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Saturn Transits in the Houses

Saturn Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane         5 Comments

Here are some interpretations for Saturn transits through the natal houses.

Transit Saturn in 1st House

Saturn transit lasting two years or more. Feel depressed, lack self-confidence. Need to find oneself and face reality. New beginning for personal growth and responsibility. Health issues can arise from stress. Prioritize introspection and self-discovery. Building foundation for new inner architecture.

Transit Saturn in 2nd House

Saturn transiting through your second house is a long-term transit that lasts about two years or more. It’s a time of self-evaluation and determining what is of value to you. You may experience feelings of being unloved or unappreciated, so it’s important to value yourself. This transit also brings development in your organizing skills and a need for frugality in your financial affairs. Be patient as delays and problems may arise, but take the opportunity to restructure your values and prevent fear from controlling your life.

Transit Saturn in 3rd House

Saturn in the third house brings learning, development, and changes. You may feel isolated from siblings and neighbors, and there may be communication issues. Stay optimistic and work hard. Focus on your mental structure and daily functioning. Take on responsibilities with brothers, neighbors, and friends. Be cautious with contracts. Your work may involve writing, teaching, media, or scientific research. Difficult aspects can bring negativity and delays in communication.

Transit Saturn in 4th House

Saturn’s transit through the fourth house brings a need for family and domestic security. It may also involve caring for an elderly or disabled family member. There may be conflict between domestic and professional responsibilities, and it’s important to address internal problems during this time. If not resolved, it could lead to career issues in the future. Difficult aspects may cause emotional depression and dependency.

Transit Saturn in 5th House

During Saturn’s transit in the fifth house, romantic relationships and responsibilities increase. It may also bring back past relationships. This time is favorable for artists and creative individuals. However, there may be frustration and avoidance of confrontations. Difficult aspects could lead to increased responsibilities with children, unwanted pregnancies, and potential economic losses.

Transit Saturn in 6th House

When Saturn transits your sixth house, you will have heavy responsibilities and hard work. Take care of your limited energy to avoid harming your health. It’s a good time for work, as you’ll have patience, efficiency, dexterity, and organizing capacity. Pay attention to diet and proper dietary habits. However, there may be difficulties or health issues associated with work, such as kidney problems, bone issues, or slow recovery from illnesses.

Transit Saturn in 7th House

During Saturn’s transit through the 7th house, focus on close relationships and professional associations. Marriage or social associations may bring increased responsibility. Good relationships may face challenges, and lack of opportunities or ending relationships may occur. Fulfill agreements and meet expectations. Keep working hard and strive to understand your relationships with others.

Transit Saturn in 8th House

In the next few years, you will need to respect and adapt to the values of others without losing your own individuality. If Saturn causes problems, others may not give you money when you need it. Changes will happen in your life, such as not being able to rely on others for help. It’s not a good idea to depend on others’ resources right now. Saturn’s transit through your eighth house can bring about death or the end of old values. This may involve managing someone’s affairs after their death. Challenging aspects from Saturn can result in fear of death, heavy taxes, and financial losses.

Transit Saturn in 9th House

During Saturn’s transit through your ninth house, themes like history, religion, law, and philosophy will be prominent. This period may bring professional growth and a practical approach to education. Take caution with legal issues and don’t limit yourself. Travel and connecting with foreigners for work can be advantageous.

Transit Saturn in 10th House

When Saturn transits through your tenth house, your professional responsibilities increase. If Saturn forms good aspects, you could reach the top professionally. You will be associated with older and economically stable people. It is important to comply with every detail rigorously and take care of responsibilities to avoid problems. If you prepared well, you will be rewarded.

Transit Saturn in 11th House

During Saturn’s transit through your eleventh house, loyalty to friends increases and older friendships may deepen. An administrative position or responsibility may be offered. Teamwork and cooperation are vital at this time. It’s important to have enough experience and maturity to achieve desired results. Otherwise, a strong disillusion may occur.

Transit Saturn in 12th House

During Saturn’s transit through your twelfth house, it’s a good time to finish unfinished tasks. It’s a period of preparing for new self-expression and exploring topics like meditation and psychology. Watch out for subconscious issues and cleanse the past for new beginnings.

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  1. Michele Campbell on said:

    Wonderful. Thankyou

  2. GEEKYGUY on said:

    When transiting Saturn entered my 11th House a couple of friends (coincidentally within a couple of days of each other – they did not know each other) suddenly messaged me to say that I was so different from them they didn’t ever want to have anything to do with me again (I am on the autistic spectrum, and so will naturally appear different from other people).

    I think this was an example of the “weeding” effect of transiting Saturn, a process which may be quite painful at the time. Perhaps on some level I hadn’t needed those people as friends (I realise now that I am certainly better off not having anything to do with anyone who has such a harsh, narrow-minded attitude). Since that time I have clearly survived, socially and otherwise, without them.

  3. Yes!!!! I view Saturn has initial pain. Separation , loss, and just difficult circumstances are Saturn transits.
    Thing of it, it really frees you from inauthentic ways and people.
    People and things not good for you.
    The friend you thought a good friend , but reality they never come through.
    Real is Saturn . Get real.
    Ideals , fantasy not Saturn

  4. I have Saturn transiting my eight house and I did become ill. I was able to overcome this illness which could have resulted in my death had I not gone to the hospital. It made my face my fears about death and I understood that destiny can bring about hst you least expect . I had been wondering when I would get sick as all around me friends and family were getting sick . I kind of thought I was superhuman so to speak . I have a new lense now when I look at life ! My Saturn will be conjuct my eight house ( Pisces ) but I also see Saturn conjunct my moon in Pisces ( 8th house ) at around the same time and then a short transit where Saturn is squaring Saturn . Just wondering what this means ?

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