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What part of the body is afflicted.

We must herein consider, first, what sign is in the sixth house, and what member and part of Mans Body it governeth; Secondly, in what sign the Lord of the sixth is posited, and what part or member that sign representeth, in which he is placed: likewise we must have regard unto the Lord of the ascendant, and the Moon, and observe what sign they are in; which being well considered, we shall suddenly finde and discover, what part or member of the body is afflicted, but in this we must carefully heed the sign wherein the Lord of the sixth is posited, for usually that member governed or signified by that sign, wherein the Lord of the sixth is placed, is most afflicted and distempered.

If the Lord of the sixt house be in the ten first degrees of a signe, the upper part of that member, signified by that sign, is most afflicted, if he be in the middle of a signe, the middle of that member signified thereby, is most oppressed, if in the latter part or last degrees of a sign, the lower part of that member represented thereby is most afflicted. As for example, the lord of the sixt house, at the time of the first decumbiture of the sick, or at the time of the propounding of the question in Cancer, in the first part thereof, then we may judge the upper part of the Stomach to be afflicted by such diseases as are incident to the upper part thereof, of the nature of the Lord of the sixth, the like may be observed by any other signe.

And here we must also observe, that in discovering the nature and quality of any disease, we must not rely only upon the naturall signification of the sign, for not the signe onely to be considered is enough, but the nature of the Planet, who is Author of the Disease, is principally to be regarded.

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