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Saturn Transits in the Houses

Saturn Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     4 Comments

These are interpretations for Saturn transits through the natal houses.

Transit Saturn in 1st House

This is a long-term transit lasting about two years or more. The most typical response to this transit is that you feel depressed, you might be lacking in self-confidence, you feel that your handle on life just broke. All of this is because inside you sense that you need to “become more, be better.” Something has been lost, it seems. You must define, find, redefine just who you are. You came to this situation with some momentum but all of a sudden you realize you might be inadequate for what you are facing. Self doubts abound.

When Saturn transits through your first house, pessimism and depression may come upon you because everything looks like such a struggle for you. Keep your chin up and realize that no hard work is ever wasted and that rewards will come to you later if you buckle down now and toe the line. Saturn in the first house requires you to face reality, to realize that growth must occur constantly and that perhaps you hadn’t started to change and grow earlier and that you must now devote yourself more fully to becoming prepared for the challenges ahead. Only by facing the demands of reality can you move toward a more confident and prepared “you.”

This is a wonderful moment for a new beginning and internal growth, a more developed path of personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, constructive self-discipline, and greater reserve in your manner and in your attitude. You will probably feel a greater responsibility and have a greater burden of work and a stronger tendency to tire more easily. It would be good to practice meditation exercises and relax and rest regularly.

In some people who suffer from stress, it can produce slow digestion, loss of appetite and health issues. The key words here are introversion and introspection. The need to be more in touch with yourself must take precedence over everything else. It simply means “finding oneself.” It is a process that has to follow its own pace and that involves learning about yourself, your needs and desires. It is laying the foundation for your new inner architecture.

Transit Saturn in 2nd House

This is a long-term transit lasting about two years or more. The nature of this transit is that you have to find those portions of yourself that seem solid, part of the core you—while determining what portions of yourself are not substantive and of value at this time. This is a “weeding” time where you have to decide what is no longer of value. What is excess, what is necessary, what is needed that you don’t have?

When Saturn transits through your second house, taking stock of yourself is not easy. It may take some time, more time than just the transit of Saturn through the second house, but once started you can’t stop. Going through the process of self-evaluation and self-testing is what will give you confidence in yourself. A sense of who you are depends upon what you are. Feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and unappreciated occur with this position. You must value yourself before others can value you. Love yourself first.

This is where you become smarter and more ingenious when it comes to business and financial matters. In other words, there will be a development in your organizing skills. You become efficient and practical and you feel the need for frugality in your economic affairs, as well as putting them in order.

You have to develop a lot of patience, because there could be delays in business, especially in legal matters related to finance.

Sometimes problems can arise with partners or with government profits and this can cause a lot of worry and anguish about money and possessions. If Saturn forms difficult aspects while it transits, you will feel a lot of limitation in your environment and there can be economic losses. You have to learn what is really valued and restructure your values at an internal and psychological level, and prevent the fear of economic insecurity from controlling or directing your life.

Transit Saturn in 3rd House

This is a long-term transit lasting about two years or more. During this transit you will be building upon what you experienced with Saturn in the first house and the second house. When Saturn was in the first house, you countered the feeling of inadequacy by facing up to what you were versus what you needed to be, and you committed to change and growth. Then, when Saturn transited your second house, you took stock of what you had, what you didn’t need, what you did need but did not have. Having faced reality and having taken stock of what you needed, and then having started the process of growth and value-building, you need to now fit yourself into your environment. You take courses in school, you start training, you study, you learn, you ask. You start to express yourself as a means of testing what you are and how others respond to you.

Saturn in the third house is learning, developing, testing, changing, moving forward, momentum regained. This is the step where you can reaffirm just who you have become so that you can more confidently move forward in your life.

When Saturn transits through your third house, you may feel a bit isolated from siblings and neighbors or they may give you trouble. There may be issues of communication with either. Try to stay optimistic in your thinking and in the meantime simply keep working hard.

The main theme at this moment will be your mental structure and how you can function daily, as well as your mental patterns, attitudes, customs, ways of speaking and listening to others. You will have more responsibilities regarding brothers, neighbors and friends. Your main concern should be for things as they are, not for what you think they should be. Little by little you will learn what is happening in your mind. And you may not like it, so you may feel depressed and discouraged, the need to withdraw, and you may become more cautious and reserved in speech and communication. Caution is also recommended when signing contracts, because any agreement made at this time will be binding for quite some time.

