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Neptune Transits to Natal Moon

Neptune Transits to Natal Moon

By Corinne Lane         10 Comments

Neptune transits your natal Moon increase sensitivity and stimulate your latent psychic gifts. However, it’s important to be mindful and not get carried away by hyper-sentimentality or strange fascinations that have no connection to your current reality.

You must recognize that your intuition is growing, even though you may sometimes struggle to navigate it. Understanding the emotions and needs of others can greatly assist you in this process.

While this transit connects you to previously unexplored depths, it’s crucial to remain vigilant so as not to be deceived by overwhelming sensitivity and imagination. It requires discipline to effectively control and harness your imagination, intuition, and sensitivity.

Additionally, during this time, you may find yourself idealizing a particular person, someone from your past, or a woman who is close to you. This transit also aids in dissolving and overcoming childhood traumas, issues with your parents, or past karmic burdens. It can also help resolve lingering problems associated with the placement of your natal Moon.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Moon

Transit Neptune conjunct natal Moon brings spiritual and constructive emotional changes. It increases intuition and psychic sensitivity. Some confusion in emotions may occur, but psychotherapy can help. Be cautious with alcohol and drugs. Hypersensitivity may interfere with facing reality. Listen to your unconscious mind for wisdom.

Transit Neptune Sextile Moon

When transit Neptune is sextile your natal Moon, it increases sensitivity and compassion for people. This can lead to an idealized relationship and maternal tendencies. It also stimulates psychic abilities and spirituality.

Transit Neptune Square Moon

The Neptune square transit brings strange feelings and mood swings. Avoid negative people and those trying to control you. Maintain communication to avoid misunderstandings. Beware of unrealistic relationships and don’t let negative feelings take over. Be cautious with drugs and watch out for digestive issues.

Transit Neptune Trine Moon

When transit Neptune is trine your natal Moon, it increases sensitivity, compassion, and imagination. It can lead to an idealized relationship with a nurturing, maternal instinct. Be cautious before getting carried away by your idealized feelings. This transit helps distinguish fantasy from reality and strengthens the ability to heal past wounds. It stimulates psychic abilities, intuition, and spirituality in an artistic way.

Transit Neptune Opposite Moon

Transit Neptune opposite natal Moon causes strange moods and obsessions. Be cautious with perceptions and don’t take them too seriously. Misunderstandings of feelings are likely. Take care in love affairs and seek advice from someone impartial. Pay attention to what you drink and be mindful of digestion issues. Personal life events can be confusing and may cause insecurity. Be cautious with occult studies and stay grounded.

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  1. I have the square right now.
    It seems overwhelming. Other people moods. I cannot be around certain people. News is like a blaring horn but discordant.
    Though good music is great.
    At the moment, feel like slamming the door on the world.
    Nature helps

  2. I have the conjunct – just approaching first pass. Overwhelming, confusing. I feel everything, don’t know what is mine – Struggle to identify my fears , from intuition. A need to stay connected, to feel safe. To relieve it : Painting, music, writing and channeling messages. Need to be in nature – Cleaning my aura with salt -Meditation , dancing, and laughing also helps

  3. Lynda moore on said:

    My nephew in California has this transit, Neptune opposite his moon. When it went exact in April 2021, he bought his dream house in Hillsborough, California for $6 million dollars! How did he pull this off? Rob Hand says this is a bad transit. To top this off my nephew had transiting Neptune in his 8th house of other people’s money, such as banks. He has a mortgage on this
    new home. Nataly he has Neptune in his 4th house. Any thoughts?

  4. Feeling an intense anxiety about eternal existence. I’ve felt something similar in the past, a certain existential stress and it led to a great levelling up so to speak. This feels like an emotional/mental crucible. Planning to work it into songwriting. I do feel the presence of guides and benevolent beings. I read that sensitivity is heightened, especially to intoxicants and so am monitoring that.

    • Meant to mention, experiencing an opposition.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Neptune opposite Moon will bring up thoughts of the ineffable—what we can’t see or touch. I’ve even began to ponder the
      nature of God, even though I’m pretty much an agnostic. For me right now I sold my home and will be going to Spain to rent an
      apartment, until I can find a place to buy. So the home issue is vague (Neptune).

      My stress is from trying to create a new life that is hard to imagine (Neptune). I will miss the U.S. worts and all.

      Neptune brings escapist tendencies and it rules alcohol so, it’s good to be mindful about that. Writing a song about what you are feeling is a great idea.

      Best of luck to you.

  5. I have a Pisces Moon and transiting Neptune is now beginning to conjunct my moon until 2024. Transiting Jupiter is also going to conjunct transiting Neptune for everyone in mid-April (and on top of my natal moon). I also have a natal Neptune-Jupiter-North Node conjunct in the 12th House in Scorpio. If there is one thing I have learned deeply this lifetime about my moon and my Neptune/Jupiter, is that neither the “Moon” nor “Neptune” isn’t about the mind, nor about the unconscious mind, or the superconscious mind. What it is about – is the emotional body and the soul body, the unconscious soul, the conscious soul, and the superconscious soul.

    • domus celestius on said:

      Hi Phoenix, thank you for your testimony.I just
      passed through Neptune opposition natal Mercury and Sun and in a while ahead it will be, as you, conjunction natal moon.
      Guessing you are a Sagittarius rising, Jupiter ruling?

      Well I felt my whole life Neptune, specially confusion strong, which I discovered not to far away, very prominent. After years of Koch Houses system, Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th, I changed to whole sign houses. Now Neptune is in the first! I feel confirmed.

      Thks for reading!

  6. Jessica Rendell on said:

    Thanks everyone for weighing in; this is an interesting, educational article and the comments section is great, too :)

    Neptune is opposite my moon at the moment and I’m feeling it in a spiritual context; I have a strong desire to get back into spirituality and have been.

    I’m learning to meditate and am finally taking time to study astrology throughly, which is something I’ve been longing to do since teenage-hood.

    I’ve been so busy working day and night for twenty-one years running an animal rescue group that I have had little time for anything else.

    I’m also feeling it physically with digestive issues!

  7. Ann Wilson on said:

    Neptune opposite your Moon:

    Remember what the Moon symbolizes in astrology:

    It symbolizes your roots with your birth family. It symbolizes your actual home you are living in—which can become subject to water 💦 problems (which mine did under this transit). It can also symbolize moving overseas or simply near a large body of water. (Which I also did, I moved to Malaga Spain with a view of the Mediterranean). Neptune rules water, alcohol and oil.

    Your Moon is also about your ever changing emotions. So one day you may feel like meditating and the next day you will be awash in old memories of the past. Very inconsistent and fluctuating emotions.

    As the saying goes “You can’t get what you want ‘til you know what you want.”

    Also, what you want may be the impossible dream that you can’t have,
    as Neptune rules what you dream of
    having (possibly a new home!)

    So be prepared for a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride and issues relating to
    your home, emotions, primary family and what you really wish (dream) that you could have.

    Best wishes.

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