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Of the Members in mans body governed by the 12 signs or constellations, and of the diseases signified by them.


The first sign of the Zodiacke ruleth in the body of man, the head, face, eyes, nose, eares, and mouth, and signifieth all diseases of a hot and dry nature, incident to those members, as head-aches of all sorts, pushes and pimples in the face, all manner of scarres in the face.

Taurus governeth the neck, throat and winde-pipe, and hath relation utno all diseases of a cold and dry nature, subject unto the throat, the Kings evill, hard kernells or swellings in the neck and throat, stopping of the Winde-pipe, and the like.

Gemini ruleth the Armes, hands, shoulders, and all diseases of a hot and moist nature subject to those members are signified by this sign, it hath relation to the bloud, and diseases thence arising.

Cancer hath dominion over the brest, Stomach, Liver, & Lungs, and signifieth putrefaction in the Stomach, ill digestion, rottennesse, and weaknesse in the Stomach, and Lungs, all manner of Impostumes, Cankers, hurts, or bruises in the Brest or Stomach.

Leo governeth the Heart, Back, Ribbs and Sides, and signifieth all hot and dry diseases subject to them, as Plurisies, Inflammations, the Heart overheated (this is to be understood when Mars is herein) but otherwise it naturally signifieth Heart-qualmes, faintings and swoundings, and all infirmities incident to the Heart.

Virgo hath the sole power over the Bowells, and Belly, the small Gutts and Intrailes, and hath relation unto all Diseases coming or arising from winde; it signifieth griping in the Belly and Guts, the Chollick (but that is when Saturn or Mars shall be author of the Disease, and posited in this signe) yet all diseases denerally incident to the Belly, of a cold and dry nature, as also hardnesse of dung in the Guts, or stopping of the course of the Excrements, which we may assuredly judge, if Saturn be author of a Disease, and posited in this sign.

Libra ruleth the Reynes and Loynes, and hath signification of those diseases incident to them, it is of nature hot and moist, representing the Bloud, and Diseases thence arising are attributed to this signe; it also hath relation to those Diseases subject to the Bladder, and naturally signifieth all impediments therein, Mars in this signe shewes heat of the Reynes, the Stone, Strangury and the like infirmities, &c. sometimes a Gonorrhea.

Scorpio hath signification of Diseases in the Privy Members, in regard they are governed by this signe, naturally it signifieth the Groin, it also hath some relation to the Bladder.

Sagittarius ruleth the Thighs and Hipps, and the Sciatica, also other infirmities in those parts are signified by this sign, as also the Gout, viz. the running Gout.

Capricorn governeth the Knees, and is of a cold and melancholly nature, all Diseases incident to those places, as the Leprosie, Scurfs and Scabs in and about the Knees, and Hamms, as also all strains or fractures, are attributed to this sign.

Aquarius is hot and moist, representing Diseases of that nature it resembleth the bloud, in regard it is an aiery sign, it ruleth in the body of Man, the Leggs and Ankles, and signifieth all manner of lamenesse, and bruises in the Leggs, and all impediments in those Members.

Pisces is a watry sign, and hath dominion over the Feet, and the Gout and all cold and moist diseases, incident to those members, are signified by this sign, Moon in this sign, and author of the Disease, is an assured testimony of the Gout in the Feet and Toes, and swellings in those parts occasioned by cold and moist causes.

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