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Uranus Transits to Natal Moon

Uranus transits to natal moon

By Corinne Lane         43 Comments

Uranus transits to your natal Moon bring about significant psychological changes and emotional upheavals. It is characteristic to experience impulsiveness, sudden mood swings, and conflicts with female figures during this time.

These transits bring unexpected situations and profound internal transformations that compel you to seek greater independence and inner freedom. It ignites a desire to break away from the patterns of family life and adds a need for excitement in your intimate relationships.

The effects of this transit are surprising and take on various forms of expression, although many of the situations that arise may be unstable.

A quest for emotional freedom has the power to reshape all existing relationships. You will rebel strongly against life’s routines and the lack of freedom in your personal life. You yearn for a more fulfilling life and have a deep need to express yourself with complete emotional freedom.

Typically, there will be some destructive experiences, losses of loved ones, and changes of residence. These events serve as symbols of profound inner changes and a longing for inner liberation. It is crucial to maintain flexibility during this time, as rigidity can lead to immense emotional tensions.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Moon

When transit Uranus is conjunct your natal Moon, emotional and psychological changes occur, causing restlessness and a need for change. Conflict and fascination with women are common. Possessions and home go through major changes, providing a sense of liberation.

Transit Uranus Sextile Moon

The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Moon stimulates your emotional life. You can see the world more subjectively and are more in touch with your needs. You need greater emotional satisfaction from your relationships and want a more interesting environment. Opportunities for new experiences and internal freedom are coming your way.

Transit Uranus Square Moon

The transit of Uranus square your natal Moon creates internal tensions and surprises. Personal and family relationships change unexpectedly. There is a likelihood of accidents at home and sudden problems. It is not a good time to make permanent plans. Changes of residence can make you feel unstable. You cannot depend on the people you previously trusted. Your emotional needs are changing.

Transit Uranus Trine Moon

The transit of Uranus trine your natal Moon stimulates your emotional life. You need greater emotional satisfaction in your relationships. Changes in your family life and environment can bring more interest and stimulation. Opportunities to experience emotions in new ways. Internal excitement attracts others and fosters dialogue about internal freedom. You have the chance to free yourself from past ties.

Transit Uranus Opposite Moon

The transit of Uranus opposite your natal Moon brings unexpected events in your intimate and family life. Changes in the home and instability occur. A break from the past and old behaviors is necessary for growth and internal satisfaction. Greater independence and self-sufficiency are needed for equal relationships. Internal liberation can cause moments of insecurity and destructive behavior. Dependencies must be replaced to avoid tension and nervousness. Sensitivity increases and creative imagination thrives.

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  1. I’ve been experiencing the Uranus square Moon transit and so far I’ve lost my apartment. I tried to find another one but I have to live in a hostel. I’ve already contacted over 60 landlords, however did not succeed in getting a new apartment. There are always so many competitors who also seek a new apartment. Because of all this I have financial difficulties and I fear of getting homeless. I don’t believe in god anymore.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      I’m sorry to hear that. Remember, like all transits, this is temporary. It will pass.

    • Have you found a new accomodation?

      • Hi, thank for your interest. I’ve found a room in Italy. Because in November ’19 I moved to a friend who lives in Germany and then I decided to go to Italy in January 2020. Now the rent is low but I don’t know how to survive in Italy. I originally come from Germany. However, I was born into an Italian citizenship. So at the moment it is very difficult for me to make ends meet. An in September 2020 the Neptune square natal Neptune aspect will start again and will be active until February 2020 for the last time. My natal Neptune is in the 2nd house whereas the transit of Neptune will take place in the 4th house.

  2. I’m in the process of fixing up and selling my childhood home. My mother passed away prior to this transit, but I’m clearing out the remnants of 70 years of her home, the place that has always been my safe house. I’m getting it ready to sell and say good bye to all of those memories.

  3. When transiting uranus conjunct my moon i sold my apartment ,purchased another one in different state and moved there to retire. All it happened in less then 9 month. It is happened to fast and sudden for me and all my friends and family. But i am happy now.

