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Venus Transits to Natal Sun

Venus transits to natal Sun interpretations

By Corinne Lane         1 Comment

When Venus transits your natal Sun, it’s an excellent time for romance and experiencing creative love. You become more sociable and pleasant, with a willingness to please others. There is a certain magnetism about you that attracts the people you like. During this time, beauty holds greater importance to you.

You take an interest in your well-being. If conflicts arise, you are willing to make peace and find resolutions. These transits stimulate your talents and artistic or creative expression. Your tastes become more refined, and you gain a better understanding of your own sense of beauty. They also make you more affectionate and expressive.

You attract individuals who bring you benefit. If anyone has any animosity towards you, these transits will help smooth things over. Alongside this, financial help may become available, enabling you to express yourself more freely. These transits are also favorable for your health and well-being. You will feel a stronger desire for pleasure and satisfying your cravings. However, because you seek enjoyment and fun, there is a chance it could lead to laziness or self-indulgence.

Transit Venus Conjunct Natal Sun

Transit of Venus boosts creativity and expression of feelings; time of enjoyment through music, theater, and entertainment. Increased attractiveness and attention; radiating love and harmony. Appreciation for beauty; desire to be with liked people. Artistic talent stimulated. Maintain peace and harmony, avoid self-indulgence.

Transit Venus Square Natal Sun

When transiting Venus squares your natal Sun, it’s a pleasant time with some challenges. You may not feel like working, wanting to have fun instead. Consider if pleasure is appropriate for your situation. Conflict is best avoided, but don’t go against your wishes to avoid it. Be sensitive to others’ emotions. This transit sparks creativity and offers opportunities for growth. Avoid self-indulgence and overeating.

Transit Venus Trine Natal Sun, or Transit Venus Sextile Natal Sun

When Venus is trine or sextile your Sun, it’s a good day for socializing and expressing love. You make a good impression and can achieve your goals. It’s a favorable time to ask for help or loans. You radiate peace and harmony, attracting others. Financial activities and artistic pursuits are favored. Avoid self-indulgence and laziness.

Transit Venus Opposite Natal Sun

During this period, avoid self-indulgence and laziness. Try to understand others before injecting your ego. This is a good time to express your feelings and be creative. Be careful with excessive drinking and eating.

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1 comment

  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    One time Venus went stationary (direct-retrograde) within 5 minutes of semi-sextiling my natal Sun (which the transiting Sun was picking up). A group of people I was doing an activity with then unexpectedly gave me the most wonderful birthday present.

    The semi-sextile may be considered a minor aspect, but on this occasion given how close the station was it was clearly major in effect.

    Obviously that was an excellent day to go out and socialise, as per the interpretation of the sextile transit. And a good example of Venus’ tendency to attract nice things.

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