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Venus Transits to Natal Neptune

Venus transits to natal Neptune interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Venus Transits to Natal Neptune

When Venus transits to your natal Neptune, it amplifies your sensitivity towards the subtle aspects of life and emphasizes the significance of such subtleties. These transits also grant you the ability to selflessly surrender without any expectations in return.

These celestial events provide insights into the true meaning of unconditional love and the spirit of sacrifice for those you hold dear to your heart.

During this period, you do not anticipate anything from others, yet you may experience disappointment when you realize that you cannot rely on someone. However, your empathy and understanding towards others will be heightened.

You may find yourself indulging in fantasies and nurturing unrealistic illusions. Nevertheless, this transit will bring forth a wealth of creative inspiration and artistic sensitivity, ultimately improving your emotional well-being and unconscious sentiments.

It is important to avoid making long-term commitments during this time, as your emotions and feelings may prove to be unreliable. You may find it easy to be swept away by idealistic fantasies or the needs of another individual, without these realities truly resonating within you.

When it comes to financial matters, it is advisable to refrain from making decisions during these transits since practicality and realism may elude you. The love experienced during this period does not necessarily require physical or sexual expression, as it often tends to be of a platonic nature.

Transit Venus Conjunct Neptune

The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Neptune brings spiritual refinement in love and the ability to forgive. It gives creative inspiration and intuition in relationships. Just be cautious with financial decisions today.

Transit Venus Sextile Neptune

The transit of Venus sextile your natal Neptune helps you perceive life’s beauty and empathize with loved ones. You’re at peace, immersed in daydreams and romance. Compassionate and sacrificing, you understand others’ feelings and treat them with tenderness. This transit enhances your artistic sensibility and allows dreams to become reality.

Transit Venus Square Neptune

The transit of Venus square your natal Neptune stimulates romantic imagination and can lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointments. It may indicate trouble in already troubled relationships and it’s best to avoid lasting commitments. However, it can be a good time for artistic inspiration and music.

Transit Venus Trine Neptune

The transit of Venus trine your natal Neptune brings a sensitivity to the feelings and needs of loved ones. You are at peace and have a deep understanding of others. This transit also enhances artistic inspiration and the ability to appreciate beauty. Dreams can become realities.

Transit Venus Opposite Neptune

Be careful in relationships when transit Venus opposes natal Neptune. Beware of idealizing things too much and recognize reality. Avoid being pulled into someone else’s fantasy or being deceived. Problems may arise with lack of discretion and love scandals. You may make sacrifices for someone you love. Financial decisions should be avoided and instead focus on artistic inspiration.

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