  4. When transiting Uranus opposed my natal Moon/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio, my father passed away and I learned of secrets he had been hiding his whole life, secrets which had negatively affected my childhood and sense of self. I was able to get therapy and in the end decided to train to become a therapist. This transit, because of retrogrades, will continue to affect me through nearly all two years of my training. It’s been intense, but has also been an incredibly insightful journey, and I’m sure will continue as such.

  5. I’ve had this transit for about 2 years throughout which time my Mum was ill. Physically nothing changed, my home and relationships were all stable (including the one with my Mum) but it was a time of sleepless nights and some worrysome days scattered through ..BUT it all passed pretty uneventfully other than my inner world, she is better now – so if you’ve got this coming don’t assume it will be too terrible just get yourself a Huna band and know that it’ll pass : )

  6. Mark K Olsen on said:

    Fellow Souls, it is not the transit that produces negative or positive effects: it is your karma. Transiting aspects show where and when. If you are following the “Otta Law” – doing what you ought to, you will reap the good during any transit.

    • Philip G on said:

      Karma cant be verified. Its a religious belief nothing more. And it looks like a non sense. Nobody can says what is the good and what is the bad in an objevtive way. You can do something wich appear “good” but in fact it is a bad thing because it has bad consequences. And you can do something wich appear “bad” but it can have good consequences. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And except knowing all the consequences of our acts in the future it is not possible to tell what is good or bad.

      • Actually karma is a word that means action and more generally used to describe the natural law of cause and effect, action and reaction (even if the reaction/effect appears delayed. Reaping what you sow.

        If people refer to good and bad karma that is because they impose their sense of what they like and don’t like onto it.

  7. A close relative has this transit ( Natal Moon -11 degrees- opposite transit Uranus) and she just lost her husband to covid. It happened in 3-4 weeks. Very traumatic and sad, for her and children. Since it will be retrogrades, the transit will be felt again in November.

  8. I’m going through a Uranus conjunct moon transit in Taurus square my ascendant in Aquarius and my Uranus in Leo. On top of which I have Pluto conjunct my Sun . I have never felt so depressed and hopeless in my life.

  9. I am currently experiencing Uranus opposition of my natal moon (Scorpio) – which has been difficult as with this specific transit in my chart in January 1998, my mother died, I was finalizing a very difficult divorce and custody battle – relocated to a new home, d/t divorce process. Uranus is also in opposition of my ascendant (Scorpio) so I am also very edgy…..

    My sister in law died suddenly on 12/9 – at age 61 – we were very close. Since I am single no concerns about divorce, lol – no plans to move but will keep you posted – these transits remain in my chart until mid-March 2022

    I do believe that these life events are meant for transitions in our lives, and I did grow immensely back in 1998 after my mother passed away and my career took off so this too shall pass it is just painful in the moment!

    • I’m also experiencing scorpio moon opposed transiting Uranus. For me, it’s conjunct my north node. So I really feel all the changes are helping my soul to grow and let go of a sense of security (masking insecurity) that holds me back. I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but probably a while… in the past year I lost my partner, my job, my house, who I thought I was… I discovered hidden secrets in my family and now, as much as my cancer sun/ jupiter 4th house wants a home…I feel I need to travel all over the world to gain new insights and further liberate myself through showing myself how independent I can be. I’m starting my own astrology buisness. Thought I’d share since we are having a similar transit. ~bee

      • Bee! Hang in there – got to be thankful for the universe guiding us towards our soul purpose. Congratulations on starting your own astrology business. That is so empowering! I am actually moving in that direction too. Universe has got me feeling like I’m riding in a rumble seat in my current occupation I am a clinical psychotherapist. I love empowering others however the system is broken and I’m feeling the influence of Uranus. My plan is to create my own business in astrology or metaphysical work as I always have felt and see the influence of energy on people’s lives that’s why we’re chatting back and forth right? Insurance companies and government organizations make a lot of money on people’s mental health and chemical dependency if that makes sense so I’m going down the line of teaching people how to understand the energies, have simple conversations that are authentic and compassionate! I am very intuitive have one foot in this world and the other foot in the ethereal.

        • Hi Judy!

