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Venus Transits to Natal Uranus

Venus transits to natal Uranus interpretations
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Venus transits to your natal Uranus cause unexpected and exciting encounters, all outside of your daily routine. They work in your favor by helping you learn to be more free. They may bring unexpected problems in existing relationships or introduce you to people who are very different from those you are used to dealing with.

You will be attracted to new and liberating forms of social interaction or entertainment. The relationships formed during these times may not be long-lasting, but they do expose you to different worlds.

During Venus-Uranus transits, you feel more liberated than usual to express yourself and to engage in certain actions or make certain statements. Any interaction can actually be creative and stimulating. Whether you take full advantage of it or not depends on you.

There may be unexpected financial losses or gains. What’s important is to use your experiences as an opportunity to renew your life and relationships.

Transit Venus Conjunct Uranus

The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Uranus brings unexpected events and new experiences. Relationships may be exciting and different, but also unstable. Routine is disliked and conflicts can arise. Unexpected profits or expenses may occur.

Transit Venus Sextile Uranus

During the transit, you’ll have exciting encounters and experiences that are fun and different. Be open to surprises and new relationships. Stay light and free, without possessiveness or jealousy.

Transit Venus Square Uranus

The transit of Venus square your natal Uranus can bring exciting and unexpected circumstances. Be open-minded and flexible. Beware of getting into fights, as you have a lot to lose. Express your disagreement, but remain in control. Be cautious with money.

Transit Venus Trine Uranus

During the transit of Venus trine Uranus, you can expect new and exciting encounters. Be open to surprises and enjoy relationships with a sense of freedom. Keep things light and fluid.

Transit Venus Opposite Uranus

When transit Venus is opposite your natal Uranus, unexpected things happen and you may react abnormally. Your relationships may not satisfy you and you crave excitement. Unresolved tensions may arise unexpectedly. New encounters and different experiences will keep you from getting bored.

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