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Pluto Transits to Natal Sun

Pluto Transits to Natal Sun

By Corinne Lane     35 Comments

When Pluto transits your natal sun, it brings about a radical change in your life, especially in terms of your creative potential, ambitions, and regenerative resources. All the hidden force that has been buried for years comes to the surface, and dealing with it can be quite challenging as we confront how we handle our hidden power.

As a result, we must overcome significant obstacles in order to recognize our internal power and discover what we are capable of when Pluto tests us. It is an extremely difficult period, but one in which you will ultimately emerge with renewed strength, experiencing a creative rebirth. It is typical during this time to witness the emergence of tremendous willpower and resilience, even in individuals who are considered weak.

This period of confrontation completely transforms everything that was once deemed important in our external lives or consciously desired.

We must learn to shape and control the overwhelming energy that arises from within, as it can be violent not only due to external circumstances but also due to the way we provoke our environment. It is wiser to refrain from trying to dominate others and instead focus on mastering ourselves.

If we do not change our attitudes and fail to use this energy to transform our lives, we can provoke intense opposition. In such cases, circumstances will forcefully bring about change. Until old habits vanish and space is made for new ones, it can feel like we have no control over our lives. This transit signifies a change in direction in the areas indicated by the zodiac signs and houses involved.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Sun

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Sun can transform ambitions and goals, leading to immense progress. Facing negative aspects of oneself is necessary, but be cautious of egotism. Use the force of this transit to improve everything around you, not just yourself. Expand awareness of your contributions to your environment and humanity.

Transit Pluto Sextile Sun

When transit Pluto is sextile your natal Sun, you can find creative resources and take more power or authority. You can rebuild and repair, alter life goals, and achieve ambitions effectively. It is favorable for physical regeneration and expressing creativity.

Transit Pluto Square Sun

During this transit, there will be power struggles and crises that test your strength and control over yourself. It is a time for internal reconstruction and becoming aware of energies within you.

Transit Pluto Trine Sun

When transit Pluto is trine your natal Sun, it is favorable for finding creative resources and gaining more power and authority. You can rebuild and repair any damage. It is favorable for achieving ambitions and experiencing physical regeneration.

Transit Pluto Opposite Sun

When transit Pluto is opposite your natal Sun, there can be difficulties in relationships and power struggles. Be cautious not to impose your will on others and avoid interfering in their affairs. This transit can also bring conflicts with authorities and physical exhaustion.

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  1. Thank you for such an insightful rendering of the plutonian effects upon the natal sun. I’m undergoing such now with pluto I Capricorn opposing my natal sun in cancer. The physical exhaustion, fearfulness, paranoia, etc are ravaging my body, mind and soul, it seems. the gift of your insight is appreciated….unlike psychotherapy, good astrology is tailored and targeted to specifics in one’s life.

  2. Cancerian sun with Pluto opposition natal mars in cancer. Becoming very aware of need to rest and doing so.
    I work with sick people which I am suited too so deep rest is vital

  3. Peter Cayce on said:

    It’s not just Pluto transiting opposition your natal Sun. Saturn is conjunct Pluto, so both planets are currently opposing natal Suns in Cancer. Jupiter, the great magnifier, will be opposing all natal Cancer Suns at 22 degrees in mid March. So Jupiter will make whatever you’re feeling from these transits larger, more potent, and more impacting. Around March 21st, Jupiter, Mars (another major catalyst), and Pluto are all at approximately 23 degrees / 24 degrees Capricorn and are all opposing natal Cancer Suns at approximately 23 degrees or so. This is not bad in itself, It’s just a very big catalyst.

