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Pluto Transits to Natal Moon

Pluto Transits to Natal Moon

By Corinne Lane         8 Comments

When Pluto transits to your natal Moon, it brings about intense emotional changes. These transits have an impact on both your immediate environment and your psychological development. They unleash strong and raw emotions, dredging up fears, failures, paranoia, and inherited attitudes from the past, all in order to completely transform you.

These transits possess a great intensity, pushing you to confront your inner self and identify the necessary changes needed to find personal satisfaction. Through profound experiences, you may discover reactions, habits, and behaviors that must be transcended. Hidden psychic powers may even be revealed.

Addressing issues of safety and internal contentment becomes crucial, requiring you to make the necessary changes that will not hinder your internal growth. Your unconscious mind may set traps, making you a victim of old compulsions, even if they no longer make sense, simply because they are repetitions of past behaviors.

It is possible for old attitudes to resurface, ones you believed you had overcome. This serves as an opportunity to recognize and understand these ingrained patterns, allowing for a complete internal reorientation of the attitudes inherited from your parents. This process may lead to irrational reactions and chaos, ultimately teaching you how to face the world and demonstrate your internal security and emotional resilience.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Moon

When Pluto is conjunct your Moon, it brings powerful changes to your inner security and emotional life. Intense transformations can occur, affecting family relationships and possibly causing a change of residence. Stay flexible to navigate these changes with minimal destruction.

Transit Pluto Sextile Moon

Transit Pluto sextile natal Moon helps you connect with your inner self and understand your true emotions. It allows for creative changes in relationships and home life, bringing a feeling of safety and support. This is a good time for personal growth and investment in property.

Transit Pluto Square Moon

When transit Pluto is square your natal Moon, intense experiences in personal and emotional life occur. It tests internal psychological functions and forces deeper introspection. Memories of the past may affect the present moment. Emotional power struggles and family tensions can arise. This transit brings about deep psychological changes that need to be understood and transformed.

Transit Pluto Trine Moon

Transit Pluto trine your natal Moon allows you to connect with your inner self and understand your true emotions. This is a good time to make creative changes in relationships or at home. There is a feeling of stability and support. Deep experiences lead to internal growth. Good time to buy land or houses.

Transit Pluto Opposite Moon

Transit Pluto opposite natal Moon brings confrontations and manipulation attempts in relationships. Possessiveness, guilt, threats, and jealousy may arise. Be honest and cautious of dishonest people. This transit reactivates past issues and requires facing them creatively. Take care with obsessions and difficult relationships with women. Look within yourself to find motivation and transcend old habits.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    A pre-adolescent boy I knew lost his mother when transiting Pluto squared his natal moon (which was conjunct Jupiter), and a few months later his family emigrated abroad.

    I think the death of his mother marked the death part of the transit, while a few months later the moving abroad marked the rebirth part of it.

    • my mother suddenly passed away as Pluto transited my 12th house squaring my natal moon, its now retrograding back over my natal moon and bringing up all sorts of issues about being safe, nurtured, rejection, abandonment, fears, traumas etc, hope the last pass is easier!

  2. Natalie Farmer on said:

    I have this transit in orb next March (Pluto 1st opposition moon 7th). Also at same time I have Saturn transit cusp of 2nd/3rd opposition to my natal sun 8th/9th house. It’s really freaking me out

  3. I have my mars at 2 Scorpio and my moon at 3Leo. I feel myself having emotional outbursts. Pluto is entering Aquarius. I have been recovering from an accident the last 4 years and Will be getting out again. My ascendant is at 24 Capricorn so I already have been under a heavy Pluto transit. I’m afraid I will totally lose it when my new transit hits.

  4. bluebonnet on said:

    My son has Pluto transiting his 8H which is about to be opposite his Moon Saturn conjunction in 2nd H(Leo). He’s a cancer rising. Am I seeing my death in his chart?

  5. When my doughtel (11 years old) had transiting Pluto conjuncting her natal Moon depression kicked in for the 1st time in her life. Intensive negative feeling and self harm. She had to be on meds for some time. It was suprising and difficult. Two years later she was ok.

  6. Pluto conjunct natal moon is really BAD transit. Bad people and bad events showed up during this time. Almost ruined my life, forcing me to fight back, stand up for myself and have to change finally.

    The only positive side from this horrible transit is ,yes you may become more stronger person from the deep pain you’ve got, endured or even overcome.

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