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Pluto Transits to Natal Saturn

Pluto Transits to Natal Saturn

By Corinne Lane     13 Comments

When Pluto transits your natal Saturn, it can mean a state of psychological transformation that influences and connects many experiences in life, depending on the position of natal Saturn and its aspects with the other planets. Any transformation occurs at a very deep and real level.

Likewise, the serious challenges caused by the transformation means that nothing can be kept repressed, since this would produce enormous tensions that could also cause blockages that would eventually lead to resignation and even illness.

If used positively, it helps to radically change the structure of life, the responsibilities and goals, and the karma inherited from the past. Clashes with people have karmic connotations, whether they are intimate or professional contacts.

You can create or destroy structures that are very resistant and difficult to make. Professional resources and money take on a main importance. Experiences will ask for important changes. All the karmic residue of the past will be transformed, either to overcome it, or because it asks for its retribution.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Saturn

When transit Pluto is conjunct your natal Saturn, the whole structure on which you have based your life changes, receiving the rewards you deserve or the confrontations with past karma. The transformation is inevitable, either paying or receiving a heavy debt from the past.You must avoid trying to hold on to things from the past that no longer serve for future growth. At the same time, it produces a tremendous resistance to be able to withstand very strong tests. It also helps to value things, people and goals that must be totally eliminated or transformed. A complete change of lifestyle is inevitable.

Transit Pluto Sextile Saturn

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Saturn, it produces profound changes that create solid structures and favorable karmic exchanges. It helps to slowly eliminate the pending karma, as well as to transform everything that does not help your internal progress. Your internal sense of progress and the principles by which your life is guided seem to have a deeper meaning, as also do your social and professional goals and responsibilities.

Transit Pluto Square Saturn

When transit Pluto is square your natal Saturn, it causes conflicts and very strong confrontations. It causes your internal world to be reoriented, although circumstances also seem to be against you. It gives resistance to endure harsh penalties, but you must also pay attention to see what things should be changed and restructured in life.

Sometimes, at the beginning of the transit, one returns to old ways that even become very rigid. The old ways may look much stronger. But, you must learn not to value them so you can reinforce what helps you to evolve, recognizing and eliminating those ways that block progress.

It is a hard struggle that can give good solidity of strength and give a transforming sense to life if its effect is overcome and you get to properly assess what should be eliminated and the direction, both professional and karmic, that one should take.

Transit Pluto Trine Saturn

When transit Pluto is trine your natal Saturn, it produces profound changes that create solid structures and favorable karmic exchanges. It helps to slowly eliminate the pending karma, as well as to transform everything that does not help your internal progress. Your internal sense of progress and the principles by which your life is guided seem to have a deeper meaning, as also do your social and professional goals and responsibilities.

Transit Pluto Opposite Saturn

When transit Pluto is opposite your natal Saturn, changing circumstances can force you to surrender to many things, although no harm will be suffered if you do not resist such losses. You should keep yourself openhearted, so that this will help you to perform a karmic purification. It may be the first step to future success if you do not cling to the past too tenaciously.

The course of life will change because of your will or against it. Only that which is real and true remains, since it eliminates all that partly hinders your future progress or that has already fulfilled its karmic exchange. If you take this transit very seriously, it seems to threaten life itself or the meaning you have given to your life.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to leave some insight as I am experiencing this exact transit (trine). I woke up in a bad and sad mood today, but I felt a strong urge to confide in my partner how I have been feeling lately (self love struggles) and I feel much better, hopeful, and happy, and I now know the hard work I need to put in to improve my relationship with myself. So this transit definitely has its benefits!

  2. See, I didn’t realize transit pluto was opp my natal Saturn (7h cancer) and now I realize why I’ve wanted a s/o so bad and suddenly these past few months. I’ve literally been depressed because of it. Also I just realized it was conjunct my cap Chiron in my 1h, and honestly I’m just now grasping that I do in fact have childhood trauma and these past few months have been really difficult. I’m just losing hope. I hope the future proves to me that this was worth it.

    • Wanda Harding on said:

      Hang in there. Remember, this is just energy… experiences that help FORM US… so, it is like, food, which forms us… but you have to pick the right food to form you in a healthy way. So, that means, the thoughts you have will help form who you are NOW and into the future. As the article states, the structure which you have built your life on, has to CHANGE. It is time to do so in some way, let GO of something, start SMALL if you have to, even IF it is not the real thing you have to change…just practice… get used to the idea… and love your self. Remember, there are other energies happening at the same time. Take a look to see SUPPORTING ENERGIES… HAPPENING FOR YOU, ALSO.

  3. Andrea on said:

    Hi! Transiting Pluto is currently conjunct my Capricorn Sun (7th house) and as such, soon in opposition to my Moon and Saturn (both in 1st house – Saturn in Cancer, and Moon in Leo). What does it mean when Sun is sandwiched in between in such fashion? Everything is falling apart at the moment, and it is really hard to take decisions. Thank you.

  4. Manuel Lopez on said:

    i am in the midst of a transit of pluto square to my natal saturn. It began exactly during the first week of lockdown last year, so far i managed quiet well to reorganise some things in my company in order to be more free of work. The last months I feel a strong opposition to continue, and a new huge menace is threatening me know. At this moment everything seems quite dark for the future.

  5. Asstrology on said:

    the whole astrology thing is nothing but wickedness.