  4. Thankyou for reply . My cancerian sun is 7 or 8 of cancer (30 June). Marsat 23 degrees crab and Uranus at 26 of crab. So will just wait and see I guess. I work as a nurse so have some balance going Om .
    Thankyou thankyou

    • Peter Cayce on said:

      If your Cancer Sun is at 7 or 8 degrees Cancer, you will NOT feel March 2020 transits at 22 degrees Capricorn. Transits only effect you approximately 2 degrees before they are partile (exact) and almost immediately begin to dissipate once the conjunction, square, or in this case the opposition occurs. In other words, transits basically begin to affect your 7 degree Cancer Sun at approximately 5 degrees Libra (square), 5 degrees Capricorn (opposition), 5 degrees Aries (square), and 5 degrees Cancer (conjunction).

  5. Peter Cayce on said:

    …..but you should feel your Mars Uranus conjunction and whatever other aspects you may have to your Mars/Uranus conjunction. But not your Sun.
    Look at what house(s) your Mars and Uranus is in. Those houses are affected. For example, if your natal Mars and Uranus conjunction is in your 7th House, you may note partnership and other 7th house issues coming up, etc.

  6. Heavy like a herd of elephants and painful is a great way of explaining what I’ve been experiencing with natal sun in Cap 27 in the 6th. Leo rising 7deg. Pluto transiting the 6th from 2009 has bowled me over leaving me naked as all hell. Saturn conj sun atm Jupiter on its way for last pass to sun and Pluto today stationary at 23, it will be a few years till I feel the exact conjunct to sun. After this year I am looking forward to “ just Pluto “ … Dark Night of the Soul … 17/01/1966 Sydney AUS 7.40pm

  7. Donna Stanford on said:

    I am going through this transition now and will have the last exact aspect in December. For me it started in late 2019 and has manifested as a string of deaths of very close important people in my life. Found my cousin dead in December 2018, Mom had a stroke 2 days after we buried her and I lost Mom in March 2019. Then Larry, then 2 very close lifelong friends in the last qtr of 2019. The exact aspects didn’t hit until 2020. My 2 teenage sons and I were at loggerheads and they finally moved out. My home was in shambles and still is. Waiting out all of the retrogrades and the pandemic to fix it and sell it. I have worried about my health because I was for the first time in my life depressed for almost 2 solid years. I feel better and have simply sat still until the dust settled. There was nothing I could do but wait it out and grieve. I am praying my health was not negatively impacted as I turned 55 last weekend. I was a crossfitter when the sh!t hit the fan and when I internalized, I left my old life to hibernate. Now that I feel better, I am back to exercising but I have 40 lbs to lose less before Croasfit is even an option. Plus as Pluto separates from my sun, it will join Jupiter and Saturn in my 6th house. I’ll keep pushing on and praying.

    • I hear you yes yes yes except the deaths. These haven’t happened as I have 2 years till conjunction. I’ve never been happier within I must say, after what you call hibernation, I call it isolation, I was done, my Soul exhausted. As an astrologer I was aware of the health and fitness aspects. I wasn’t good at health before Pluto went into Cap in 2008/9, I’m realizing I must integrate this holistically as a way of living now 55 in Jan, I’m integrating my solar 6th house Sun. I do a lot of service in a 12th step program on a global level, I love it, I’m in alignment now as I’m “In Service” happily, without resistance, no longer a rescuer/fixer, 6th house and natal Pluto in Virgo the server conj the 2nd. Death will not be too challenging as all my people died to me as I released attachment and codependency. Don’t get me wrong it will be unfortunate for sure however I near died so I faced the reality of death. There is no Death to me, no finality. Best of blessings to you on our journey home.

    • on said:

      Sixth House Health issues. Can also affect work related issues.

      • Yep it sure did, I lost my Company in the GFC BS. Bankrupt. I lost my son my home THE LOT. Lost the false self identity as well. Was broken, didn’t care about work much, my body was breaking down. It feels like I touched bottom and am rising now.

      • Ryan Keisling on said:

        Pluto started to oppose my sun this year, also in square with 6th house. 3 of my pets died, I got covid and lymes. My house is wrecked! I lost work and am physically unable to really get around even if I could find a new job. I owe thousands in back property taxes… one thing after another! But I am healing even if slowly…
        Pluto transits are hard! I am unsure how to move forward and the right choices to make…sometimes I wonder is Pluto just gonna kill me!

