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Uranus Transits to Natal Sun

Uranus transits interpretations to natal sun

By Corinne Lane         19 Comments

Uranus transits to your natal Sun result in the formation of new social and love relationships. You are able to explore new forms of expression and feel liberated, giving a fresh perspective to your limitations.

This transit brings about revolutions and instability. It disrupts the routine world and, at times, can create chaos due to its unpredictable nature and tendency to cause ruptures in our lives.

The outcome can be positive as it helps us break free from internal conflicts. However, if not handled well, it can further complicate our lives. Opportunities arise suddenly, depending on whether we take advantage of our personal needs or not.

At times, you may learn to have more control over your life during challenging circumstances. Conversely, everything may spiral out of control to the point where you no longer care about the end result.

It all depends on the level of personal freedom you possess and the strength to exercise your free will, as well as other factors within your birth chart. There will always be a sense of rebellion and individualism. Engaging with astrology is beneficial and aids in raising awareness.

Additionally, there may be potential breakups in relationships or a heightened desire for freedom.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Sun

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Sun is very significant. It brings personal freedom, creativity, and a revolutionary moment in your life. It can be unpredictable and chaotic, but breaking old patterns and embracing change is positive. Take care of your health and avoid accidents during this rebellious and exciting time.

Transit Uranus Sextile Sun

During the transit of Uranus sextile your natal Sun, you will experience exciting and creative changes. It is a time to embrace new experiences and ideas to grow and develop as an individual. This transit also brings favorable changes in relationships, helping you achieve your goals.

Transit Uranus Square Sun

Transit Uranus square natal Sun brings unpredictable changes and tests your ability to handle turbulence. You may need to break free from obligations and fight against obstacles. Circumstances may suddenly change, making you question your sense of freedom. Be cautious of conflicts and health issues caused by suppressing your individualism.

Transit Uranus Trine Sun

During the transit of Uranus trine your natal Sun, you will experience exciting and creative changes. New experiences and ideas will help you grow and develop as an individual. This transit also brings favorable changes to your relationships and can lead to a great growth of consciousness.

Transit Uranus Opposite Sun

When transit Uranus opposes your natal Sun, sudden changes challenge you to express your individuality. Restrictions are broken, and you must take responsibility for your life. Beware of stress and health problems, especially if you have heart issues. Resist the urge to control these changes and be open to eliminating anything that hinders your freedom. Be cautious in making hasty decisions to avoid accidents.

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  1. Andrew Kreig on said:

    Thank you for these generous insights. I can see how they are valuable both for myself and a special friend you know.

    Merry christmas and a most happy New Year!

  2. Hello my name is Lana and I am presently studying Astrology. Currently Uranus is conjunct and transiting my natal Sun. My Progressive Moon is in Capricorn and I just want to say how accurate your column is. It is so real in my life at this time as everything in my life and within is changing drastically for the better.

  3. Every time I have a uranus transit , I like the color orange. Sunset colors.
    I’m a Pisces sun. Sag moon. Cap rising
    I never wear orange unless uranus comes to town

  4. Thank you so much, I hope to live to see it hit my sun 22° Taurus. When it hit my mercury I loved the buzz. I don’t fear it hitting my sun, it could be exciting. Most people don’t get this opportunity in their lifetime. However at the moment due to my fixed T-square, it is squaring my mars&Pluto conjunct in Leo 9/10°. My grandmother was a professional astrologer, I’m just a student.

    • Stacy Rotten on said:

      I’m a Taurus sun to my progressed moon will be in Capricorn in October and uranus is lightly conjuncting my sun in Taurus it will hit full conjunction in a few years my sun is in the 7th so it’s hitting relationships. The past few days it hit me I’ve been feeling very very good doing things I don’t normally, thing is my moon and mars are in Aquarius, so it will be a super transit for me since I have Uranus so strong. Not sure this since my Saturn is at 26 degrees Taurus in the 7th to my sun and Saturn conjunct. Don’t know how it will affect my Saturn. Suddenly restrictions?

