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Saturn Transits to Natal Uranus

Saturn transits to natal Uranus

By Corinne Lane         5 Comments

Saturn’s transits to your natal Uranus represent powerful periods where internal and external forces collide, resulting in profound changes. During these times, you may find yourself taking on the role of a revolutionary, pushing against limitations and social restrictions, or the role of a conservative, seeking stability amidst social liberation.

You will face challenges that can lead to complicated crises, but these challenges also bring personal freedom and an opportunity to enrich your life and exercise your free will.

Often, these circumstances have a karmic element, acting as a reminder of the impact of karma and the potential for overcoming limiting conditions by embracing independence and staying true to yourself.

If you feel a lack of control over your life, various elements may be thrown into chaotic disarray, revealing the need for greater control and preparedness in handling unexpected situations.

You may choose radical actions to effectively address certain issues in your life. The key is to avoid getting stuck in a rut, and these transits ensure just that.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Uranus

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Uranus is a powerful time of change and resistance. You may act suddenly and seek more fulfilling and independent experiences. However, limitations may push you back. You can make fundamental changes and achieve a lot, but it requires concentration and effort.

Transit Saturn Sextile Uranus

During the transit of Saturn sextile your natal Uranus, you can incorporate new elements into your career and make creative changes in your life. This balance between the old and the new brings stability and a new perspective.

Transit Saturn Square Uranus

The transit of Saturn square Uranus brings annoying and unstable situations. It’s a time to break old patterns and make changes, but you may face obstacles. This can lead to tensions and radical measures. Be cautious not to lose control or regret your actions. Accidents and job changes are possible if not prepared for.

Transit Saturn Trine Uranus

The transit of Saturn trine your natal Uranus brings balance between the old and the new. It’s a good time to incorporate new elements into your career and make creative changes in an orderly way. You no longer see changes as challenges, but as something more interesting.

Transit Saturn Opposite Uranus

The transit of Saturn opposite your natal Uranus may bring more originality to your life or cause tension due to hindrances in self-expression. You desire excitement and novelty and are tempted to break free from anything that holds you back. Unexpected situations test your ability to adapt and make changes. Finding balance is crucial to avoid excessive tension.

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  1. I have Saturn transiting my natal Uranus. Thank you for this insight, some of the best deliberations I’ve found.

  2. I have Saturn (with Jupiter and Venus) transiting trine my natal Uranus. These also recently conjoined my Sun in Aquarius. I was fired from my job yesterday right before the new moon, but I also made twice my annual salary this week trading stocks. Time for something new. Thank you for the insight.

  3. Adrian Cooke on said:

    Can you say more Adrienne?

  4. Wow! The Saturn opposition to natal Uranus description sure does a good job of relating what I went through in ’94-early ’96 !!!
    As it starts again , with this heads up I know I can survive and perhaps thrive….releasing tension all along the way. At least I have great ways to do that now !

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