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Saturn Transits to Natal Mercury

Saturn transits to natal Mercury

By Corinne Lane     4 Comments

Transits of Saturn to your natal Mercury are moments to clarify ideas, plan projects, and establish interest and motivations to achieve the goals set earlier. If your thinking has become excessively rigid in previous years, then you will face strong external challenges that will force you to review the reasons for your opinions and the thoughts that concern you the most.

You take things very seriously. These are favorable times to observe how others react to your behavior, as well as to make important decisions and restructure your work and personal projects. It is not a time to engage in overly idealistic activities. You see reality clearly, allowing you to study the plan you must follow to achieve more success in the future.

Logical thinking and adequate reasoning are characteristics of these times, which help you to convince others. However, sometimes you also tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. You are capable of paying close attention to details, and very few things go unnoticed.

These are periods to organize your life and determine what else you need to learn in order to improve yourself and mature. There is a tendency to worry and not feel very communicative.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Mercury

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Mercury brings serious and pessimistic thoughts. You focus on making important decisions about your future plans and struggle with communication. This is the beginning of a new cycle of ideas and opinions that will affect your life. Be mindful not to become too exact, demanding, or critical. This transit can also cause problems in the nervous system, hearing, and vocal organs. Try to maintain some joy.

Transit Saturn Sextile Mercury

When transit Saturn is sextile your natal Mercury, your thoughts, mental attitude, and study interests are stable and mature. It is a good time for planning study projects or negotiations. You can easily establish new networks and handle transactions. Take advantage of this time to learn from your past efforts and better plan for the future.

Transit Saturn Square Mercury

Transit of Saturn square natal Mercury brings conflicts in communication and narrow-mindedness. Excessive worry and rigidity of ideas lead to arguments. It is important to recognize sources of conflict and be more open to adjusting opinions.

Transit Saturn Trine Mercury

When transit Saturn is trine your natal Mercury, your thoughts and mental attitude reach stability and maturity. It is an excellent time for study projects and negotiations. Your ideas are logical and realistic, allowing you to easily establish new networks and handle transactions. Take advantage of this time to plan for the future and make necessary corrections in your communication with others.

Transit Saturn Opposite Mercury

During transit Saturn opposite natal Mercury, ideas and plans face challenges and potential defeat. Disagreements prompt examination of failures, requiring overcoming pessimism and depression. Rethinking studies/business is necessary amidst doubt and questioning. Opinions may be challenged to learn from consequences and consider others’ ideas. Worry leads to anxiety and potential harm to the nervous system.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    A friend of mine received some devastating news when transiting Saturn went stationary in opposition to his natal Mercury – that his girlfriend (who lived in a different country) had been having an affair, thus bringing their relationship to an end.

    Perhaps the transit was teaching him that a relationship wasn’t really likely to work out in the long run if the 2 people were geographically separated from each other. I remember how upset he was at the time, but luckily he seemed to recover quite quickly.

    I think an example also of how opposition transits are commonly experienced via situations involving another person.

  2. might like to note
    Saturn transit opposition to Comet Halley which is
    126 degrees ie 6 Leo
    Interpretation is left to the reader….

  3. I find this site very interesting and insightful. I will share it with others. Thank you.

  4. saturn opposite mars, mercury and sun: kicked out of driving school, rejected from 2 schools, fired from 2 jobs, quit 1, i feel like shit lmao somebody save me from this never ending nightmare, as soon as this BS started my motto went “i’d much rather die than live another day like this” but hey, look at the positive: i got accepted into my dream school, not setting any xpectations cause the shit will retrograde in february might get kicked out lmaooooo w/ever atp the best thing happening 2me is sex and music bye (for the record i’m JK and also #VENTING at the same time, coping however i can, not kms cause i’m not a loser like that, i had it worse but also better, IK this phase will pass so just waiting atp)

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