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Uranus Transits to Natal Ascendant

Uranus transits to natal Ascendant

By Corinne Lane         13 Comments

Uranus transits to your natal Ascendant are a period in which both your sense of freedom and your relationships will undergo radical changes. During this time, you will make efforts to free yourself from any restrictions and obligations that do not contribute to your personal growth.

These aspects can create challenges for couples and lead to introspection about internal emotions. If you do not feel more open and free to express your individuality, you may accumulate impatience and tension. The pace of life will accelerate, resulting in sudden changes in opinions, plans, and actions.

Living with you can be quite difficult for others, as you may experience a lot of nervousness and tension. However, if you realize that these experiences are helping you become more authentic, they can be transformed into excitement. Otherwise, the build-up of tension and anxiety can pose a threat to your health.

During this time, you will embark on entirely new endeavors. You may find yourself doing things that were previously unimaginable or too daring. Seizing sudden opportunities, developing new interests, and engaging in more creative activities are all common occurrences.

It is important to give yourself time before deciding whether past relationships will contribute to your future growth and individuality. These transits ultimately lead to an inner liberation and a more enlightened consciousness.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Ascendant

The transit of Uranus conjunct your Ascendant will test your relationships. You will become rebellious and unpredictable. You will attract different people and have difficulty maintaining bonds. This transit can lead to self-awareness and liberation. It’s important to use your free will for personal integration.

Transit Uranus Sextile Ascendant

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Ascendant increases freedom. You express yourself more and are interested in new topics. New contacts provide opportunities to expand and have a richer life. Time goes by quickly, but you like it that way. You meet amazing people who challenge your old ways of life.

Transit Uranus Square Ascendant

The transit of Uranus square your natal Ascendant can be disruptive to your relationships. There will be surprising encounters and sudden separations. Everything feels fast and out of control, causing tension and conflicts. You must learn to use your free will to create your own life.

Transit Uranus Trine Ascendant

The transit of Uranus trine your Ascendant increases freedom in relationships. Interested in new topics, quicker responses, and decisions that express free will. Face challenges, make new contacts, and discover ways to avoid oppressive situations. Liberate yourself and others, perceive limitations and conflict solutions. Meet amazing people, adopt a humanitarian attitude, and easily get out of situations without overcommitting.

Transit Uranus Opposite Ascendant

The transit of Uranus opposite your Ascendant can cause discomfort in relationships and business associations. Arguments and fights may increase, and there may be instability and surprises from others. This time calls for adjustments and changes in relationships, redefining obligations, and expressing oneself with creativity and free will. Impatience with others and oneself is also common.

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  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    I know someone who was seriously physically attacked (a completely random, out-of-the-blue thing) in his neighbourhood when transiting Uranus in his 3rd house was exactly square his Ascendant. I have since been wary of this transit.

    • I don’t think this is related to a Uranus transit, a faster moving Mars maybe, but not Uranus. Uranus squaring his ascendant by transit would take months and can’t be an indicator for an argument that turns physical.

      • GEEKYGUY on said:

        As far as I know the attack was unprovoked (completely out of the blue). The Uranus transit might have described his ensuing feelings of shock and surprise. I’m not sure what Mars was doing for him at the time.

    • Uranus opposing my ascendant last year brought an extremely attractive, extremely erratic man into my life. The ups and downs have been dizzying, and now we may be completely finished. But he has bowed out, and come back 3 times this past year. In love with me a month ago, he is not talking to me these past two weeks for the silliest of reasons. The transit has also brought two other highly unusual people into my life.

    • Astrolover on said:

      3rd house actually does signify neighborhoods so that makes sense. Its the house of Gemini. So it does rule all things communication, but it also rules siblings, neighbors, neighborhoods, and neighborhood groups.

  2. Aquarius on said:

    I’ve noticed myself changing starting June of 2020. I had this strong desired to shed the “old” me, and gave birth to the “new” me. I wanted to let go of what and those that does not serves me anymore. July of 2020, I shocked my family and friends by shaving off my lustrous long hair! They were horrified and beyond disbelief of my action since I’m known to be a “diva”. On top of that, I decided to quit my good paying job. It just wasn’t serving me anymore. A this point my family and friends, were loss for words.
    But, something deep in me wanted and needed the change. I spent all my free time studying and learning about Astrology! Today, I was curious to know what’s going on with my chart, and noticed transit Uranus conjunct exact my ASC. since June of 2020 Now, the clouds has been lifted and I know why I did what I did…..I will be on a look out for this transit in the future for my loved ones.