Your work during this period will be related to writing or teaching, the media and scientific research. Mentally, your capacity for concentration will be higher, and this will help a lot so that your studies are sustained, systematic, methodical and disciplined. If transiting Saturn forms difficult aspects, it can produce negativity, worry and pessimism. There may be delays in communication and transportation.

Transit Saturn in 4th House

When Saturn transits through your fourth house, it produces a huge need for family security and domestic security, which is just what is achieved now, but possibly accompanied by the burden of caring for a family member that is old or disabled.

The external display of your concern with your house is no more than a reflection of your inner concern, which you now have to deal with. It is important to clear up any internal problems, and not wait for circumstances to fix or “solve themselves” since, if it is not done during this period, they could lead to serious problems related to your career in fourteen years.

Since the fourth house opposed the tenth, there may sometimes be a conflict between domestic and professional responsibilities. You may find yourself involved in real estate related businesses, agriculture, mining, ecology, food, domestic products and services. If transiting Saturn makes difficult aspects, it causes oppressive family responsibilities, emotional depression, and dependency.

Transit Saturn in 5th House

The period when Saturn transits the fifth house is characterized by anything that has to do with romantic alliances and/or children. It is a period in which those things are stabilized and it brings an increase of responsibilities.

It could be some form of guidance and discipline of children. In the case of a romance, it could mean that you fall in love with a mature, older and economically sound person. It may also be that people with whom you had a prior relationship reappear and that the relationship begins again.

This time brings and shapes creative ideas, benefiting artists, musicians and actors. Sometimes you feel a great need for a relationship, but you are frustrated because you are not in touch with your true feelings. You may find that, subconsciously, you are avoiding the same people who could help you, but you are afraid of confrontation. If transiting Saturn makes difficult aspects, it can cause an increase in responsibilities regarding children, unwanted pregnancies and perhaps economic losses due to speculation.

Transit Saturn in 6th House

When Saturn transits through your sixth house, it is a time of heavy responsibilities and hard work. Do not waste your energy, because it is very limited and it can harm your health. If you have health problems during this period, it would be wise to observe how you handle your physical energy as a whole. Regarding work, you will probably have greater patience, efficiency, dexterity and organizing capacity in your work. Many times it turns out that you get involved in a job related in some way to medicine. There will be a positive focus on diet and the purification of the body through proper dietary habits. If Saturn forms difficult aspects, you may have to work under disagreeable conditions, or be very tired or sick from overwork that you do not like. Possible problems with the kidneys, bones, skin, digestion, or slow recovery from a disease.

Transit Saturn in 7th House

When Saturn transits through your seventh house, the focus is on all your close relationships. This could be a wonderful period for professional associations and public relations with organizations. There will be an increase of responsibilities through marriage or other social associations, and it will be very important to stabilize your relationships at this time.

If you marry at this time, it is most likely to be with an older, more mature and consolidated person. Often this type of relationship is karmic in nature. The interesting thing is that while Saturn transits the 7th house, the opposite may also happen. In other words, lack of opportunities for marriage or relationships, or perhaps a relationship may end because it asks for more than it gives.

This period may coincide with the failure of your marriage or relationship, or you may be forced to marry without love for some responsibility, or you may become pregnant without wanting to. In any case, even a good marriage will have to face its flaws. You have to make an effort to do your best with your work and to understand your relationship with others. If you have made agreements with others, be sure to meet them, and meet their expectations as well.

Transit Saturn in 8th House

Over the next few years you will have to realize the values of others, that is, learn to live with these values and assimilate them in a constructive way, without destroying your own individuality. If transiting Saturn makes difficult aspects, it may be that others cut off funds when you need them. The eighth house is where major changes occur in the life of a person, such as, for example, not being able to count on others for material help. Therefore, it is not a good idea at this time to depend on the resources of others.

When Saturn transits through your eighth house, you will experience death in various ways, either a real death or the death of old values and ideas that you will now renounce. You may even be entrusted with the affairs of someone who has died. If Saturn makes difficult aspects, it can cause fear of death, heavy taxes, economic losses through joint finances and commercial commitments.

