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In praise of the ensuing Astrologicall Physician

Though the Author of this Treatise is wholly unknown unto me, yet. I could not but give this little Book of his, and himself thus much Commendations, viz. That he hath judiciously performed the work in hand, with much brevity, and after a handsome and easie method, so that a reasonable understanding, after he can but truly erect a Scheam of Heaven by Hartgills Tables, may with much certainty discover by his Rules here laid down, the cause and humor offending; his directions are short, plain and significant; he hath deduced the Diseases mankinde is subject unto very rationally and naturally from each Planet, so that what Astrologer soever, if but meanly capable, may now by his industry receive infinite satisfaction. And the Physicians [1] of his Age, how learned soever, need not disdain the perusall or practicall part hereof, in regard of the great benefit, which from hence will accrew unto their Patients, who many times dye, ere the cause of their Disease is made known, for neither the Urine, Pulse, or words of the sick, can so truly informe the Doctor, as a right Position of Heaven.

William Lilly, Student in Astrology.


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