    • Hi Donna, Monique and Peter,

      I happened upon this thread cos I am having a load of transits by opposition right now. I have natal sun at 24 degrees and natal saturn at 22 degrees in the 7th house of cancer. My dad died end of May so hear you with the death, only 1 so far but have pluto transit running all next year before moving out in 2022! My marriage is breaking up (7th house no surprise) I feel depressed for the first time in my life, never have before and zero energy and motivation, I have put on a load of weight too, sever lockdown in Spain has´t helped… I just wanted to say I am with you, I know what you are going through!

      • O Hi Jade, we are with you too, for 10 years I thought I was the only one who’s life came crashing down but it seems we are experiencing what many on the planet will soon learn to overcome, LOSS…However I now see the truely beautiful blessing of learning and growth that precludes the loss, the must do commitment to go within and rely on a much greater power, our Higher Self for comfort, self love and companionship… that’s how I dealt with the very dark night of the Soul, now I practice remaining in the Now unattached to outcomes. Bless You Jade x ❤️PS I couldn’t have survived without ACA ( adult children of alcoholics/addicts and dysfunction parenting. I had to reparenting myself with love starting at 52

        • Thankyou peter Yes natal mars 23 of crab with natal Uranus at 26 degrees cancer. I didn’t get back sooner as I get back from work as a nurse and rest. I believe the mars Uranus conjunction is in 6th house. But work is as usual. Move from site to site and work in all forms of nursing. My 7th house deptof life has been in a form of stickiness for many years. No actual partner just a variety of people with varying problems whom I tend to keep at a distance (moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn). I feel for people but need my own space to avoid becoming exhausted. Tending to flow with it. If I orientate from a spiritual/ compassionate stance I am fine. Piscesor aquarius ascendant. Thankyou thankyou aloha

        • Stuckness Not stickiness. Damn spellcheck

  8. Accurate thanks

  9. GEEKYGUY on said:

    A friend of mine got mugged when transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct his natal Sun. The incredibly frightening and traumatic nature of the experience served to completely tear down and rebuild him on a personality level.

    I think an example also of Pluto and power issues.

    • Monique on said:

      Sadly my ex, during Pluto approaching my Mercury bashed me a few times. A mugging would be horrific however what I’ve been through, that would be expected and a walk in the park so to speak, I guess I’ve hit the lowest I can go

  10. So true. I’ve never felt so under psychologic assault as I do so now and totally trapped.. I literally have no power to do anything I’d like to in life as I now iny 60s. Freedom is my byword and it’s being tested to the max. Pluto is conjunct my natal Sun and Uranus conjunct my natal Moon square my natal Venus and Uranus! I fell in love with another man , an undertaker( how plutonion) with a violent past and a volcanic temper. There is a huge soul remembrance between us but it feels like an unexpected fight. Moving on is accepted but to what? I’m being shown nothing but hopium. It’s an unpleasant energy if you can’t control it.

  11. Send Prayers my Loves on said:

    So I have a natal sun/Ceres conjunction at 22 Sag in the 3rd house, and got magically trapped during lockdown and beyond in what has been the most horrific abuse situation of my entire life. I have not been able to get out because of my financial situation. I understand that it is an honor to be hated by miogynistic male supremacist abusers, but I lost my whole support structure and I’ve been gaslit, robbed, raped, slandered, even had a false police report filed against me and armed cops showing up at my apartment. I have battled the abusers since I could not get out. One extremely violent one moved out. One robbed me blind and skipped town. One moved downstairs when he finally stole something expensive enough to file a police report but turns the heat up for the whole building to 90 degrees every night 3x per night, which I think is his new way to prevent me from sleeping, one of his top 5 abuse tactics. The enabler is still in the apartment and insists I’m “crazy”.
    I coudn’t be more scared and frustrated and there really is no help for women in my situation.
    These were not people I know but I had to default on my student loans when I was homeless for the eight years of the Obama Great Depression and cannot pass a credit check to get an apartment.
    I did not know these abusers before they moved in. I have lived here for years and travelled right before lockdown and one roommate moved out and rented to abuser #1 who drove out the other women and brought in his bros. I couldn’t leave because of the student loan situation.
    It’s bloody hell. I don’t know how to get out. I stay quiet as a mouse to not attract attention and usually pee in a bucket so I don’t have to risk my safety by walking to the bathroom. I still have to sleep in the bed and room I was raped in.
    My only hope is student loan forgiveness. I was $36000 in debt when I left school, so locked in 19% compound interest over the past 13 years?
    I get tired when people claim the student loan forgiveness thing is for rich kids. No. It’s. Not. I’ve lost so many years and could literally be murdered in my home because impossible student loans that will never go away and prevent apartment rentals are a literal device for killing the poors.

