increase the likelihood of dishonesty and secrecy. There may also be a crisis of self-confidence, accompanied by uncertainty when trying to turn wishes into action. Defeatist tendencies or feelings of hopelessness can arise, along with weakened physical health. Fatigue, lack of energy, and countless exhausting or sacrificial efforts can occur. Therefore, taking care of your health is crucial.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Mars

During Neptune transit conjunct Mars, you may lack energy and feel easily discouraged. Avoid taking initiative or trying to advance your interests. Secret opposition and dishonest activities may arise. Take care of your health and avoid drugs. Psychotherapy and meditation can be beneficial.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Mars, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Mars

During this transit, you focus on serving others and serving a higher purpose. You express your individuality by helping others and doing charitable work. You gain satisfaction from working towards a common goal with others. You also gain a greater understanding of spiritual truths and empathy towards others.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Mars

Transit Neptune square natal Mars challenges your willpower and reliance on others. Avoid doubtful schemes and unrealistic projects. Beware of dishonest people. Defeat can make you feel weak, but it will pass. Take care of your health during this low energy period.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Mars

Transiting Neptune challenges your willpower, causing confusion and conflicting desires. You may make ill-conceived or confused decisions. Rely on your inner resources and be cautious of deception in work and finances. Do not get involved in doubtful schemes. Defeat may make you feel weak, but it will pass. Take care of your health and be cautious in sexual involvement.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Mars

Transiting Neptune opposite your natal Mars warns against getting involved in dishonest business or actions. Be cautious of high-risk speculation and don’t deceive others. Take care of your health and watch your reactions to medications. This period may bring low energy and identity crises, but it’s temporary. Don’t take defeatist feelings too seriously.

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  1. Lauralyn on said:

    Neptune is opposing my natal Mars in Virgo in my 3rd house. I feel exhausted and have to force myself to do normal activities around the house. I am enthusiastic about making plans initially but when it comes around to doing it I just don’t have the energy or desire. I am very anxious about the upcoming election and depressed about the state of our country especially with Covid19 spiking. I should mention that transiting Neptune is forming a mutable Grand Cross in my chart, opposing Mars and squaring Jupiter in Sag and Uranus in Gemini which makes for very trying times. I’m usually an upbeat person but this is a drag. Of course all those transiting Capricorn planets are close to my 29 degree Capricorn 7th house cusp too. Sorry to be rambling. I could go on and on about astrology.

    • Christine on said:

      Hi, I have transit neptune opposite my natal mars in virgo 6th house. I feel you! Today I woke up with such a funk, and wanted to just stay in bed, but the farm still needs to be attended to, ya know? I feel an overwhelming depression at the state of the world, too. Know that you are not alone, and this too shall pass.

  2. Neptune is just beginning to form a trine to my natal Mars and I have to agree with the above diagnosis. My previously competitive instincts are being sublimated by working in co-operation with others, particularly in artistic endeavors. Also I am starting to interact with my two grand-daughters and understanding my role in helping them to relate to the world. I am also learning from them.

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