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Uranus Transits in the Houses

Uranus Transits in the Houses

By Corinne Lane     9 Comments

These are interpretations for Uranus transits through the natal houses.

Transit Uranus in 1st House

When Uranus transits in your first house, you will feel a strong impulse to break any obstacle or limitation imposed by others. You will want to break the mold of the past. If at this moment you are involved in a relationship and this relationship allows you to be yourself fully, it can be transformed rather than destroyed. This applies to any area of ​​your life where you have obligations. The push towards freedom and the need to let go is a symbol that change is more than expected. It is a radical moment in your life in which you are willing to sacrifice your safety for the sake of your freedom.

There will be a definite change in your lifestyle, and a new self-image. Perhaps also new friendships, leaving aside some old ones. Making money in a new and unusual way is also characteristic. Some of the obstacles include being impractical and unsteady, impatient, or foolishly rebellious. True liberation consists of: reaching the point where structures are adopted by choice and where your life is created by you.

Transit Uranus in 2nd House

When Uranus transits in your second house, personal values and attitudes go through fluctuations and irregular and sudden variations. Changes with respect to financial matters and material. On the one hand, you feel detachment with respect to money and material possessions, and, on the other, you feel extremely happy being generous, inviting friends and spending money in associating with new groups and interests related to them. There is also the possibility of making money through friends and groups.

However, if you resist this, your unconscious will provoke you anyway, and, in this case, will manifest in the form of events that will unbalance you. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects with other planets, it can cause you to spend money impulsively and irregularly.

Transit Uranus in 3rd House

When Uranus transits through your third house, your old customary way of thinking, communicating and seeing will radically change. It will be key at this moment to maintain mental flexibility in all things. It is a waste of time to seek security, because you will have the feeling of not being able to count on anything, and by staying flexible you will have new and unexpected experiences.

Your daily life will become more intense, and communication with others more important. You will feel very stimulated by intellectual thoughts and new ideas. There will be unexpected short trips and/or communications that probably have to do with siblings, friends, neighbors or partners. You will also be attracted to topics related to electronics, the media, scientific research, astrology, occult sciences, etc. This is a wonderful time to write or give lectures on these topics. If Uranus makes difficult aspects to other planets as it travels, there can be nervousness, uneasiness, mental hesitation, unexpected problems with communication and transportation, and little willingness to listen to good advice. Drive carefully.

Transit Uranus in 4th House

When Uranus transits through your fourth house, it is very possible that there will be changes of address and environment in this period, caused, for example, by a divorce. It is said that it is also possible that there is a sudden death on some occasions. At this moment, the focus is on the most intense and profound aspects of your life, where nothing can be taken for granted, where what is asked is a constant flexibility so that one realizes that what is being challenged is what was much too rigid.

The domination of old customs of the past will be broken. At the beginning you will feel very uprooted, but after a while you will re-establish roots with a new and renewed vision. You will be very interested in topics of ecology and things that have to do with the Earth: divination, mining, organic gardening. Altogether, Uranus in the 4th is an exciting relief from the chains of the past.

Transit Uranus in 5th House

The dominant mark when Uranus transits through your fifth house is freedom and active enthusiasm: friends who are out of the ordinary, original and artistic, also the possibility of a romantic infatuation. This could even lead to an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. It can also be that children (either your own or those around you) become very rebellious or difficult, or that they have accidents, or fall sick, especially if you have some difficult aspect that indicates this in your birth chart. The opposite is also possible, that your children have inspiring and positive innovative experiences. This moment will bring to your life a new vision and a new kind of understanding.

Transit Uranus in 6th House

When Uranus transits through your sixth house, there is a sense of dissatisfaction with what you think you should do now. It is likely that in your life you are too rigid for certain patterns of behavior, so now is the time to break free and look for a different type of work, especially in the field of services that gives you more opportunities to have new experiences. This is the time, also, when you can develop an interest in special healing techniques or in the use of astrology for medical diagnosis and find a totally new line of work. There will always be innovation in any work you undertake now. If transiting Uranus forms difficult aspects, it can provoke revolutionary attitudes at work, accidents, sudden illnesses, nervousness, and irregular behavior.

Transit Uranus in 7th House

When Uranus transits through your seventh house, the unusual is combined with the unexpected. The need for freedom in relationships calls for attention at this time, and now it is time to make changes. There are great possibilities of a relationship with an unusual person, but you have to be careful with relationships that start now, because they can be just a form of escapism from your normal relationship model. There is a lot of tension now in existing relationships and between partners. If Uranus makes difficult aspects, you may end your current relationships and start new ones.

