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In the first place for the basis or foundation of our work, we ought carefully to observe that moment of time (if it may be obtained) that the sick party was first oppressed with the disease, sicknesse or infirmity; but if the exact time cannot be obtained of the parties first falling sick, viz. the yeare, day, hour and minute, then we ought to observe that very moment when the urine was first brought to the Physician[1] for his judgement thereon; but if no urine be brought then the very time must be accepted of, when first the Physician[1] speakes with the sick party, and then recourse being had to an Ephemerides or Astronomicall Tables, let a figure of heaven be erected, and place the planets therein, especially the place of the Moon must be exactly rectified, because the Crysis of diseases and criticall dayes are found out by her motion; having erected a figure of heaven, observe what signe is in the ascendant or first house, what Planet or Planets are therein posited or aspecting the house, then have regard unto the Lord of the ascendent, and consider what signe he is in, and in what house he is posited, what Planet or Planets are in configuration with him, what houses they are Lords of, whether fortunate or unfortunate, which being observed, have recourse to the sixth house, and Lord thereof, and observe what sign descends on the cuspes of that house, and what Planet or Planets are posited therein, and what Planet or Planets are in configuration with the Lord thereof, and what aspect they have unto the ascendant, for from the sixth house and Lord thereof, doe we require the nature and quality of any disease, or sicknesse, having regard to the place of Moon and Lord of the ascendant, and those Planets placed therein, and the signes wherein they shall be found.


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