Transit Saturn in 9th House

When Saturn transits through your ninth house, the themes that will stand out in this period are: history, religion, law and philosophy. In many cases it could mean a professional ascent. There will be a practical approach to education and to learning new things. There may also be a heavy workload. It is a very interesting time for travel or to get in touch with foreigners for professional or business reasons.

Your views on life are stabilizing, you begin to understand the rules and want to play more skillfully. Keep in mind that the 9th house is also the house of the law, and you have to be careful because legal problems may arise.

However, you must let yourself be guided by your philosophy of life and do not impose limitations on yourself. If Saturn makes difficult aspects, your may become narrow-minded or very fanatical in your religious point of view. Problems may arise in travel, delays in the publication of texts, or difficulties in being accepted by a university.

Transit Saturn in 10th House

When Saturn transits through your tenth house, your mundane and professional responsibilities increase. Perhaps you are promoted or publicly recognized for your work. In fact, you could be at the top professionally, if Saturn forms good aspects while it passes through this house.

You will now be associated with older and economically stable people, perhaps more conservative than the people with whom you were normally associated.

Saturn’s transit through the vital experiences represented by this house could be especially limiting and dangerous if there are planets in difficult aspect that block you in your professional path and in any area where you have responsibilities. It is vital, therefore, to comply with every detail rigorously because if you try to take short cuts or advance your career the easy way you will see problems, and because this moment is when you have the best opportunity to leave a good impression to the outside world, outside of your private life. If you did not take care of these responsibilities seven or fourteen years ago, they could be a source of problems. But if you prepared yourself well, you will be amply rewarded because you deserve it.

Transit Saturn in 11th House

During the time when Saturn transits through your eleventh house, you feel a great loyalty to friends. It is very favorable for friendship with older and more mature people, and may deepen old friendships. You may be offered an administrative position or responsibility. In the same way as during Saturn’s transit through the tenth house, this is the continuation of the high point in your life, except that now there will be groups that will want you to join them instead of you being only the boss.

Team efforts and cooperation are very important now. Hopefully you have acquired enough experience and maturity to get the maximum results from any events. Otherwise, your expectations will not be met and a very strong disillusion will take place, and this will affect the transit of Saturn through your 12th house where you have to do a cleaning of everything that is no longer necessary.

Transit Saturn in 12th House

When Saturn transits through your twelfth house, it is a good time to do a cleanup and finish anything that has not been completed in recent years. This is a time when karma culminates in preparation for a new cycle of self-expression. Here, professional responsibilities involve any form of service that has to do with helping others, such as, in hospitals or psychological institutions, any form of governmental or organizational work that is carried out without the knowledge of the public in general.

You will be seriously interested in studying topics such as meditation, mysticism and parapsychology, and may feel the need for a spiritual retreat, or to go to an ashram. There is no doubt that you will be more seriously involved with psychological therapies and with some form of systematic investigation of the unconscious.

If Saturn forms difficult aspects with other planets while it transits, it could produce neurotic fears, subconscious problems; emotional depression, etc. Beware of convoluted ambitions. You have to cleanse any remnant of the past to prepare the ground for a new seed.

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  1. Michele Campbell on said:

    Wonderful. Thankyou

  2. GEEKYGUY on said:

    When transiting Saturn entered my 11th House a couple of friends (coincidentally within a couple of days of each other – they did not know each other) suddenly messaged me to say that I was so different from them they didn’t ever want to have anything to do with me again (I am on the autistic spectrum, and so will naturally appear different from other people).

    I think this was an example of the “weeding” effect of transiting Saturn, a process which may be quite painful at the time. Perhaps on some level I hadn’t needed those people as friends (I realise now that I am certainly better off not having anything to do with anyone who has such a harsh, narrow-minded attitude). Since that time I have clearly survived, socially and otherwise, without them.

  3. Yes!!!! I view Saturn has initial pain. Separation , loss, and just difficult circumstances are Saturn transits.
    Thing of it, it really frees you from inauthentic ways and people.
    People and things not good for you.
    The friend you thought a good friend , but reality they never come through.
    Real is Saturn . Get real.
    Ideals , fantasy not Saturn

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