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Pluto Transits in the Houses

Pluto Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane         3 Comments

These interpretations are for Pluto transits through the natal houses.

Transit Pluto in 1st House

When transiting Pluto crosses your Ascendant, make an effort to liberate yourself from traditional thought patterns. Relate this to your first house and Pluto sign at birth. Getting in touch with the forces that shaped you can help you have more control over unconscious motives.

Transit Pluto in 2nd House

The metamorphosis begins with Pluto in your 1st house, causing a collapse and a need to adapt with fewer resources. Transiting Pluto in your 2nd house challenges you to manage possessions and values efficiently. Beware of economic losses and dishonest business, but inner wealth awaits.

Transit Pluto in 3rd House

When Pluto transits your third house, daily life and routine issues become more significant. It’s a time of profound psychological change and questioning. Don’t take anything for granted as repressed tensions may surface. Be open to examining and challenging outdated thinking. Be cautious with contracts and be aware of potential risks during short trips.

Transit Pluto in 4th House

During Pluto’s transit in your fourth house, personal areas of your life will be affected, such as your inner psyche, home, and family. It’s a time to stay true to your own truth and be self-sufficient. Changes in family relationships and power struggles with parents may occur.

Transit Pluto in 5th House

During this time, your relationship with children will be influential. There may be power struggles and pressure for change. Take care of their health. In love, you may be drawn to someone who isn’t a good match. If a relationship survives difficulties, it could last forever. Control your emotions and avoid expressing yourself at the expense of others. Beware of occasional losses in speculation.

Transit Pluto in 6th House

When Pluto transits your sixth house, it asks you to work selflessly for a noble cause and develop endurance. Be careful not to get lost in self-sacrifice. Instead, dedicate yourself to a cause that helps you grow and have fulfilling relationships. Regenerative therapies are beneficial during this time. Taking care of your diet is important, and there may be health issues if Pluto aspects are difficult.

Transit Pluto in 7th House

Pluto transiting your seventh house brings profound change to your relationships. Whether intimate or business, hidden tensions will be released. This period may lead to marriage or a definitive life change. It’s important to remember that those you meet are reflecting your inner impulses. Conflicts over finances and sexual problems may arise with difficult aspects.

Transit Pluto in 8th House

Pluto’s transit through your eighth house brings a new life, born from the old. It signifies the death and regeneration of the ego, leading to new aspects of life. It may result in the death of someone important and force you to confront the meaning of your own life. It could also affect your joint possessions and resources. Be cautious of getting into debt as it could put you under someone’s control. This time can also stimulate clairvoyance and sexual impulse. Difficult aspects to other planets may endanger your life or result in disruptions beyond your control.

Transit Pluto in 9th House

Drastic changes in beliefs can occur due to personal experiences. While Pluto transits your ninth house, you may receive financial aid for education or have travel opportunities. Be aware of becoming fanatical and allow others to have their own viewpoints.

Transit Pluto in 10th House

Pluto in your tenth house brings ambition, control, and challenges from authority figures. It may help you reach your life’s goals or change your path frequently until you discover them. Ambition can lead to political schemes or power struggles. Challenging transits may result in a power trip.

Transit Pluto in 11th House

When Pluto transits your eleventh house, there will be transformation and friendship with influential people. Friendships may break while new ones establish, impacting your life profoundly. You may also receive scholarships or grants for scientific, artistic, or spiritual work.

Transit Pluto in 12th House

The regeneration of the subconscious is important for gaining a deep understanding of how it works. During this time, Pluto’s influence can lead to intuitive research, meditation, and exploring clairvoyant abilities. However, it also brings up buried aspects of the psyche that must be confronted. It’s important to honestly address these hidden characteristics and patterns of behavior in order to mature and potentially change others’ opinions of you.

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  1. any transit can be to the natal ascendant or the sun sign as ascending. Each deals with a different aspect of self and life, though I have not seen this clarified anywhere. Any insights?

    • Of course there are aspects to your sun and ascendant but your ascendant is a more precise pinpoint part of the chart telling you exactly what house it’s happening in. Example, Aries sun has been squaring Pluto for the next year, but if you’re an Aries rising Pluto is transit in your 10th House. You have to look at the aspects that are made to your sun. Pluto squaring the sun means a battle in clash of the egos. Look at your sun aspects in your chart to know more.

  2. Pluto transit in 6H is a vile one. It’s a transit in hell. Never ending crises in employment which is not the greatest, you only get offered to do the most menial and lowest paid jobs. And you hate it . Pluto won’t allow you to find a stable job, of course not, or a job that allows you to live well. No, it just makes everything difficult in your everyday life jobless and penniless. Couldn’t hate this transit more. 14 years of my life wasted, filled with absolute pain. Where’s the transformation????

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