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Of the Diseases signified by Venus and the Moon.

Venus and Moon.

Venus and Luna are both of one nature, viz. cold and moist, and so are the diseases attributed to them, the diseases and infirmities signified by Venus are these, viz. Suffocations, all defections in the Matrix, weaknesse in the act of generation, debillity and weaknesse in the Stomach, Gonorrhea, the French Pox, she ruleth the Sperm or Seed in Man or Woman.

Luna signifieth the Falling sicknesse, Palsies, Menstrues in Women, Aposthumes, looseness in the Belly, cold and raw humors in any part of the body, Dropsies, Gouts, Surfets, rotten Coughs, Apoplexies, Rhumes in the Eyes, she ruleth the left Eye of men, and the right Eye of Women.

Now in regard Venus and Moon are both of one nature, we will therefore treat of them both together, as we did of Sun and Mars the diseases signified by Venus or the Moon in any of the twelve signs, are as followeth, viz.

Venus and Moon in Aries.

Venus or the Moon in Aries, and significators of the disease or infirmity, declareth that the sick party is molested with cold humors in the head, troubled with too much rhume there, the brain is too cold and moist, the sick parties Senses are very dull, abundance of excrements flow from the Brain, usually the sicknesse proceedeth of cold, and the sick is very desirous of sleep, his head is stuffed with rhume, and the sick party very heavy, Lethargies, Coma Carus,[1] and other diseases of the head that proceed of cold and moisture, may be feared by the Physician[2].

Venus and Moon in Taurus.

Venus or the Moon in Taurus, and significator, either of them as aforesaid, intimateth raw humors in the Neck, swellings there, by reason of abundance of moisture flowing from the head; there usually upon this positure, some cold rhume in the neck, or cold swellings there, whereby the sick party is distempered.

Venus and Moon in Gemini.

Venus or Luna author of the Disease, and in Gemini, denoteth that the bloud is oppressed with watery humors, the Dropsie may be feared upon this positure, and other diseases of that nature, the veins are full of waterish blood, and it is very necessary to correct the cold and moist distemper of the blood, for from thence doth the sicknesse arise: the sick party is very faint and weake usually, and subject to swellings in the arms, and divers other places in the body.

Venus and Moon in Cancer.

Venus or Luna in Cancer, and principall significators of the disease, declare that the sicknesse proceedeth of cold and raw matter in the Stomach, the sick party hath little appetite to victualls, but is molested with rhume, and cold and watry humors in the Stomach, flegm aboundeth much there, and the sick is much perplexed with straining to vomit, and all the distemper in the Stomach, ariseth from too much moisture there.

Venus and Moon in Leo.

Venus and Luna significator, either of them as aforesaid, and in Leo, acquaints us that the orginall of the disease proceedeth of cold and moist vapours at the heart, but seldome any great distemper happens upon this position, in regard the heart is more afflicted by the positure of Saturn or Mars in this sign, then by any other Planet.

Venus and Moon in Virgo.

When Venus or Luna is in Virgo, and either of them significator of a disease, we may judge that the sick party is much troubled with raw humors in the Bowells and Guts, from whence cometh a loosenesse or Flux of the Belly, many times it hath been found that the sick party hath been oppressed, and tormented with wormes, and much afflicted by often going to stoole, occasioned by cold and slimy humors in the Belly and Guts.

Venus and Moon in Libra.

Venus or Luna in Libra, and either of them author of the disease or sicknesse, tells us that the sick party is surfeted by over much drinking and eating, it sometimes happeneth, that the sick party is much troubled with the Gonorrhea, or running of the Reines, the Diabetes or pissing disease, any disease arising by inordinate Lust, is signified by this position, for Venus naturally governeth and signifieth such diseases, and being significator of a disease, and in this sign, imports weakness in the Reynes, yet we may judge the blood also to be too thin, and filled with flegm and water, in regard it is an aiery signe.

Venus and Moon in Scorpio.

Venus or the Moon in Scorpio, and either of them significator of a sicknesse or disease, intimateth that the originall of the distemper or infirmity, cometh of too much use of venereous actions, usually the sick party is troubled much in the privy members, for the which he may thank his owne folly, if a woman demands the question for her selfe, or if it be propounded for a Female party, then judge that she hath been too familiar with Men: however we may conjecture upon this position, that the sicknesse is occasioned by too much Lust, and by the common and too frequent use of those members represented by this signe, many times the Stones are swelled.

Venus and Moon in Sagittarius.

Moon or Venus significator of a disease in Sagittary, declareth the Gout or swellings in the Thighs, the Hipps, Gout, or Sciatica may be feared, botches and sores in the Hips and Thighs, cold and moist humors being the cause thereof.

Venus and Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Venus or the Moon significator as aforesaid, and in either of these signs, viz. Capricorn, Aquaries, or Pisces, importeth and signifies the Gout in the Knees and Feet: swellings in the Leggs through cold aguish humors, there the Gout or Dropsicall humors may be feared to be the cause of the sicknesse of infirmity, when Venus or Moon are significators, and in either of these signes.



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