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Uranus Transits to Natal Uranus

Uranus transits to natal Uranus

By Corinne Lane         12 Comments

Uranus transits to your natal Uranus increase individuality and provide a vision of how to enhance personal development. This entails experiencing changes in specific years that generate enough strength to break free from routines and stagnant aspects of your life.

During this time, you may question what others have told you and the responsibilities you have, allowing you to express your sense of originality more freely. These periods serve as opportunities for reorientation and challenges to become more aligned with your true self.

These transits help you integrate personal freedom into both your personal life and profession, teaching you how to make better use of your free will. Many individuals who have been conditioned by their environment can take advantage of this opportunity to make their lives more interesting and stimulating.

Furthermore, this period may bring about growth and an increase in consciousness. It offers the potential for significant life changes and the attainment of greater freedom and independence.

Transit Uranus Conjunct Uranus

The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Uranus can occur around 84 years of age or immediately after birth if you have natal Uranus retrograde. It can cause instability in the family and childhood environment, or later in life, bring continuous uneasiness and a withdrawal from worldly life. The transit frees you from daily worries, increases perspective, and helps you understand your transcendental destiny. It brings wisdom and prepares you for the next step in your evolution.

Transit Uranus Sextile Uranus

The transit of Uranus occurs around age 14 and again around age 70. At 14, you question what others have told you and make changes to express your own self. At 70, you gain a greater perspective on your relationship with the world and focus on personal independence. These times are key for personal growth and increasing your level of consciousness.

Transit Uranus Square Uranus

The transit of Uranus square your natal Uranus happens twice in life. The first time signifies the beginning of adulthood and rebellion against established standards. The second time brings changes and a withdrawal from society.

Transit Uranus Trine Uranus

The transit of Uranus trine your natal Uranus transit occurs at age 28 and again at age 56. It is a time of questioning, growth, and personal independence. It brings changes to express self-expression and freedom. At age 56, there is a greater perspective of personal values and principles. It is a time for inner growth and increased consciousness.

Transit Uranus Opposite Uranus

The transit of Uranus opposite your natal Uranus at around 42 years old is a significant opportunity for personal liberation. It allows you to break free from anything that hinders your individuality and make radical changes in your life. Not taking advantage of this can result in a life without personal meaning.

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  1. Margaret McMullan on said:

    Thank you for your forecast I am an old woman 83 year old born 1937 with experience of confused existance only in life and awareness due to life experiences have lived knowing experiences only what I have lived , It is now I am on my last small episode of life that I can look back and see i never had a life but existence due to my ignorance . wish I had people like you who I follow constantly as it appears you are my stability and with help from your forecast often extremely accurate I live my life by, at my age obviously I have this last year come through confusion thinking I should be dead than put myself through next episode’s but often I have had through life a little psychic on my side that with you charts has kept me going , as I am on my last my sincer thank you for your forecast. respectfully Margaret McMullan

    • Robert Newton on said:


      The fact that you’re the beautiful age that you are and you were able to change out of that ignorance is magnificently admirable. I’m only 23 and feel like i can’t push on for much longer in this life already. But after reading your words, I feel this URGE to fight forward harder even if it only inches me a bit further… for you. You’re ability to change is radiant Margret, kisses from afar! ☺️

      • What a beautiful message from you to Margaret. Selfless.

      • Lisa Downie on said:

        Astrology shows that we do not live in a vacuum, each and everyone of our lives are connected. As human forms we are merely illusions, vibrating slowly, images of enegy slowed down, existing on a lower vibration . We are here to participate in the plan of raising up from the lower spiritual realm that which is called the Soul of the Human race akin to that which they call the Christ-Consciousness.
        Astrology shows that everything is pre “written’ and we are all part of the plan of the Creator here to learn lessons of the Soul or to demonstrate them, whether you like your role or not. The Creator is trying tro purify and ressurect the spiriually dead part of himself which visually manifests itself as hunam and other flesh, slow vibrating because of negative or unholy energy .
        For example, ,in the Bible the Creator declares human kind as the lowest “form of his Creation,lower than the animals because we constantly turned our backs on him.(In the old testament).That’s why Adam, representing the Perfect Human,. is depicted as falling twice. That is why Crazy Horse is supposed to have said that “this Not theReal World. /the Spirit world is the real world.”

