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Neptune Transits to Natal Midheaven

Neptune Transits to Natal Midheaven

By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

Neptune transits to your natal Midheaven are a period during which your goals shift to focus on something more idealistic than before. Spirituality will play a significant role in your career.

You may experience confusion about the direction of your life and feel lost, unsure of which steps to take. Tiredness and worry are common, as well as a tendency to give up easily. Your ego drive is currently weak, and if you become too passive, it can lead to laziness and irresponsibility.

On the positive side, these transits can symbolize a search for transcending your ego. You may put in a great deal of effort and selflessly sacrifice for others. This transit dissolves your sense of self-importance, teaching you how to surrender selflessly without expecting anything in return or seeking external rewards or recognition.

This can be a time when you start teaching spiritual truths to others if that potential exists in your birth chart. It may indicate the beginning of a spiritual vocation or an internal spiritual awakening, or even the start of a new path as an empathic and compassionate individual.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Midheaven

Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Midheaven affects your self-perception and life direction. You may feel unsure of where you’re going. You’re attracted to meaningful work and may consider social or spiritual institutions. Avoid making permanent career changes. Ego transcendence and enlightenment are the focus. Take this as an opportunity to give yourself to others with more compassion. Whether this new life view is permanent depends on your attitude. It’s the start of a spiritual vocational journey.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Midheaven

Transit Neptune trine your Midheaven allows you to focus on spiritual growth while staying connected to the material world. You may become more involved in service to others and find personal satisfaction in helping others. Remember to not become too passive and neglect your own needs.

Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Midheaven

You can focus on spiritual matters without completely ignoring practical things. Balance your material and spiritual goals to gain wisdom. Show compassion and care for others without being overwhelmed. Don’t forget to assert yourself when necessary and take care of your own interests.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Midheaven, or Transit Neptune SemiSquare Natal Midheaven, or Transit Neptune SesquiSquare Natal Midheaven

This transit can make you feel like your life is off track and unsure of your direction. Unrealistic goals could lead to detours from success. Conflict with goals and dishonest situations may arise. Lack of confidence and integrity can make you resort to covert behavior. Reflect on what is practical for your ultimate goals.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Midheaven

During this time, you may feel like your life is off track. Unrealistic goals could lead you astray. Be cautious of dishonest behavior and avoid being taken advantage of. Reflect on your goals and what is truly practical.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Midheaven

Your foundation may feel shaky and conflicts in your personal life can affect your profession. It’s a time to dissolve past conflicts and find inner strength. Your career must align with your spiritual growth.

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  1. Lennart on said:

    I had the transit Neptune square Sun while it hit my IC.
    This was indeed an unexpected hit, losing interest or changing interest in my creative profession. Nothing to hold on to, concerning identity or enthousiasm like before. The 3rd house is light, the 4th quite a different story / Pisces and Cancer (archetypically). Nept square my sun gave a fluttering heart because of old emotions / home / youth. Now, two years later I am building back my life, pensionado but still creative with a strong search for sense in life and spirituality.Namaste.

  2. Trina Simon on said:

    It is trining my Scorpio midheaven 22 degrees , but what about the conjunction with Jupiter right now? I should think even better. We are really being hit with the light right now! There’s nowhere else to be and it’s about time. Thank you! It’s also sextiling my Taurus sun 22° and trine my Saturn cancer 20° Yay

  3. Does this apply to a progressed Neptune conjunct progressed MC, too? Or would it be more intense or just completely different? If so, how?

  4. Oh, and in Scorpio.

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