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Neptune Transits to Natal Venus

Neptune Transits to Natal Venus

By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Neptune Transits to Natal Venus

Neptune transits to your natal Venus give an enormous artistic and loving sensitivity. You tend to idealize love and to be fascinated by someone. Beauty, the spirit of sacrifice, selfless giving, and compassion increase at this time, whether it is real or imaginary.

You’ll see only the beautiful side of things. You may avoid facing reality in daily life because you don’t want to see any negative sides or problems. You’ll very likely be idealistic, or even out of touch, regarding the use of money and resources during these transits.

However, these transits help you to perceive and feel harmony, find artistic potential, accept others and improve relationships, giving them a greater ideal perfection and romance. If you’re already quite a dreamer, you may now fantasize excessively or be overly idealistic. If you’re naturally less romantic and more rough around the edges, these transits can soften and sensitize you.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Venus

When transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Venus, it is a spellbinding time. It stimulates your idealistic, artistic side. You see beauty in everything that surrounds you. Your imagination is very active. Artistic inspiration is very high, including music and poetry.

This transit gives you an ideal, beautiful image, and you may project that onto someone your love, or onto your situation. You may only see the beautiful and not want to deal with reality and its possible difficult effects. Don’t be deceived into thinking that your ideal image already exists in reality. It may only exist in your perception. It may be that you have to work towards creating it in real life, much like an artist would create, instead of acting like it already exists.

Try to be sensible in relationships, or else they can end up being difficult. This is a most romantic time. You may fall deeply in love in an idealized and romantic way, but it may be difficult to carry out the relationship in a concrete reality.

If you are lucky, the person you fall in love with can fulfill the ideal you see, but it is difficult for you to see their failures and problems. But if you were not clear-minded, or chose someone not worthwhile, it can lead to heartbreak. You may at first ignore major faults or issues that will later disappoint you because you thought the person was perfect.

Giving without egoism and with a great sacrificial spirit is very strong during this transit. You must try to see realistically the person whom you are giving yourself to.

A relationship with someone who is ill or who needs some kind of help is likely. Be careful not to settle in a situation that offers you no satisfaction.

The opposite can happen, too, so that you feel undeserving or in need of saving. You then fall in love with someone who offers to help you. The problem with either of these two types of romantic relationships is that you wouldn’t be relating as equals. Try to keep your vision independent and alert.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Venus, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Venus

The transit of Neptune trine, or sextile, to your natal Venus is a time for the highest romance and beautiful creativity. This transit stimulates your artistic sense. If you have any creative talent, this is a good time to use it constructively.

You’re full of romantic inspiration. You may idealize a relationship, especially if it begins during this transit. It may be the most romantic relationship of your life. You may find the perfect person for you, your soul mate.

Even though you probably overlook their flaws and put them on a pedestal, you’re able to balance that with reality during this time. You’re not blind to the flaws, you love them with their flaws. The tiny danger that you may over-idealize them too much, is minimized now. If you make an effort by putting your ideal into practice, your dream can come true.

Because you are now very sensitive to the mystical aspects of love, you can understand the other person and have great compassion and empathy for their problems, which helps you merge spiritually. You recognize that we are all one. You’re more sensitive to the underlying spirit that drives everything. You’re in touch with the true soul of things and people around you.

If you’re in an existing relationship, this transit helps you accept flaws and past mistakes. In any type of relationship, including with coworkers or friends, you’re now more understanding and accepting of others. You can act selflessly and give others what they really need, just because you care.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Venus

This description applies for any of these transits:

When transit Neptune is square your natal Venus, conflicts in relationships arise due to unrealistic attitudes. You may be disappointed as you try to avoid seeing the truth about something or someone in your life. You may lose confidence in your dealings with people for not accepting others, or yourself, as they really are.

A new love may sweep you off your feet, although you may not realize it’s not the person that excites you, but something in yourself that you’re projecting on the other person. Be careful and observe the people you meet now so as not to deceive yourself with illusions and fantasies.

On the other hand, you might attract an unattainable person or an unworkable relationship, which ultimately hurts you because of a sense of defeat. It’s likely during this transit that you’re seeking the unattainable on purpose because you’re trying to avoid confrontation.

Becoming the martyr is quite common under this transit. Be careful if someone says that you are the only person who can save them, because instead of dealing with the person, you will idealize the situation and your role in it. Issues can arise from feeling inadequate or from taking your suffering too seriously, or from trying to avoid confrontations with others and with yourself. Also beware of the danger of deception in social and business dealings. Try to be realistic in love and business.

Seek an artistic, musical or charitable outlet to make the best of this day-dreamy influence.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Venus

The transit of Neptune quincunx natal Venus is period of difficult emotional adjustments. Confusion in social, romantic, and financial affairs. You are likely to be emotionally sensitive, so much as to overreact to imagined or unintended slights. However, do beware of the danger of deception in social and business dealings.

You may be too focused on pleasure and self-gratification in order to avoid unpleasant situations and responsibilities. Too much daydreaming. Artists and musicians could receive intuitive inspiration at this time, although they could have difficulty in bringing this inspiration into concrete manifestation.

In general, you should guard against self-deception and unrealistic attitudes in close relationships and financial dealings. Misplaced sympathies can also lead to difficulties under this transit. Unsuitable and unstable romantic involvements are possible.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Venus

Love relationships are the main causes of difficulties while transiting Neptune is in opposition to your natal Venus. Someone may have an unrealistic expectation. Disillusionment and disappointment usually occur when the romantic fog clears and you can see the truth.

It’s normal to idealize a new lover, to an extent. But during this transit, you’re much more likely to refuse to see reality. You escape to a bubble of illusions and fantasies that have little basis in reality. You create an image in your imagination and pretend that person fits into it.

If you begin a new relationship during this transit, you should wait until you see more clearly, after this transit passes, to make a permanent commitment. You may be idealizing it too much at the moment. Later, you’ll be able to see if the relationship feels the same after the dreamy romantic fog has cleared away. What seems like a golden opportunity can change into a harsh reality, and you cannot assume that the relationship can survive such changes. Or you may have to sacrifice too much in order to maintain the relationship.

This period can cloud your mind and bring problems in an existing relationship, too. You may not communicate clearly during this time. One of you may keep a secret from the other, and this can cause one or both of you to lose trust. Be honest and put your cards on the table from the beginning, because confusion or misunderstandings now can cause deep wounds.

If you can manage to use this creative imagination in a positive way as it is intended, and maintain reality at the same time, you can benefit now. Your artistic nature is increased. Your relationships will be more interesting, if you see the truth and do not lose contact with reality.

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