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Of the Diseases signified by the Planet Mercury.

Although in Order Mercury ought to have been treated of before the Moon, yet in regard Venus and Moon were both of one nature, we held it convenient to treat of both their significations together, in any of the twelve signes, therefore we now come to speak of Mercury, and of the diseases signified by him.

  Mercury is a Planet of nature cold and dry, representing Melancholly; yet he is of a variable nature, for his influence is usually according to the Nature of the Planet, with the which he is conjoyned; the diseases signified by him are these, viz. all such as proceed of cold and wind, Vertigoes, Lethargies, giddinesss in the Head, madnesse or lightnesse, or any other disease adherent to the Brain, all stammering or imperfection in the Tongue, defects in the Memory, hoarsnesse or dry Coughs, Ptisick, all evills in the Intellectuall parts, &c. he hath principall relation to the Brain, Tongue, Lungs and Memory.

The diseases or infirmities signified by Mercury, in any of the twelve signes are as followeth, viz.

Mercury in Aries.

When Mercury shall be the principall author of a Disease or Sicknesse, and in Aries, he sheweth that the sick party is much troubled with winde in the Head, and Brain, yet the memory is pretty good, the sick party is almost giddy, and complaineth of lightnesse in the head, talketh sometimes idlely, and if Mercury be with Mars in this sign the party is almost distracted: if with Saturn, he stammereth much in speaking, such things as dispell winde and comfort the Animall spirits, and open obstructions, are necessary to be administred in this infirmity.

Mercury in Taurus.

Mercury in Taurus, and significator as aforesaid, acquaints us with hard Kernells in the neck, stifnesse there, as also hoarsnesse in the Throat, and roughnesse in the Windepipe, stoppings and wheesing there.

Mercury in Gemini.

Mercury in Gemini, and significator of the disease, shews windinesse in the veines and bloud.

Mercury in Cancer.

Mercury in Cancer, and principall significator as aforesaid, intimates the Stomach to be oppressed with cold and winde, the sick party troubled with sowre belchings, and gripings there, continuall pain by winde.

Mercury in Leo.

Mercury in Leo, and author of the disease, declareth the heart to be oppressed with Melancholly, as also the sick party to be tormented with prickings and shootings in the back, and at the heart.

Mercury in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo, and significator as aforesaid, expresseth the Bowells to be tormented with winde, the sick party much oppressed in the Belly, great pain therein, the Winde Chollick usually afflicts the sick party upon this position.

Mercury in Libra.

Mercury in Libra, and author of the Disease, tells us that the blood is windy, great pain in the Reynes by cold, the Urine stopped by reason of the pain in the Reynes and Bladder, the Urine usually is very windy and frothy.

Mercury in Scorpio.

Mercury in Scorpio, hath no great signification, only declareth pain in the privy members by cold, as also windinesse in those parts.

Mercury in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Mercury in Sagittary, Capricorn, Aquaries, or Pisces, denotes windy and cold swellings in those members signified by those signes.

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