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Pluto Transits to Natal Jupiter

Pluto Transits to Natal Jupiter

By Corinne Lane         6 Comments

When Pluto transits your natal Jupiter, it brings about tremendous success in any endeavor, but there may also be opposition from influential individuals. It signifies a renewal of faith and hope, and opens the opportunity for religious or philosophical transformation.

This transit is advantageous for spreading knowledge among the masses and working towards noble and worthwhile causes. It enhances creativity and instills a strong desire to correct past mistakes and injustices. It is an optimal time to delve into the study of spiritual laws, philosophies, and all aspects related to healing and rejuvenation.

However, it is essential to be cautious not to adopt an excessively rigid perspective that seeks to impose on others, and to avoid fixating on certain ideas without considering alternate possibilities. Nonetheless, the strength of your beliefs has the potential to persuade or revitalize a significant number of people.

This transit provides substantial power to attain influence. It is favorable for implementing reforms within the community or society. It is crucial to maintain a sense of balance and not expect outcomes without putting in the necessary effort, as doing so will yield excellent results. You have the opportunity to renew your faith in the universe.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Jupiter

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter brings optimism and hope for personal growth. It can lead to positive changes for the benefit of society, but acting selfishly can have negative consequences. Education on metaphysical topics is favorable.

Transit Pluto Sextile Jupiter

Transit Pluto sextile natal Jupiter provides strength for positive reforms and improvement of environmental conditions. It is favorable for societal, community, and work associations. It is also beneficial for dealings with the law and government. Generosity, concern for others, and studying are emphasized. It allows for healing personal and societal injustices. Immense power is given to reinforce creative idealism.

Transit Pluto Square Jupiter

When transit Pluto is square your natal Jupiter, it can cause dangers and legal problems if you go against the needs of others. But if you include the opinions of others, you can succeed and experience spiritual growth.

Transit Pluto Trine Jupiter

When transit Pluto is trine your natal Jupiter, it provides strength for positive reforms, improving conditions, and dealing with authority. It is favorable for law, government, and social injustices. Generosity, teaching, and healing are emphasized during this time.

Transit Pluto Opposite Jupiter

Transit Pluto opposite natal Jupiter gives strength to pursue ideals of a better world. However, there is a risk of arrogance and domination. Focus on self-improvement and understanding the truth. Avoid legal issues and don’t hinder others’ growth. Use this opportunity for spiritual regeneration and self-realization. Stay open to enlightenment without creating unnecessary conflicts.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    I knew somebody who had a strong Jupiter (in the 3rd house) and he seemed incredibly lucky, always waltzing exams. However, when transiting Pluto came to square his natal Jupiter his luck seemed to suddenly turn, mysteriously failing a series of exams. It seemed unbelievable.

    I think the transit was heralding a death and rebirth of his lucky streak. Also, there were times when he could be arrogant, and it seems likely that the square from transiting Pluto was forcing him to let that tendency die (and be replaced by a new and better characteristic). As the above interpretation states, be careful with arrogance during this transit.

    I will take this opportunity to state, if at this time your good fortune appears to wane and you see no future for yourself, don’t despair. It is simply a sign that you have experienced the death part of this transit, and have yet to experience the rebirth part. Your Jupiter side will come back from the dead!

    • Thank you for your input. Pluto will hit my 2 degree Jupiter then cross my 4 degree ascendant. I am already experiencing many of the things asoiated with Pluto conj. Jup. I am completely honest and will not compromise my integrity for nothing. Big power seems to equate to big corruption.💕

  2. I have strong Jupiter in my 3rd house. Everybody were telling me my whole life that I have luck with many things (and I did especially, in traffic accidents (some small and one bigger, this is interesting since 3rd hous is also about short travels).
    Pluto is opposing my Jupiter for a long time now and it will not be gone until 2026. I experience that I’m very unlucky now. Nothing works for me. Difficult to set my mind on one thing.

    • Kaya, Those hard transits are tough and scary. You have tge upper hand knowing your transits. Look for your escape aspects or transits. Pray, yell, beg for guidance abd listen. Pl will conj my N Jup 2 degree from Asc after a long 12th. I feel like I have been running for a decade. You will be ok💕

  3. Susan Bocti on said:

    I also have Jupiter in the 3rd, along with Venus. Can say communication is my forte. But now, as a senior, life is changing. Along with my MC/IC p. square Venus, Pluto is square my Jupiter, accompanied by transits from the Sun, Moon, and Mars. I am purging my old possessions to move to a smaller residence home and buying smaller furniture. I’ve kept only my most valued things. The process has brought tears (and I am so tired). Once I’m moved a new aspect will begin, Chiron progressed on my progressed Ascendant – a new beginning.

  4. Transiting Pluto is moving into a trine to my natal Jupiter and I was rather looking forward to the broadening of my horizon and a new burst of hope but uhwww… I guess I was putting to much pink fluff on Pluto that he is shaking off now… I keep getting into situations where people try to impose their rather panicky and angst-driven opinions on me. It seems like a strong confrontation with existential survival fears. I am rather curious what I can learn from that, but it is testing to my attitude of openness and tolerance. As I like to analyze the different driving motivations behind conflicting opinions and try to put myself in the shoes of many different worldviews – this forceful imposition of one‘s own opinion on others is something foreign (and pointless) to me. Why force somebody else to see the world like I do?! As if truth is like a territory and the more people you convert or force on your side, the ‚more‘ truth you get. … hm, I don‘t get it, but I guess, Pluto will teach me :)

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