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Neptune Transits to Natal Venus

Neptune Transits to Natal Venus

By Corinne Lane         2 Comments

Transits to your natal Venus by Neptune bring about a profound artistic and loving sensitivity. You have a tendency to idealize love and become captivated by someone. During this time, beauty, self-sacrifice, selflessness, and compassion are heightened, whether they exist in reality or are merely imagined.

You will only see the positive aspects of things. It is possible that you will avoid dealing with the realities of daily life because you do not want to acknowledge any negative aspects or problems. It is highly likely that you will possess idealistic tendencies or even disconnect from the practical use of money and resources during these transits.

However, these transits will aid you in perceiving and experiencing harmony, discovering artistic potential, accepting others, and improving relationships by imbuing them with a greater sense of ideal perfection and romance. If you are already a dreamer, you may find yourself fantasizing excessively or being overly idealistic during this time. On the other hand, if you are naturally less romantic and more rough around the edges, these transits can help soften and sensitize you.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Venus

When transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Venus, it stimulates your idealistic, artistic side. You may fall deeply in love, but be cautious of ignoring major faults or issues that could lead to heartbreak. Stay realistic and independent in relationships.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Venus, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Venus

The transit of Neptune trine or sextile to your natal Venus brings romance and creativity. This is a good time to use your creative talents. You may idealize a relationship and find your soul mate. You’re able to balance reality and love someone with their flaws. You have great compassion and empathy for others and can accept flaws and past mistakes. This transit helps you be understanding and selfless in relationships.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Venus

Transit Neptune square natal Venus brings conflicts in relationships due to unrealistic attitudes. Be cautious of projecting illusions and fantasies onto others. You may attract unattainable relationships and become the martyr. Beware of deception in social and business dealings. Seek artistic or charitable outlets.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Venus

The transit of Neptune quincunx natal Venus brings difficult emotional adjustments. Confusion in social, romantic, and financial affairs. Beware of deception in social and business dealings. Guard against self-deception and unrealistic attitudes in close relationships and financial dealings. Unsuitable and unstable romantic involvements are possible.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Venus

Love relationships can cause difficulties when Neptune opposes your Venus. Unrealistic expectations, disillusionment, and disappointment are common during this transit. It’s important to wait until you can see more clearly before making a permanent commitment in a new relationship. Communication issues and trust can also arise. However, if you can maintain a balance between imagination and reality, you can benefit creatively and have more interesting relationships.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    One function of this transit is to test how compassionate and unconditional your love is.

    One textbook on the subject cites a case example of a woman who appeared to have a perfect marriage. However, when transiting Neptune came to oppose her natal Venus her husband started to become restless and want to go away travelling. Initially she was annoyed, thinking he was being unreasonable, but the more she resisted the stronger her husband’s restlessness and desire to travel became. Eventually she gave up and told him he was free to go away travelling. His desire to do so then ended, and their marriage became idyllic once again, her love for him now being more compassionate and unconditional.

    A classic example both of Neptune transits bringing about a solution to your issues only once you give up trying to find a solution, and of opposition transits operating via situations involving another person.

    • This comment has been translated from the original French:

      Good morning

      Do you have any other concrete examples? That interests me.

      Below is the original comment:


      auriez vous d autres exemples concrets? ├ža m interresse.

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