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Venus Transits to Natal Sun

Venus transits to natal Sun interpretations

By Corinne Lane     1 Comment

When Venus transits your natal Sun, it’s an excellent time for romance and creative love. You are more sociable and pleasant, and you’re willing to please others. You have a certain magnetism that attracts the people you like. These days, beauty is more important to you.

You are interested in your well-being. If you encounter any conflicts, you are willing to make peace. These transits stimulate talent and artistic or creative expression. Your tastes will be refined, and you will gain a better understanding of your own sense of beauty. They make you more affectionate and expressive.

You attract people who benefit you. If anyone has any animosity towards you, these transits will smooth it over. During these transits, you can get financial help to express yourself more freely. These are also favorable for health and well-being. You will feel a stronger desire for pleasure or to satisfy your cravings. Because you need to enjoy yourself and have fun, they can lead to laziness or self-indulgence.

Transit Venus Conjunct Natal Sun

The transit of Venus in conjunction to your natal Sun stimulates your creativity and gives you the ability to express your feelings to someone you love. You feel like enjoying life and pleasure. It is a time for enjoyment, whether through music, theater, or other forms of entertainment.

You can be very successful and get more attention from others because you’re more attractive now. Your natural warmth and friendliness really shine through. You now radiate love and harmony, which attracts the people you need and boosts your self-esteem. You desire to be surrounded by beauty, and you have a greater capacity for appreciating good things than on other days. You have a desire to be with people you like.

Your artistic talent is stimulated, even if you are not an artist. It’s a good time to express yourself creatively and artistically. You appreciate art and beauty more than usual now. You don’t like any unpleasantness at the moment, so you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain peace and harmony in your environment and in your relationships. Watch for feelings of extravagance, self-indulgence, and self-love. Do not dissipate yourself in the pursuit of pleasure.

Transit Venus Square Natal Sun

When transiting Venus is square to your natal Sun, it can be a pleasant time, but there will be some challenges. You might not be in the mood to work. You want to enjoy life and have fun, but first you must attend to your tasks and responsibilities. You should reconsider your desire for pleasure and consider whether it is appropriate for your current situation.

You’re not in the mood for confrontation, so if you come into conflict with someone, you may give in and seek an immediate compromise. Make sure that you don’t go against your own wishes simply to avoid confrontation. On the other hand, lack of emotional sensitivity today can lead to emotional difficulties with those closest to you. Try to understand what others are feeling before you inject your big ego into the situation. In any case, it is better to leave serious matters for another day.

This transit stimulates your artistic sense. In spite of a few small disagreements, you will likely feel satisfied. Through your relationships with others, you have the opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself. Use these opportunities to grow. Avoid self-indulgence and laziness. Don’t overeat since you may have an inclination to eat too much and perhaps suffer from digestive issues at this time.

Transit Venus Trine Natal Sun, or Transit Venus Sextile Natal Sun

When transiting Venus is trine, or sextile, to your natal Sun, it’s an excellent day to socialize and enjoy the company of others. You are willing to do favors for your friends or associates. You are able to express your love in a very effective way. This makes you win everyone over and even disarm your enemies. You make a good impression and you can achieve what you set out to do. It’s a good time to ask for help from other people, and even ask for loans or other things.

You enjoy life with more intensity. This is a transit of attraction and warmth. People reach out to you, and you reach out to them, because there is a lot of harmony and love between you. You now radiate great peace and harmony, which makes everything go smoothly. You feel a lot of inner peace and know how to show your affection to the people you care about.

People see you as real and naturally friendly, so they want to help you in your endeavors. Financial activities are favored today, as are the arts and music. It is a very favorable time to put your own idea of beauty into practice and to create something that fills you with joy. Today’s words of caution are to avoid self-indulgence and laziness.

Transit Venus Opposite Natal Sun

When transiting Venus is in opposition to your natal Sun, you want to enjoy life and your relationships, and you don’t feel like working, but you should avoid self-indulgence and laziness. Lack of emotional sensitivity today can lead to emotional difficulties with those closest to you. Try to understand others’ feelings before you inject your own large ego into the situation. On the other hand, you may also be drawn by your desire to share without properly discerning with whom.

Through your relationships with others, you have the opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself. Use these opportunities to grow. After a few uncomfortable situations, you might end up having a good time during this period. It can be very favorable for your intimate relationships if you’re willing to give in and not always want to be right, or at least to learn to please others.

This is a good time to express your feelings to someone you care about, as well as express yourself artistically. People will not resist you if you project yourself outward now because you are more pleasant or attractive. You should not drink excessively or eat too much, since the well-being you may feel now may turn into problems in the future.

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1 comment

  1. GEEKYGUY on said:

    One time Venus went stationary (direct-retrograde) within 5 minutes of semi-sextiling my natal Sun (which the transiting Sun was picking up). A group of people I was doing an activity with then unexpectedly gave me the most wonderful birthday present.

    The semi-sextile may be considered a minor aspect, but on this occasion given how close the station was it was clearly major in effect.

    Obviously that was an excellent day to go out and socialise, as per the interpretation of the sextile transit. And a good example of Venus’ tendency to attract nice things.

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