  2. Andre Harris on said:

    When I had Uranus trine Uranus in my 20s, it was the year I travelled around the world. Uranus is in my second house. Several weeks before the aspect was exact I was in China, where I was robbed. I lost all my money and passport. At the time Hong Kong was still under the UK so I managed to scrape together enough money to get there. I found out there was no consulate there because it was British. Then I was told I could have a new Hong Kong passport in six weeks or a British passport in six months!! With no ID I couldn’t have any money sent to me. So I was put in the position of having to earn money however I could for six weeks. I managed to find work in films (about nine in all) I even did some snooping for someone for money. I had an amazing time, but most importantly it was a pivotal moment in my life where I learnt that I could survive. After that I was always able to take more risks. It gave me tremendous confidence in my ability. I knew that what ever happened I wouldn’t starve. I don’t think I’d have had the nerve to go self-employed had this never happened. It lead to a life where I have had much more freedom than most people.

  3. Francis Joseph LaManna on said:


    The years from ages 20 to about 33 were absolutely chaotic. Don’t give up.

  4. Sylvia on said:

    I happened to stumble onto this article and comments when doing a little research on Uranus sextile Uranus transits. The first one was memorable, as my home life was shattered at that time. I recovered but that wound has played out in various ways psychologically. At the same time, I discovered my love for an artistic career, which gave me focus and energy. Now that the second one is coming – near age 70 – I can hardly believe how quickly life passes. Certainly I did make some radical changes around age 42 because I knew my life felt empty just continuing along the same road. I wonder now what this transit will teach me, as I recently lost the prospect of the domestic life I thought I was building for my old age with a younger relative of mine. My inner focus has been on my spiritual life as long as I can remember, but the outer circumstances are up in the air again. Thanks to everyone for your comments here.

  5. I’m 30 and had transit uranus trine my uranus recently. My grandma had tr uranus conj her uranus, my dad had uranus sextile uranus and my mom had uranus square uranus. Needless to say there were a lot of changes recently in my family

  6. My Uranus is conjunct my moon conjunct my Jupiter in the 3rd house in Sagittarius (even tho my 3rd house is technically Scorpio). I’m an Aries in 7th house conjunct my mercury. Virgo rising. This transit will prob happen for me at 42 or so. My Pluto (Libra) is conjunct my Saturn (Scorpio) in 2nd house. So my Pluto square Pluto will last 3 years almost! I’ve been going through it since a month before I turned 38, & im 40 in a month & still have a year left of it almost. I really don’t think that Uranus oppose Uranus is going to do much for me, except maybe push me to write my book (Gemini midheaven conjunct my true node). I already feel I’ve gone against the norms of society my whole life. I never finshed college even tho I was a straight A student with high honors & scholarships (Chiron in Taurus in 9th house-I lost 2 scholarships bc of dishonest professor, hurt me financially my whole life so far, plus prob about 6-7 car wrecks, 1 hurt my back, neck & shoulders very bad). But my fortune of node is conjunct my Venus in Taurus in 8th house.. so my husband/lover is my good luck. & I crave stability, so true.
    Anyway, I do tarot & I’m a mother, & I love it. My black moon is in Aquarius in my 6th house. I am here to serve others, maybe write a book, & my husband is my bff.
    I already am a rebel at heart, tho. My husband is a funeral director/embalmer, & we live a very unique lifestyle. So I don’t know if I’d say this is the most important aspect. Maybe for someone with a true node in Aries, or something., or someone who has been following the mainstream. But for someone who knows who they are, I highly doubt this is their most transformative transit.

  7. Oh, & the comment I just left was about the Uranus oppose Uranus transit.

  8. I am fairly nervous – Transiting Uranus will be crossing my midheaven in mid-2025, at 0” Gemini. It will also be in opposition to my natal Uranus, which is 29” Scorpio. I feel relatively
    in sync with this – when I turned 40 I went back to work for the justice department, supervising offenders in the community after an 8yr break from law enforcement working in hospitality management – soul destroying. My current job has been an incredible experience of reconnecting with myself already – I can’t wait for when this season hits its peak energy, as it’s been confronting but so satisfying and awakening already! I wonder where I’ll be at with myself in two more years!

  9. Barbara Ann Williams on said:

    I have just passed my 63rd birthday and the last thing I want to do, is pull in my horns and disappear! I have much to contribute, I am currently writing a book about an important period in my life, starting a YouTube channel to grow a following before I start podcasting….about pro football!….preparing to market an herbal remedy that will STOP a cold if you start it at the first scratch in the throat; teach a series (at the behest of my granddaughter) about human potentiality and spirituality…..and that’s just for now! I have no plans to stop or die (same thing to me) before I see Halley’s Comet, after that I’m making no promises or plans. These are the best years of my life!

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