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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

ELECTIONS Concerning Journeys (51 – 58)


If the Lord of the fifth house be separated from the Lord of another house, you may see what hath been done already, by the signification of that house, and whether it be good or bad, by the signification of the Planet his is separated from.


And also, you may know whether they business be effected wholly, or in part, by the strength of the Significators.


Also, you may note what Planet either impedites or strengthens the Significators; and so you may know the cause of it.


If the Question be about Honour, take the Lord of the tenth house, and work accordingly.


Another way to judge of returns, is this: See if the Moon be Lady of the hour of the Question: if so, and she be strong, she is Significatrix of the return: if she give beams to the Lord of the fifth house, he will return when she comes to his place, or perfect Aspect.


But if she aspect the Ascendent, he will return when she comes to the degree ascending at the Question.


But let judgement herein be ruled by Reason; namely, if there be a possibility of his returning so speedily.


By these Rules may any Astrologer, that is not troubled with the Simples, easily make Elections for the beginnings of any of these businesses.

This Treatise was revised, 1648.


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