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Uranus Transits to Natal Jupiter

Uranus transits to natal Jupiter

By Corinne Lane     2 Comments

Sometimes, when Uranus transits to your natal Jupiter, it brings such unpredictable energy that it’s hard to anticipate. It feels like a game where you take risks and suddenly everything falls into place, even though the opportunities come and go quickly.

These transits often bring restlessness and a strong desire for freedom, pushing you to embark on new studies, ideologies, and activities. You start seeing the world with fresh optimism and have visions of how it can be transformed. You dive headfirst into the future, gaining a deeper understanding of how to live a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Frequent opportunities arise for travel and injecting excitement into your daily routines. Personal growth becomes paramount during this time. It’s a chance to gain a higher and more expansive perspective of yourself and your ideologies and discover new ways to transcend both psychological and physical limitations.

Depending on your level of free will and your natal chart, this transit can lead to a liberating mental openness or a profound leap into higher levels of consciousness. If your beliefs are practical and grounded, they have the potential to influence and inspire others.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Jupiter

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Jupiter can bring positive changes and new possibilities. Taking risks can lead to unexpected travel opportunities and a new perspective on the world. It may not last long, but you will feel a sense of freedom and can help others express themselves. Your optimism can influence and gain the cooperation of others.

Transit Uranus Sextile Jupiter

When transit Uranus is sextile your natal Jupiter, you can explore new techniques to improve your work and take trips or learn spiritual teachings. You also get involved in revolutionary ideas and social movements and have good friendships and alliances. This transit means huge opportunities to expand and make your life more interesting.

Transit Uranus Square Jupiter

The transit of Uranus square your natal Jupiter brings extreme optimism and expansiveness. It may lead to unexpected events and chaos. It’s important to be cautious and avoid risky situations.

Transit Uranus Trine Jupiter

When transit Uranus trines your natal Jupiter, you can explore new techniques, take trips, and learn spiritual teachings. You seek new approaches to truth and strive to help others find them too. You can get involved in social movements and expect good friendships. The transit offers opportunities for personal growth and expansion.

Transit Uranus Opposite Jupiter

During this transit, take caution with your affairs and be aware of potential difficulties. Taking risks may not bring good luck, and be prepared for sudden changes or releases. Watch your spending and analyze business details carefully. Overall, this transit brings more freedom.

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  1. Victor Fletcher on said:

    As both an investigative journalist and publisher my Toronto newspaper 1999-2017 suffered six terror attacks when my three workers and informants were EACH burnt of their homes, my new car was blown up, two attempts were made on my life. My advertisers were threatened. I also worked in astrology — predicted 911 within 30 days in the paper, recently predicted the exact day when Putin felt empowered to strength his army as he did that day when he put 300,000 new Russians into uniform last September. I am reduced to having to do astrology readings for people nowadays. Nearly homeless.

    • Pauline Rubin on said:

      Certainly not “reduced” to reading fact it sounds like your experience and prediction abilities will be very helpful to your clients.
      You will find something good is coming…just look around the corner!

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