  5. Today is Uranus exactly in Opposition to my birth sun. The feeling of sadness began 3 day before. Even in my dreams there was a sadness that jump in my everyday life mood. Today is especially strong the feeling of dissolving of the whole being. Daily routine just broke appart becouse of collapse of the underground line.

  6. transiting uranus conj stellium sun, moon, mercury, mars, Chiron
    12th house/taurus…

    and I got struck by lighting!!!

    • Trina Simon on said:

      Wow, that is very unusual. Please tell us more.! Uranus on my sun right now activating my fourth house. I left against my will or reluctantly a place I loved in to a place that ruined my life

      • Trina, similar here. Compare notes? Uranus is in my 4th house, too (for a few years now). I posted a month ago that it was opposing my Sun (Scorpio).

        Uranus was I think opposing my Neptune when I had to move 8 months ago from a place I had lived for 17 years. Sudden, disruptive events

        Now, not hit by lightning (“k”: are you ok?) but a bolt out of the blue: I was just told I have to leave my new place (a miracle spot by the water). Extreme character landlady. Volatile. Uranus, hello. Catapult me to a sane place now. Surprise me.

        • Trina Simon on said:

          My place was also a miracle spot with an ocean view ! Took me many years to get there. I’m bedridden so having an ocean view from my bed was important . it’s 11:11 AM as I write this the gateway to the angels.
          And now I have to move again next month, even though I just moved here in April, but it will be to get out of this hell hole and into a handicap converted place. But I will still miss Morro Bay where I was living. I’m not advanced student enough to understand how you’re Uranus could stay in your fourth house that long unless it keeps retrograding back and forth like it is right now.? I’ve had to move about 13 times in the last 20 years definitely don’t have the money anymore. Don’t know how I’m going to move next month. It’s on my sun right now about 22°. Taurus, opposing my scorpio midheaven 22°. Thank you, Trina. PS Taurus hates surprises.!

          • If Uranus is opposing your 22 degree Scorpio Midheaven (I also have Scorpio Midheaven and Taurus I.C.) that means it is exactly conjunct your Taurus I.C. And the I.C. is the very root of your being, being shaken up by Uranus. Gosh. We both have Uranus transiting our 4th house of HOME in Taurus!

            So it is ON your Sun and OPPOSITE mine, and we are opposites.

            ***What is your MOON sign and house? These will be important given Uranus is in the Moon’s house!

            So the reason Uranus can be in my 4th house so long is that it takes 7 years for Uranus to travel through the 30 degrees of a sign, and my IC, the beginning cusp of the 4th house, is at ZERO degrees of Taurus, so it has been in my 4th house for about 5 years I think.

            We both need some grace related to housing. I hope you get an accessible place that is not just functional but is another miracle spot. Some of us need natural beauty as much as we need food and water. My place is across from a river.

            If your ASC is Aquarius then you will have Pluto there in a few years and it will be passing through your 12 now. If it is in Capricorn then it will have spent many years in your 1st house like it has mine (BROTHER!).

            I am looking at elements of my landlord situation that are part of a pattern in my life and am trying to understand them more clearly so something can change. Some things about myself that need to clear out. For my own self-respect before I get much older and start wringing my hands (not what you want!). Sounds like we both have $ and housing problems. Stressful survival strains….

            Anyway, I have been to Morro Bay!! When I turned 40, in 2003, I took myself on a solo trip to California– I had never been–drove Hwy 1 and stopped off in that town!

            Feel free to ask me any astro Qs. I don’t know everything but I know some.