    • Hi Katie, I meditated on your comment, & this is what Holy ‘Spirit’ relayed: Persistent scattered thoughts, ‘spinning your wheels.’ Focus only on top priorities. You are being affected deeply by the pain of separation, or understanding why you have been inflicted with such sorrow. You needed to go it alone to build up valuable life experience & maturity. Your emotional suffering is a purging process to allow yourself freedom from your past. Allow yourself to experience the pain, give yourself the right to grieve and release the heartache. Don’t get stuck in the moment of grief; accept the situation and do the healing process. Let it go. Slow down, meditate, ground yourself. Never be afraid to say you are sorry. Always think before you speak so that you will not later regret what you have said. Be the peacemaker. If you focus on leaving your past behind and embracing new opportunities, you will not stay blocked. Once the upset, pain and tears have gone, doors to new experiences open. You’re on the path to recovery, and realizing that there are other things in your life which you can feel happy about. You are reaching a point where you can accept the pain and hurt and are ready to move on.
      Please Take Care 💚

  6. I have transit pluto in 10th house capricorn opposition natal saturn. The situation has been bad at work and the boss has put me in cold storage. I do not know what to expect next nor do I know why I have not been asked to leave yet. I resisted some unfair demands at work which were not work related and that made it worse. It took me less than 48 hours to accept those demands but by then the damage has been done.

  7. Am going through a long opposition of Pluto to natal Saturn in 10th house. It is working out well. We are downsizing our home. Our last house is sold and our things are in storage while we live in a temporary place until our new smaller house is finished. So much of our stuff is inaccessible for now and we have disposed of a lot. Now just managing with what we need to have. All fine! Liberating.

    • Larry Schwimmer on said:

      Hi Penny,
      In 2023 I start 2 years of transiting PLUTO opposition my Saturn in the 10th. I am afraid of how it might affect my home and career. Your experience made me feel more hopeful that it won’t create a “death” in the area of my home and career. Perhaps, only restrictions? Have you noticed any other effects from it? And are your natal aspects to Saturn positive or challenging because that can make a difference in terms of how that transit affects you. Thank you for your reply.

    • I am close to an opposition Pluto transit my 4th house opposite natal Saturn in 10th house. Would you think it’s more likely there’s a change at home? House move etc..Than change in the professional work area.

  8. Mary Ann S. on said:

    Pluto went direct and hitting my Saturn in Libra exact today. Boy do I feel it. My body is completely riddled with arthritis flare up. Can’t wait till Pluto moves on. Dreaming of sitting on a warm sunny beach somewhere. 😊

  9. I was sorry to hear how others were also suffering from this transit and wish the best positive outcomes
    I lost my job, my home of 20 years, a close friend abandoned me b/c I was so distraught. I put everything I own in storage, my best guy friend died after a quick illness. He filled the hole when I lost my family. I totaled my car on Valentine’s Day after a painful eye opening breakup. Had to go to the ER for physical injuries then have surgery and was abandoned.
    Applied for unemployment benefits but it did not start for 5 months while I looked for work. Had no option but to live in my car. Ended up lasting two years during COVID. It was very unsafe and humiliating.A guy was shot in the head 200 yards from a spot I thought was safe to park at and a girl od’d parked next to me.
    Moved from my home state which broke my heart. I felt defeated. I hoped to heal and get back on my feet. It’s the loneliest I’ve ever felt. Thought I was making progress. I was dealing with PTSD, severe depression and couldn’t get therapy. It’s been hard to navigate w/o anyone to talk to or guidance. I just couldn’t see a way back to normalcy & rebuilding to anywhere close to what I had worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for b/c I am now 61. Eventually I got to a point I wasn’t crying daily. I was literally begging for work. Uhaul hired me to wash trucks, stock what others didn’t want to stock ( b/c it is heavy) and clean but it was work.I hoped my repaired shoulder would not be damaged.
    I earned a college degree many years ago and have a skill set and experience to do enterprise sales which is the top level of sales type jobs Finally got a job in my field after 5 years of this hardship.
    Then my storage was auctioned so now I own a totaled car and gym clothes.
    Spent 20 years rebuilding my life and all I owned now belongs to strangers. I didn’t even get my photos, artwork, letters from my family and recordings of my family when they were alive, so many happy momentos are gone. I am an artist and all my artwork is gone. All heirloom furniture & jewelry gone.
    I live in the desert where I don’t belong. My immediate family died during the last transit like this so I should be used to it. But I’m not used to it. I miss them so much.
    Had to have shoulder surgery when I was living in my car. It got so bad I had to drive my stick with my left hand. No one would give me a chance at jobs I was over qualified for, I couldn’t use my right arm so couldn’t do physical work. No one would rent to me b/c I couldn’t find work and didn’t have unemployment insurance.
    I don’t know when these losses will slow down, if I have the strength or time to rebuild again. I lost two teeth, one towards the front and my bridge came out, I’m having health problems and feel utterly hopeless.
    This is the Saturn conjunct Pluto transit. I will move to Pluto opposite saturn transit next. Also having years of Neptune square Venus.
    Please forgive me being a downer and telling so much. I don’t have anyone to talk to & I struggle for my thoughts to be hopeful and see positives after the impact of these events.
    I didn’t ever harm anyone or steal or live a dishonest life. I took care of family when they needed me.
    I really don’t understand why these things r happening.
    It seems my health is next. Even though I worked out and ate right my whole life which is a hard sacrifice I am at an all time low physically. I also need $8 k in dental work, hand surgery, something is wrong w/ my digestion & heart.
    Mentally I feel defeated, humiliated & tortured & so exhausted.

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