    • An excellent description of a Uranus transit. I hope things have worked out for you and that your astrology is, and will be, a great success.

  3. Dannyboy on said:

    Uranus is still 5 degrees from an exact opposition to my ascendant, but in the course of 5 days, I dropped a friend who was using me, picked up with an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in years who called me out of the blue, and my relationship with an aloof friend I have known since childhood has materially changed (He has become ill and now relies on my help). I could not have predicted these things even a week ago

  4. Sabumnim on said:

    I have transiting Uranus in Taurus in the 10th house, natally, square the Asc Desc axis. I have decided to take a “no prisoners” approach to my own career and life, which changes by the day and hour, in some cases.

    No one is particularly reliable and or trustworthy, anymore; counsellors, wiseman, wisewomen, parents, family, friends, enemies, and people in the government.

    However, basically, I have resolved that no one is going to f*ck me over and or pull the wool over my eyes !

    Ponder this, though. I was born with n. Uranus = the natal ascendant, so I am the initiator of surprises, in addition to receiving them ?

    However, this period of uncertainty is also energy draining and therefore, annoying. I have other negative transits going on alongside this one, including t. Neptune squaring natal Sun. Everyone does?

    Be careful, therefore, not to put all of your astrological eggs in one basket

    I am careful to keep some niceness in my life and not be the bull in the chinashop. However, I have no particular advice to anyone experiencing this transit and you are on your own.

    If I am faced with injustice, (currently the case) I will fight for equality and reconciliation and a happy ending.

    I cannot empathize, right now. Again, you are on your own !

  5. I looked up what my outer planet transits were for when I met up with someone I had been talking to for months from twitter before meeting him in person. I finally figured out he had a few different personality disorders, beyond just bipolar like I have, which were expressed to an extreme degree towards me by the third day I was with him. In terms of degrees, this transit has been at Uranus 14 degrees, opposite my ASC at 11 degrees.

    He totally blew up at me over something small and that was the beginning of the end of my association with him. Never had such a toxic interaction with a man and I’m in my 50’s. He was a lot younger, but boy that really scared me. I thought he needed a friend and I wasn’t sure if he was lying about having terminal cancer or not. So many things did not make sense. He would not leave me alone after I left WNY and I finally had to tell him not to contact me and blocked him on my phone and on twitter.

    I am sure if I had spent one more day with him, he might have harmed me.

    But Ii really learned a lot about myself and what “trauma bonding” is and why I have gotten addicted to bad relationships. But this was like a hitting bottom for me and it scared me so much with him addressing me as “b*tch” and making jokes about hitting me and texting that if he had hit me while I was with him, it would have been because I had deserved it.

    I unblocked him just to make sure the coast was clear a couple of weeks later and in a day, I had three missed calls from him and texts acting like nothing had happened. I reblocked him promptly.

    Anyway, this transit has scared the crap out of me but has awakened me to aspects of my own issues in relationsips to such an extent that I think I will only look for someone who seems a lot more stable, if I continue to date at all. I think I want freedom from romance in general by now and aspiring towards relationships with the wrong people. I’m just kind of done. Peace is more important – along with my safety. (Scorpio Rising here.)

  6. Crossing my ascendant was freeing. Square was a lot of sudden separations. I have seen this with many others .
    How I figured my daughters correct ascendent. Hospital had 2 times. She showed up my house exact square . She and hubby going through problems . My other daughter showed up two days later. They have opposing ascendant s almost to the degree.

    Uranus marks it mark known.

  7. Changeling. on said:

    Uranus Opp Asc begins in 4 days. On that day, there is a meeting, booked months ago to inform me that I did not make year 3 of an important course that I am on. Today a 5-year business associate, who had always been polite and humble became megalomaniacal. My home town no longer feels homely, and above all else, there is a great sense of sadness and depression.

  8. My Ascendant is conjunct my husband’s Sun and Venus. When I saw that Uranus was going to cross that degree in Aquarius, I said to him, “Get ready. A lot is going to change.” We were in a long-distance relationship. His company went bankrupt and he sold his home to live with me. I decided I no longer wanted to live in NYC and we would be better off in the town he was leaving. It was a bumpy ride but worked out very well. It will be interesting to see what changes will happen now when Uranus is conjuncting his Ascendant and my natal Mars. Fastening our seatbelts!

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