        • Trina Simon on said:

          it’s been so long, because I have 24,000 emails and rarely go to them because I hate them. I lost all of them. Not to mention having to move constantly. That place had radiation because it was right under four cell phone towers. I just moved again and I knew it was going to be another nightmare. Every place has its pros and cons . when is Uranus going to get out of my fourth house ? my moon is in Scorpio 2° in the ninth house also my ascendant is about 28° Capricorn intercepted by Aquarius. So we also have that in common. I almost have grand Cross but definitely fixed t square but again I’m only a student. now I am in San Luis Obispo but my hometown was 60 in years Santa Barbara. I am 77. new place there’s no nature around me at all it’s a concrete sardine can in a bad neighborhood. Taurus hates to move and it’s drained me financially. I also lost my caretakers. Just don’t get old! is there someway I can move this off of email? That’s why I never saw it. My daughter had power of attorney so she moved me away from my Ocean View thinking that it would be better for me because I would have a two bedroom for a live in caretaker. on the contrary, one of them abandoned me and the other one had a stroke. No one’s brought me any food for three days and I hate the holidays alone. I would have a pity party but there’s no violin and I would throw in the towel but I can’t reach it. i’m going to try to move back Morro Bay but my daughter is trying to move me back to Santa Barbara. thank you for the insight. I’m listening….

  7. Oh my I am loving these Taurus sun comments…fellow Taurus at 23 and Uranus is now on my Sun exact just about in my 1st house. Have Saturn at 25 there and Taurus rising at 8. Loving the current energies but it’s been an intense month and have SN in Leo and NN in Aq at 18 so I think those are squaring – – I’m an Astro novice. :)

    In my natal I have Jupiter conjunct Neptune in my 7th, opposite my Sun. Noticing a lot up for me in how I relate 1:1s in personal and professional connections.

    So much up for me in identity, new beginnings – getting unstuck around these things, so hoping Uranus energies can assist.

    • Yea , unstuck
      Right now Uranus oppose my Saturn till about April .
      I keep having blow outs with people.
      Highway 1 sounds nice.

      I m in NC but I love the ocean.
      I go to the Atlantic a couple times a year or more.
      Atlantic seems mild to pacific

      Water! I’m a Pisces

  8. Trina Simon on said:

    it might be easier to just tell you my chart whoever is still listening. All us fellow Torian needs to stick together with Uranus pounding on us retrograding. This happened to me before with Saturn that seem to cause depression but at least it was slow and mellow. Taurus does not like the unexpected, the shock, the change of uranus. after all, we are Venusian. We want peace and quiet. They say Jesus came from Venus. I’ve had two visions of him and another one of a giant white cross in the sky. I have a Stellium in Gemini: 16–22 degrees, Venus, Uranus and north node. There was a lot of fun things in my life socially very fortunate being in the right place at the right time. But the money Housing and Health yikes. My Saturn is 20° cancer in the sixth house. These days computers snap up your chart right away: May 14, 1946. 12:27 AM Mount Clemens Michigan. My synthesis is Aquarius even though I have nothing in Aquarius. Also two planets in libra and conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Leo 9–10° in the seventh house . my grandmother was a professional astrologer who wrote an article for American astrology magazine probably in the 30s. Titled “fate versus Free will.” I never met her, she died young, a Pisces, I think age 37. She started out in Vaudeville as a singer and dancer along with my mother as a dancer at age 6 .I have lots of pictures of her. A book was published recently about my mom I have not seen yet. by my niece, Eleni Sikelianos who teaches writing at Brown University. Love to everyone and please pray I get to the aurora in Alaska soon. For the first time in history it is peaking early! like Pam Gregory said, the planets are speeding up . whoever heard of Saturn losing its rings?! unheard of historical phenomena. I think I will miss those rings! after all I do have Capricorn rising… what purpose did the rings have for us?

  9. Have Pluto on my descendant and Uranus will be exactly square my sun tomorrow. Last time Uranus squared my Venus ( in the 12th house) I found my girlfriend with another guy . it’s been a radical time with loads of anxiety and twists and to be honest, I’m dreading this transit …. My only grace is that Jupiter is about to sextile my ascendant and hopefully take some of the edge off…

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