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If the Party be really sick for whom the question is propounded.

For discovering whether the party be sick or not, we ought to consider, if that the Ascendant and Lord thereof be free from all manner of impediment, viz. If that no malevolent Planet be posited in the Ascendant, or in configuration with the Lord thereof, or if any fixed Starre of the nature of the Lord of the sixth house, or of the nature of Saturn, or Mars, or of the Lords of the 8th, or 12th houses be in the Ascendant, or with the Lord thereof, and if Jupiter or Venus who be naturally fortunes shall be in the first house, or with the Lord thereof, and they not having any dignities in the sixth or 8th houses in the figure, and the Lord of the Ascendant essentially fortified, well posited in a good house of heaven, and not combust of under the Sun beames or retrograde, then the partie is not sick, but is distempered with some accidentall cause, which may suddenly be rectified: But howsoever the party is not naturally sick, but accidentally afflicted with some outward cause, for if the Lord of the Ascendant be free from all impediment, and in no Aspect with the Lords of the sixth or 8th houses, it is an assured testimony that nature is strong; But on the contrary; if the Ascendant shall be afflicted, or the Lord thereof out of his essentiall dignities Retrograde, and afflicted by the infortunes, or be in the sixth house, or the Lord of the sixth in the Ascendant, it is a strong argument the party for whom the question is demanded is really sick and diseased, so likewise if any fixed Starres of the nature of the Lord of the sixth house arise in the Ascendant, or be with the Lord thereof in a bad house of heaven, and they likewise of a malevolent nature intimate the same.

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