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Neptune Transits to Natal Neptune

Neptune Transits to Natal Neptune

By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

Neptune’s transits to your natal Neptune reveal new psychological aspects that will impact how you navigate the material world. They have the potential to exacerbate existing psychological issues or assist in their resolution as you recognize the influence of your unconscious mind on your everyday life.

The various transits address the realms of inner and spiritual growth, as well as explore your unconscious patterns and neuroses, either by bringing them to your conscious awareness or by further burying them in the depths of your unconscious.

These periods present an opportune time to seek psychological support and gain a deeper understanding of the universal and mystical perspective bestowed upon you by your natal Neptune. If your natal Neptune indicates potential health challenges, these transits can also influence their progression, either positively or negatively, within your mind.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Neptune

The transit of Neptune conjunct your natal Neptune is significant, especially if your Neptune is retrograde. Check its meaning and date through your progressed chart.

Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Neptune

The transit of Neptune sextile your natal Neptune is a time for positive changes. You begin to rethink your life and imagine a better plan. Ignoring this new vision could lead to health issues. Ultimately, you have the freedom to decide what your life will be about.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Neptune

The transit of Neptune square your natal Neptune can bring about a midlife crisis. You may question the value of material achievements and seek spiritual fulfillment. This calls for introspection rather than immediate action. Consider exploring new hobbies or letting go of past attachments.

Transit Neptune SemiSquare or SesquiSquare Natal Neptune

Transit Neptune can cause conflicts between material and spiritual values, leading to a sense of emptiness. It is a period for introspection and exploring new hobbies or outlets. Attachments from the past may dissolve.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Neptune

Transiting Neptune trine to your natal Neptune brings a new perspective that shifts your focus away from your ego. You become more empathetic and compassionate towards others, feeling connected to all things. Your relationships improve as you do things for others without expecting anything in return. This can be a temporary phase or the start of a new way of life.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Neptune

During Neptune Quincunx Natal Neptune, adjust spiritually and introspect. Explore new hobbies and detach from past attachments.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Neptune

The transit of Neptune opposite your natal Neptune at around age eighty brings increased consciousness and confusion. Let go of old ideas to make room for new spiritual truth and enhance empathy for others. Otherwise, you may experience introversion or seek peace within yourself. Break away to experience spiritual unity.

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  1. Norma Edwards on said:

    A wonderful summary of Neptune opposition Neptune that has hit me like a tidal wave and within its depth I am emersed. All that seems necessary is that I can float with the currents and surrender.

  2. constance walsh on said:

    This is my year of lucky double-seven, with the transit felt already.

    “a time to break away from everything that is keeping you from the experience of total spiritual unity with everything and everyone.”
    The breaking away is in full force, including the severance of a long friendship I’d dishonestly sustained. Clearing the decks for the compassion and unity to come, and the sharing that belongs to elders. Thank you for your wisdom.

    • Phyllis on said:

      Constance, I too have felt this aspect as a breaking away. Forced on me, and difficult to navigate, but trying to accept the letting go. A dear partner passed away forcing me into a totally different financial situation. But that old situation was keeping me from my writing, my true work on earth. I feel that I am in the middle of a disaster but somehow don’t feel it. I am seeing through into what is to come once I am free from these financial burdens.

      • constance on said:

        Hello Phillis, Your comment comes in just now on March 27, 2024, as I’m listening to Pam Gregory, Astrologer – a favorite. It is sad and beautiful to read you, with the loss of a close one, and the light of it as well. However things evolve, your attitude will see you through. With love and encouragement from a sister-writer – a photo-memoir on the way! Thank you for your words. It always surprises me to be read and responded to positively on line – in the best way.

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