          Thank you for your response. I actually just discovered it while looking up insight into this transit *again*! Uranus is having a big influence on the collective now. What orb do you think the opposition will still be noticeable? It’s within 10 degrees for me right now of my scorpio moon/NN. What is exact though, is neptune conjunct my natal saturn. That also makes as lot of sense from what I’m reading. Ufta!

          I see you in your soul’s desire to shift paradigms! And I agree that the archetype of uranus, thor, oya… is here to wake us up to our purpose. And if just 1% of us head that call, they say that can make an impact in the world…even though at times one can feel so insignificant. Keep doing the good work! Let me know if you want to connect more.


  10. Racheal on said:

    I really don’t think I can take any more hardships like this. In 2018 my best friend died and left me all his money which was quite a bit only to lose it all in a romance scam. I have been deceived many times. I still my house which I am thankful for but when I look at the possibility of losing my home that I love so much during the Uranus squaring the Moon, alienating people, accidents etc. The last 10 years have been very, very hard. The stress I’ve been going through is more than I take. I’ve had a very difficult life. I’m 63. If I fall down the well again I don’t think I’ll get out this time.😭😭 I’m so tired of this in my life. I don’t want to think like a victim. I feel I’m being cursed at times.

    • Racheal on said:

      My biggest fear is being homeless or living in a horrible dingy apartment.

      • Yes a lot of people s fears. Dingy apartment.
        Racheal can relate. How ended up where at. Omg my husband hit by a car. Never thought Uranus sun can join transit. Then I ended up in the most worse place ever lived in my life.
        Finally I moved . Had to.
        I had inherited land years ago and thought why I’m Living here. It s hot and weirdos by the seconds .
        I made a break. I sometimes regret not closer to daughters , but I felt ten times better. Nature everywhere.

        Bad transits end 😊

    • When I was unable to pay for my house, I got 2 room mates. That satisfied the Uranian transit because the house was no longer my peaceful place, but the erratic nature of having 2 strangers live with me got me through. Both of them were very Uranian. I like having the extra income, so when I got through the rough patch, I turned my guest suite into an Air BNB so I could continue to enjoy extra income. Now that is Uranian – people moving in and out every few days or weeks at the most! It pays very well, Think outside the box.

      • I did a room mate thing. I believe Uranus had just begun my second house.
        Lol he was a pure aqua. His girl friend also aqua. An interesting year.
        Uranus wants change and does not care how.
        My older sister I gave up. She had Uranus oppose her moon and needed a room mate. I’m not sure what happened. I stopped answering the phone when she yelled at me for suggesting a room mate.

        That was beneath her.

      • Lol I did this.
        Aqua s both moved in for 8 months.
        A trip

      • Lol I did that when Uranus moved in second house. Both were Aquarius suns at that. They only stayed a year.
        It was cool. Quite funny at times.

        Now thinking adding xtra bedroom for that one reason. Guests or rent out.

      • Lol , I did that.
        And 2 crazy aquarians for room mates.
        It was interesting to say the least.
        Transits, 2004.
        Pluto was inching toward my moon.
        Uranus just hit Pisces
        Neptune floating in aqua I believe. I remember telling the aqua lady to be careful. She worked doctors and had two different drug stores she went to. Different counties even. Neptune hit her sun. Lol a pharmacist just happen to cover both stores in one week s time. I think she got out of it. BS queen.
        She and he had moved on.
        We stayed in contact. She was wild, but at the same time so practical.
        Same he. Like living with Saturn and Uranus 😊

