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Neptune Transits to Natal Mercury

Neptune Transits to Natal Mercury

By Corinne Lane     1 Comment

Neptune transits to your natal Mercury stimulate the telepathic and psychic functions of the mind. They can be difficult to manage because the thoughts are disordered and chaotic. Distractions and absentmindedness are normal. There are tendencies to deceit, delusions or being under the influence of too much undecipherable information.

These transits increase your ability to communicate psychic and spiritual experiences. They give a special liveliness to your creative imagination and its expression. The logical and rational faculties do not work as usual, nor are they organized. So, these transits favor some types of mental activity and worsen others. It also depends your natal Mercury.

These transits favor the study of mystical, spiritual or metaphysical subjects, since you understand studied subjects better when you experience them at the same time.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Mercury

Although there is a positive side to the transit of Neptune in conjunction to your natal Mercury, it is quite difficult to handle because the logical side of your brain gets clouded by a nebulous fog. You’re not very sure of what you’re thinking, or you adopt ideas that you normally would consider impractical. It’s not a good time to make important decisions because you can be misinformed about the details. You might make plans that seem to make sense now under this influence, but later will make no sense at all.

A tendency to self-deception, being deceived or deceiving others is quite normal for this period. You may deceive others without meaning to because it’s so difficult to express what you are thinking, that you will usually be misunderstood.

The positive is that your sensitivity to subtle influences around you is greatly increased. Your rational mind is confused, but your intuitive one is very sharp. You will notice how insufficient logical rationalism is when discovering your psychic and telepathic abilities. You may discover secrets while you learn things about the hidden aspects of the mind. You may want to explore mystical and extrasensory topics.

This is a great time to create inspirational works, or even marketing ads for a product or service. Your increased ability to sense what other people want or need can help you design stories, videos or ads that will appeal to their emotions.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Mercury, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Mercury

The transit of Neptune trine, or sextile, to your natal Mercury is a period of great creative inspiration and imagination. And yet, your ability to tell what is real and what is imaginary is perfectly balanced, making this period more productive. You’re able to communicate your visions more clearly so others understand. If you’re a poet, writer, musician or artist, this is a very favorable time for artistic expression.

Your intuition and your rational intellect are working together during this time. Usually the left and right sides of the brain work at cross-purposes, but now they blend smoothy. Your mind is very fertile now.

Your extrasensory perception is very sharp and your sensitivity and telepathic communication is increased. This favors communication with others at all levels. You can tell and understand what others are thinking or how they’re feeling, even when they say nothing. You don’t need many words, yet your communications are much more effective, and others feel good that you understand them.

This is a fantastic period for explaining complex ideas, exactly as others need to understand them. You can express yourself clearly and concisely. If you are teaching, you can make others understand easily. Short, quick and to the point.

This is also a great time to study any complicated subject. You understand complex issues almost without effort. You may have mystical or metaphysical experiences. But, you apply logical reasoning to spiritual matters because you want to know the truth, not just to feel good.

Faith and reason are in a state of equilibrium. You now learn the limits of the rational mind and can now easily cooperate with intuition. Any psychic potential will be increased or will begin to manifest at this time.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Mercury

This description applies for any of these transits:

The transit of Neptune square to your natal Mercury signifies hazy communications. Your mental qualities are being tested and it’s very difficult to communicate on the same page with others. Unclear ideas and confused thoughts can produce problems in your life at this time. If you lie or misrepresent yourself now, others would likely find out.

You should avoid making big decisions about your life or career because you may not be thinking clearly enough to consider all points. For the same reason, be very careful in business transactions, and buying or selling anything during this period. You may be dealing with someone dishonest.

This transit stimulates the tendency to unreal fantasies and obsessing with strange ideas. You’re now more prone to experiment with mystical or religious ideas. There can be nervous problems, and, if you have any predisposition to nervous disorders or some nerve palsy, it can coincide with this time.

All kinds of drugs should be avoided because they can cause very negative effects now. Worrying excessively about unimportant problems is quite normal during this period. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll be easily deceived, misunderstood, or try to deceive others.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Mercury

This transit occurs only once or twice in an average life span. The transit of Neptune quincunx natal Mercury is a period of mental confusion, deception, and muddle that affects business, work, health, transportation, and communication with siblings, neighbors, friends, and work associates.

Be extra careful if you have to sign contracts or make agreements or decisions because hidden factors could arise to complicate things. Your mental clarity could be distorted, and judgment could be impaired because of incorrect, distorted, or incomplete information. You could be subject to psychosomatic or difficult-to-diagnose illnesses. Drugs and alcohol or other escapist tendencies are especially likely to interfere with clarity of judgment and work efficiency.

You need discipline to keep your attention on what you’re doing, especially when driving. Confused communication and procrastination could undermine your work.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Mercury

When transiting Neptune is in opposition to your natal Mercury, it’s very easy to misunderstand circumstances and be deceived. So, you must be extremely careful when making important decisions or business transactions. You are now more likely to be confused than ever. Others also seem to leave out important facts. Ask for clarification.

Theft and fraud are highlighted. If you’re buying something, ask for a guarantee. If you’re selling, make an official agreement or contract.

When communicating with others, be careful to express yourself clearly and never assume that they have understood you. Ask them to confirm. Don’t get involved in dishonest schemes because luck is not on your side and you may end up being the victim.

You may have strange ideas or delusions. Right now, you cannot easily tell what is a delusion and what is real. The proven principles that have guided your life will serve you better than new ones. Try not to discard ideas from the past without examining them and checking them carefully. This will avoid disappointments.

Nervous system issues are quite normal during this period, as well as strange anxieties and nervousness that affect you physically. If you feel paranoid, it is probably just your current overactive imagination. Your mind is overloaded with so much disordered activity that it produces physical and mental weaknesses, lethargy and lack of concentration. It is a good time for a health checkup, since real physiological problems can occur related to the nerves.

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  1. I know somebody who passed his driving test when transiting Neptune was exactly trine his natal Mercury (which relates to getting around including driving). Clearly gaining his driving licence was a positive new experience which enabled him to let go of an old way of being (i.e. as a person who didn’t drive).

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