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Venus Transits to Natal Saturn

Venus transits to natal Saturn interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         4 Comments

When Venus transits to your natal Saturn, it can have a constraining effect on your affection and love, driven by practical considerations. These transits compel you to rethink the meaning of your personal and professional relationships.

During these times, you may find yourself in somber periods of reflection, where you contemplate the significance of certain relationships or bid farewell to someone temporarily or permanently.

These transits prompt you to approach things with a serious mindset. You might feel distant or indifferent towards the emotions of others, or experience overwhelming feelings of loneliness and depression.

Feelings of guilt may arise, along with an awareness of your fears and social inhibitions. You may unknowingly erect defensive barriers in your intimate relationships to prevent others from getting too close.

Despite their challenging nature, Venus-Saturn transits can offer favorable circumstances for economic and financial matters. They instill a practical and realistic approach within you, even if it leaves you feeling dissatisfied. It is important to reflect on the reasons behind this dissatisfaction and take steps to address and rectify the situation.

Transit Venus Conjunct Saturn

The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Saturn brings seriousness and may hinder your expression of love. You may experience painful lessons and reflect on relationships. Seek advice from an older person. It may involve temporary separation or goodbyes. Difficulties in love may arise. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression may occur. New relationships will be sober and loyal. Financial problems need attention. Plan carefully to overcome obstacles for inner peace. Think seriously and deeply.

Transit Venus Sextile Saturn

The Venus sextile Saturn transit brings awareness to your obligations in personal, romantic, and professional relationships. It provides objectivity and realism, helping you improve and stabilize these connections. Trust is gained through your impartial point of view and willingness to sacrifice. Seek advice from experts and mature individuals to solve any relationship issues.

Transit Venus Square Saturn

The transit of Venus square your natal Saturn may hinder your relationships and make you feel isolated or depressed. You should reassess the benefit of maintaining them and be realistic about your financial/professional position.

Transit Venus Trine Saturn

The transit of Venus trine your natal Saturn transit brings awareness of your obligations to others, both personally and professionally. It provides objectivity and realism, improving the quality of your relationships. Trust is gained, allowing for clarification and problem-solving with expert advice.

Transit Venus Opposite Saturn

The transit of Venus opposite your natal Saturn transit can create conflicts in relationships. You may feel serious and distant, making it hard for you to be sweet or affectionate. You may also be resentful and struggle to enjoy life. Others may be making you face aspects of yourself that you don’t want to accept.

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  1. Betty Arsenijevic on said:

    After a long analysis of life and many experiences, I have come to realize that Humanity is not allowed by universe’s design to be happy – PERIOD. There is always something that intercepts (planetary aspects or humans) our happiness. I have concluded that God cannot stand happiness in human life – very rarely. The planets and their interwoven aspects are a living evidence of this. I have also come to conclude that Karma is just a facade. I have seen so many beautiful and spiritual and caring and kind people being abused, even killed, while those who kill, rob and steal get away with murder and Saturn’s karma is nowhere to be seen – always ensuring that these negative events take place. It is no different than the animals in the wild – the aggressive eat the meek rabbit, elk, or raindeer – and the meek eat vegetation. The same applies to humanity. If we look at nations that aggress over other nations – what is that all about – no different than the example in the wild. If we go back to the dinosaurus, they ate one another – God loves watching bloodshed, pain and suffering, is my final conclusion, no matter who is doing the blood shedding. Instead of the dinosaurus he could have brought down the elk, the deer and the rabbits, instead what followed was snakes, crocodiles and other dangerous and poisonous reptilians and called it balance of power yet he gave nothing to humanity to defend itself from the dangers of the life that he set for us. I may sound negative, but then so is God and all his planets and all the earthly activities – I am just mimicking it back. Our youth who live on their cellphones and watch nothing but TV will not see what I see – too drugged up to notice with all the free use of marihuana. Thank you!

  2. GEEKYGUY on said:

    I have found the painful learning experience and having to wave goodbye to somebody you love as per the interpretation of the conjunction transit to be spot on.

    Transiting Venus was right on my natal Saturn the moment a woman I had been dating suddenly messaged me to say that was it – she didn’t ever want to see or hear from me again.

  3. i feel for Betty i can . This transit finds me reading there are two worlds – soul book.
    i ve finally caught a glimpse of a power like it says – the light the spirit .
    The medical world wants to challenge me – i m not afraid to say no and take responsibility and i did – there timing feels like the cause of a split with family due to different experiences – it’s like using part of family to make a case for them.
    i don t need them i m fine. There are other areas more concerning for me.
    My saturn is 26 gemini first house. Progressed saturn a few degrees into cancer and that is family and my mars sign and Cancer which is what the medical is challenging me about . So a doctor was trying to set up a family practice so i got called but he insisted i go get updated and it turned out it was done a year ago almost and suddenly i m being charged with saying no again and i remember a girl saying Maybe she felt something but so small really unsure. i don t remember anyone talking about doing anything. It was during covid. So now i supposedly need someone to be with me cause i m probably demented. Now the doctor they ve set me up with so i can keep this family doctor who insists i do this IS the doctor who has given my family member a double mastectomy not yet completed and who trusts her completely and will come with me. Like i said i am just reading there are two worlds and i don t see it. i just don t. So i m going to cancel and ask for written validation of their claims. delayed saturn. Why worry overly on that when so much other abuses to deal with. i have pretty strong health practices i ve built over years with part of destiny in scorpio in 6th health house my recent lab work is all within normal except cholestrol . On paper i m healthy – it’s keeping it that’s hard and it seems something will get you but i think each lifetime is something you come away with a grade on your main lesson at least you must improve. Yesterday i learned that this destiny vertex is in scorpio which can pull me down degradingly or rebirth me which turned my lightbulb on.
    Lower desires or higher and lucky me i got a rebirth. Healing too. My daughter and grand daughter helped me with a garden start up and we went to Chevellier show and i had one of those dreams where there’s a white bridge and an incredible high something resembling a wall a hill but daunting. There’s more ahead and who knows what kind of journey it will be. i m not ready to go so bring it on saturn. peace. world peace.

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