  11. It feels like my life has been one bad life lesson. I’m paying some Karmic Debt.

  12. Eric Darling on said:

    Like many of you, I’m experiencing the Uranus in Taurus (10th, conjunct MH exactly) @ 18 degrees exactly opposite my Scorpio Moon @ 18 in my 4th House. Now that it’s moving Retrograde back over those contacts I can probably look forward to more of this: 1. In January I was diagnosed with a terminal conditon & told I probably had less that a year to live, so lost my ability to work and applied for SSDI; 2. I lost my best friend & travel companion to a massive coronary event; 3. I lost my Mom in March to cancer; 3) I lost my Golden Retriever Wally, 9, to cancer not long after that and 4. I just lost my Dad to cancer. And I just went through bankruptcy. So basically this transit has cost me nearly everything I love including my career, my health and my loved ones. But I remain optimistic. My condition is improving having given up drinking so I may live longer after all. Losing my parents & childhood home forces me to confront the reality that you can never go home again & that it’s time to reconcile that psychologically. Losing my career means having the time to explore a new career as a writer, which I’ve always wanted to do. Losing my dog frees up my time to travel without guilt to places I’ve always wanted to go but never had the time. And as a result of all these losses, I have come into a modest inheritance as well as approval for SSDI benefits so I am set financially now. All-in-all, if I can come out of this on the other side alive…I see nothing but blue skies ahead for me.

    • I really hope things work out well for you Eric. You story really helped me put things in perspective. Thank you for sharing.

    • Way to go! Good for you to survive all of that trauma during the transit. To have a positive outlook at the end of your saga…surely helps others with this transit.

  13. I’m having Uranus Rd transit exact opposition my moon now for the 2nd time retrograding in 4th house. I am working 100% from home, I renovated my home in the last year, I renovated my kids playhouse, planting flowers, harmonizing my space. There has been a lot of nervous system unease so I have prioritized in grounding, cbd oil, walking barefoot in the garden, meditating and tapping everyday. I also started dancing lessons and singing and now I’m flowing freely in the garden with vocal and movement expression, it’s a need and I feel it’s helping and harmonizing with this transit. I have Saturn in my 1st squaring this transit. I have also passed thru a very rough patch w my partner almost broken up and now we have redesigned our relationship and we are better, getting reborn again. Restructuring the way I relate with my partner and my mom and the world, the way I learned as a child. Not reacting from the wounds but acting more consciously and from inspiration. I feel so strongly the need to express authentically, I don’t move or do a thing unless I feel it in my gut and I feel the inspiration. For everyone going thru this transit my heart goes out to you, it’s not easy, prioritize you mental health, nervous system, grounding and do uranian things that can harmonize this transit, it’s a great opportunity to heal the inner child playing❤️

  14. I went thru uranus opposite moon in 11th and I lost my man, my cat, my apartment. I’m going to go thru it again so I guessing it’ll do the reverse and give me everything I lost back x1000! I’ll update you guys. Good luck! Seems like everyone who’s spiritually connected goes thru this transit. We got this :/

  15. Rita Winkler on said:

    Uranus in the 7th house – I maintained a friendship over many years with a couple. I am single. She is very placid and easy to get along with. He has a huge ego, needs constant applause and attention. He is a womanizer and belittling of woman. I find him insulting and unmannered. I waited until I saw him on his own and in no uncertain terms told him what I think. This caused enormous ripples. My friend came to discuss the situation. I explained that it has nothing to do with her, it is between him and me and that this is not the first time I sent him away and he said he will never come back. This time it is serious as my friend feels that I am jeopardizing our friendship. I am making my values, boundaries and limits clear but are told to be too ‘black and white’, should take things easier and not so seriously. I feel I can’t. Nobody behaves like him. He gets away with it as he has standing in the community, and nobody dares to say anything. I had enough.

  16. I currently have transiting Uranus opposite my natal Moon, which is located in Scorpio, 12th house. So, you can imagine all the karma I have born with, and the limitations and restrictions my thinking has had up to this time! The aspect has now changed my thinking completely. I do have a outlet for this hard aspect. It has formed a t – square with my natal Venus in my 3rd house so my communication style has also completely changed,

  17. Transiting Uranus is about to enter my 4th house (somewhat like a transit to the Moon). It just entered my husband’s 4th house. Our home needs some major renovations and clearing out from old energy and stuff that was left to me when my mother died, when my friend moved out of the country and when my niece died to say nothing of my daughter’s stuff that is a mess in a bonus room in the house. Hopefully Uranus will clear out the mold and the old. We plan to install a new ground source heat pump in the house also. Any comments are welcome.

