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Venus Transits to Natal Pluto

Venus transits to natal Pluto interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Venus Transits to Natal Pluto

When Venus transits to your natal Pluto, it greatly intensifies your emotions. You may find yourself experiencing obsessive feelings, passion, guilt, or jealousy, whether directed at yourself or someone else. Your interactions with others, whether casual or not, will become deeper and more meaningful than usual.

Naturally, Venus-Pluto transits are favorable for sexual encounters, but it’s important to be cautious about manipulating others or being manipulated yourself. Any relationship that begins during these transits will have a sense of inevitability and may be characterized by an overwhelming flood of emotions that are difficult to control.

In some cases, these transits may bring about a culmination of karmic exchange. It’s possible that tensions that have been building up will lead to an unavoidable confrontation.

During this period, you may go through a transformative and even destructive phase in your relationships, especially if the Venus-Pluto transit coincides with other intense transits that point in that direction.

It’s important to be mindful of your compulsive feelings, maintain control over your desires, and examine your own motivations.

Transit Venus Conjunct Pluto

The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Pluto can bring intense love experiences. Be cautious not to act carelessly and let jealousy or possessiveness consume you. Relationships may face problems that lead to a transformative renewal. Stay aware of your emotions and motivations. Transform your relationships positively if you are conscious enough.

Transit Venus Sextile Pluto

Transit of Venus sextile natal Pluto brings intensity to relationships and deep self-understanding. It’s a time for transformation and a more magical quality to sexuality. This transit is favorable for relations and breaking free from karmic situations. Good for negotiations and investments.

Transit Venus Square Pluto

The transit of Venus square natal Pluto intensifies your emotions, both positive and negative. Pay attention to your relationships and avoid manipulation. Don’t let obsessions and possessiveness disrupt a relationship. Transformation and regeneration depend on outer planet transits.

Transit Venus Trine Pluto

The transit of Venus trine your natal Pluto brings intense relationships and encounters that deeply impact your life. Subconscious activity helps you understand both others and yourself. Relationships undergo transformation and sexuality becomes more magical. This transit brings satisfaction and positive confrontations, favoring relations and the breaking of stagnation. It is also a good time for negotiations and investments.

Transit Venus Opposite Pluto

The transit of Venus opposite your natal Pluto has a strong impact on your relationships and how others perceive you. It intensifies your emotions and may lead to passionate or even violent reactions. Be cautious of your intentions and avoid compromising situations. This transit helps you become more aware of negative emotions and possessiveness or jealousy. Evaluate the situation and make regenerative changes.

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