    Sorry for the long rant. I have no one to talk to or vent to irl.

    TL/DR Pluto inconjunct in fourth house SUCKs and keeps continuing for years apparently..

    I see no way out.

    • Monique on said:

      Oh dear, not ranting just sharing, I’m so sorry, I’m not sure I’m as strong as yourself. You are a true survivor and from what I’ve learnt however doubted is “ it will change, we cannot live amid obstructions forever. “
      I pray for your situation to change and you to break free from what you have endured. Please never give up. You are not alone…

  12. AprilSea on said:

    My Sun is 5 Aquarius, Moon is 7 Gemini and Ascendant 6 Libra.
    Yet, the Pluto is approaching. I am 50 years old, single (Mars 19 Aries, 7th house) living with mom (80 y.o., failing health and all), and somewhat unhappy with my job.. but I admit that job is the only thing that makes me wake up in the morning, I cannot afford to lose it, it is easy to give up but laying in bed all day is not an option. I am tired, alone and depressed. No mojo, no hygge, no ikigai, nothing.
    I can only hope this conjunction Pluton / Sun would not take my Mom away, or my job. 💝

    • Monique on said:

      Ooh I empathise and there is no way to predict however what I learnt is whatever we are holding onto as our “false power” will be removed. We are all powerful without what we cling to in this 3d world. I believe you are All powerful and will survive this conjunction… as I mentioned I lost everything, HOWEVER I’m now so much more successful and “at peace” after I did the dark night of the Soul… bless you Dear Soul, always here 🙏🏿

      • Monique, it great to read your post. Not sure whether to congratulate you on losing everything but grateful that you are in a better place

  13. My world seems to be collapsing. Going through a very dark period. Got divorced last year after 24 years. Unhappy for most. Now feeling guilt and loss especiallyas my ex is getting married again. I am happy for him, but still have a sense of loss. . Unhappy at work. Feel stuck.
    Cried so much my head hurts. Could not sleep. When will this deptession pass? Its so exhausting.
    Last night I actually started toook up euthanasia for depression.

    This afternoon I was told that Pluto is sitting on tbe sun. It iwill be dark for a period but its also a test of my strength and mind.
    I hope I survive. I feel so lost.

  14. Ann Lachman on said:

    Pluto transited my natal Jupiter and Venus in late Sagg., then moon, mars, ascendant and saturn in early-mid Capricorn. All that seems to be done with (long story, but I survived, and it’s like an actual new life now). But my Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius, and so Pluto will hit them too. I need to figure out when, exactly, this will happen. Do you think Pluto transiting my Sun will be horrible? I mean, I did go through alot of Pluto already…so hoping I am immune? lol. What do ya’ll think?

  15. I so appreciate this Pluto/Sun reading. It helps me to understand the internal process much better than other general readings out there. One’s internal forces or the unconscious need our recognition and ultimately our integration if we are to see the fruits of our labor during these transits. I have a Pluto Square Sun transit and it is breathtakingly intense!

  16. I’m about to have a Pluto square sun transit, but at the same time, Pluto will be trine my ascendant. Does anyone have any insights into this weird transit?

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