    • Update, My 54 year old daughter who just finished Uranus in the 4th herself moved back home. During her Uranus transit, her marriage broke up, she lost her home and is without anything at all except a storage unit full of junk mostly and her clothes. But at the same time, Pluto was square her Venus Saturn conjunction from first to 4th. Now i’m in for a tumultuous time as she and I have always had a love/hate relationship. She was always a rebel and my husband her stepfather didn’t even speak to her for several months due to her abuse of drugs and irresponsibility. We will see how this turns out. Uranus in my 4th for many years now.

  18. Sophie on said:

    Transiting Uranus in Taurus (my 11th House) is now exactly trine my natal 7th House Moon in Capricorn. For once, I am reasonably comfortable financially, and nothing is threatening me that I know of. But I am nervous about what Uranus means to do in its contact with my Moon. I have already lost my nearest and dearest, so nobody significant to me can be taken away. Is it possible that for me, this Uranus transit is insignificant?

    I have read the rough time some of you are having with Uranus conjunct, square and opposition transits. May God bless you and keep you strong..

    • Sophie on said:

      It appears that there are two Sophies here. I’m the one who wrote of May 9, not the one who wrote on May 12.

  19. Sophie on said:

    I am no different from all the other commentators. I have a scorpio moon in 4th house opposite mars and mercury and uranus has been around those degrees for sooo long.. add to that the eclipses that hit my moon and yes I lost my flat which took time to find and really liked. I have been living with other people from place to place it’s very stressful, I hate it. Uranus is going to be until 2024 in those degrees because of retrograde movement and it scares me. I need to find my own place instead of living in this chaos but it’s not easy.. I wonder what is the purpose of this experience..

  20. Fernando on said:

    I’ve experienced this horrendous transit in 2019/2020, plus a strong solar eclipse in my 4th house. I’ve lived in 3 different houses, had issues with landlords, flatmates, and… lost my mother. This is one of the most horrible transits ever, similar to Pluto effects.

  21. I remember when I had Uranus sq moon. We separated.
    Moon rules seventh.
    It also conjoin sun.
    A very wacky year or so.
    Uranus wants you to get out of ruts.
    A new to your life.
    Feel free.

    Though a few do not like Uranus.
    I do !!!

    It according to how you feel alone .
    Outer planets are the main characters.

    The only time I like orange.

  22. Transiting Uranus is square my Leo Moon 6th, exact today. Not very well. House needs work. And yes, t
    here have been shifts in reationships, and how l relate, this is the important thing for me…l have fixed sqs/opps across cadent houses, and yes, different ones have shown different colours…and l have too.

    My nephew totalled his first car last week trying to save a dog. Everyone walked away uninjured. l’ll take that. And my niece will move house next week (again).All third house stuff too. My Sun and Mercury live in in the that house.

    l’ll leave it there. Tired. Too many words.

    Good luck with what comes next.

    Thanks, a really helpful post.

  23. Hi!
    I’m currently going through Uranus opposite my Moon in Scorpio. In effect since July 2023 and will end around May 2025. But I feel it has been strongest during this time.
    This is so huge you guys. My home circumstances have changed multiple times. And I’ve had nothing but challenges in each of them hence why change has had to be made. Lots of being stepped over and having to stand up to myself and navigate that.
    My internal world is certainly craving freedom and I’ve liberated myself from a toxic working/ teacher student dynamic which was extremely hard for me to do. It definitely was approached In a uranian way and I don’t know if I could’ve managed it any other way in this case. Though I know I would do it different next time/ not get myself into a dynamic like that again. I have let go of many responsibilities in the name of freedom and liberation from situations that are just not feeling good. I’m pretty upfront and full on in my relationship/s. Just straight up sick of staying quiet for the sake of protection. This could all be themes of other transits also. I see allot of you going through family illnesses and deaths during this transit. I really hope it’s not the case for me. My grandfather is 72 with prostate cancer he will go through radiation therapy. i feel so much love for him and I know him to me. It would break my heart for him to go so soon. It would be unbelievable to think it to be possible.

    Thanks for all your contributions in these comments. I felt it important to join in with my own lived experience of this transit and I am sending a lot of love to you all.

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