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Venus Transits to Natal Venus

Venus transits to natal Venus interpretations
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By Corinne Lane         2 Comments

When Venus transits your natal Venus, everything has a greater impact on you. You become more sentimental and sociable than usual. Your desire to feel connected to the people you love becomes even stronger. You have the ability to maintain a harmonious state, even in challenging circumstances.

During Venus to Venus transits, you feel an intense affection. It particularly encourages sensuality and the enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

You feel good, either because you feel more attractive or because you know how to present yourself in a more harmonious way. Socially, you become more relaxed and open, attracting people with refined tastes.

You want to indulge in the pleasures that life offers, so these times are not suitable for hard work. Instead, they encourage a certain level of self-indulgence. Therefore, it is important to avoid overindulging in food and drink.

These are ideal times to rest and enrich your soul with music, literature, and art. They help you appreciate your own sense of beauty and harmony, making these transits highly favorable for artistic expression.

Transit Venus Conjunct Venus

When transit Venus is conjunct your natal Venus, it is an excellent day for relationships. Your sensitivity helps you connect with others. You’re more attractive than ever and in good company. It’s a good time to buy clothes and enjoy beauty.

Transit Venus Sextile Venus

Today is a pleasant and lucky day for you. Your social contacts, dealings with others, and matters of money are favorable. You attract positive circumstances and can relieve tensions. Relationships, especially romantic ones, are improved. It’s a period to rest and be at peace, despite being busy. You have a refined taste for beauty and can enjoy art and entertainment. Everything runs smoothly today.

Transit Venus Square Venus

During the transit of Venus square your natal Venus, you may feel provoked and should speak up gently. Avoid compromising and giving up too easily. Don’t fight, leave decisions for another day. Avoid self-indulgence and be cautious of unfamiliar people taking advantage of you.

Transit Venus Trine Venus

The transit of Venus brings pleasant and agreeable experiences today. Social contacts and financial matters are lucky. Tensions are relieved and negative attitudes are replaced with positivity. Relationships, especially romantic ones, improve. It’s a peaceful time to rest, even amidst busyness. Beauty and refined tastes bring enjoyment. Everything runs smoothly.

Transit Venus Opposite Venus

The transit of Venus opposite your natal Venus helps you relax and understand others. It’s not great for business, but it may improve love and commitment.

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  1. qdunbar on said:

    Thank you!

  2. One birthday or Christmas somebody I knew was having the transit of Venus square natal Venus. He then received some gifts that were wonderful in theory, but in practice wrong (I think duplication was involved).

    So I think the presence of Venus suggested wonderful gifts, but the square aspect was a sign that there was something challenging or complicated surrounding them.

    It probably also suggested the challenge he faced of having to either pretend to be really pleased with the gifts, or communicate diplomatically that there was a problem with them.

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