Transit Uranus in 8th House

When Uranus transits through your eighth house, there will be severe changes in everything that relates to values and goals that need a total revaluation with respect to business deals, finances, or anything associated with these issues. This transit could affect you with respect to joint resources, taxes, insurance, alimony, or inheritance. Sometimes the technical side comes out and you may get involved with electronics or science.

It can also lead to profound intuitive, clairvoyant and mystical experiences, and it can stir up the desire to penetrate deeply into the sexual experience and its tantric aspect, even provoking the energy of the Kundalini and the circulation of light throughout the entire body. It also indicates the possibility of receiving an inheritance. If Uranus is making difficult aspects as it transits, there may be a sudden and unexpected death related to friends or partners.

Transit Uranus in 9th House

When Uranus transits through your ninth house, there will be great events that will awaken you to a certain aspect of your thinking that, in some way, is not valid and requires a readjustment, and this is the perfect moment to discover and change it without great difficulties. Thanks to this mental flexibility, you will be attracted to stimulating and new ways of thinking and radical and innovative solutions to social problems. The possibility of long trips is very likely, and, if you are going to college, you will learn new and stimulating things. If transiting Uranus makes difficult aspects, you can become very eccentric and impractical with respect to all of the above.

Transit Uranus in 10th House

When Uranus transits through your tenth house, you will probably learn new and unusual methods of reaching professional goals and ambitions. There may be sudden changes in professional status, even to the point of encouraging support for liberal causes that promote radical and revolutionary ideas. You feel a strong desire to free yourself from restrictions, whether from parents, bosses or authorities. It is possible that you totally change your field of work at this time to get rid of the boredom your current work causes you. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, because with the energy of Uranus here, it is better to be conscious and aware of the changes it asks of you, otherwise the changes will be provoked by some unexpected event.

Transit Uranus in 11th House

When Uranus transits through your eleventh house, you will have a very bias-free attitude, very open and accepting of all people, and will be involved in humanitarian or reform groups. You may also receive government assistance or corporate money to accomplish your goals and objectives. You will now be attracted to new types of friends, people who defy your old ways. You will not be comfortable with the norm, nor with conservative ways of thinking, because you now realize that there are ways to achieve aspirations in which you would not even have dreamed of, previously. You will want to achieve a new freedom with the group you associate with, or the opposite may happen and you will rebel against their ideals. Whichever it is, you must maintain a willingness to be flexible.

Transit Uranus in 12th House

When Uranus transits through your twelfth house, this is when the most sudden events occur to stimulate your unconscious. These are also good times for meditation and the development of your intuitive and clairvoyant tendencies accompanied by the understanding of their secret motivations. There can be radical changes that arise from the unconscious caused by things that have been hidden for a long time. This can happen in your private life, which can change suddenly and drastically and take an unexpected direction. Your friends can suddenly turn against you, suddenly becoming secret enemies. It is the expression of whatever the subconscious is suppressing and which the conscious mind has problems in assimilating. If transiting Uranus makes difficult aspects, your friends may be imprisoned, hospitalized or perhaps unexpectedly released. If the aspects are very difficult, this can happen to you.

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  1. When you say that on rare occasions Uranus transiting the 4th house may represent sudden deaths so you mean the sudden death if the Native? The fourth house did represent the grave at one point. Did it not? Or are the deaths that can happen in rare occasions related to the home or father?

    • Tonya on said:

      Your 4th house shows circumstances at the end of your life and being the house of parents, your parents could pass away.

      • Uranus in taurus 4th house here. Father Just passed away, and i suffered a heart attack when uranus was exact opposite my sun 10th house scorpio. I wonder if I’m gonna move houses now….

    • when Uranus transit was in my husband’s 4th house we ended up moving back to Illinois from Florida because his father passed away end of January 2019.. 💔

  2. Both my parents passed away during PLUTO transit through my 8H. The 8H represents death. The 4H represents the Mother, roots and early childhood.

    • In old books, the 4th is your end of life. Research it.

      • @TONYA….The 4H represents end of YOUR life. Whatever sign rules your 4H is how YOU will likely pass away. For example, if Leo rules YOUR 4H you will likely die of a Heart attack. Now Reearch That!!
        And like I said, both of my parents died. Also my father in law. An Uncle. My Dog a Tree I’ve known for 28 years was cut down. A close friend was murdered. I lost 4 friends to Covid. My good friend and neighbor died on my Birthday, I lost 2 crates of family photos and videos. And lastly I was diagnosed with stage 1 early Breast Cancer and was on Chemo for 5 months and lost all my hair.
        Transit Pluto entered my 8H in 2016 and will there until 2028.

  3. It also represents mines, but that’s generally not something that one runs into, someone involved in mining

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