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Part of Fortune in 1st House

Part of Fortune in 1st house of birth chart

If you have Part of Fortune in the first house in your birth chart, you have the ability to see life through your own lenses. Your fulfillment is based on the ability to focus your energy in one direction. To be able to do it without selfishness and with wide scope, you must develop awareness of others and learn to take a more subjective view, not only about the world, but also about yourself.

When you discover everything you are capable of doing and all the obstacles you can overcome, you gain confidence in yourself and an unsurpassed enthusiasm. When you learn that everything comes from within yourself, you will be less dependent on the opinions of others.

For this, you must acquire strong power over yourself, seeing yourself as the central point of your life. Then, the rest of the world will be tuned to your own goals and ambitions. So, it is important to channel your life in an important and meaningful goal.

You will not receive the help of others, and you realize that you do not need it, either. Your greatest fulfillment will come from your self-sufficiency and independence. Anything you achieve will be less important than the ultimate goal, which is to truly understand and discover yourself. You will be able to achieve anything you set out for as long as you are willing to do it for yourself.

Since your Part of Fortune is in the first house of your birth chart, the seventh house is the opposite house. Through the 7th house, you should understand that you need the company of other people. You will understand the greatest truths being in the company of others. Your personal appearance is important, as it will help you achieve harmonious associations.

Others trust you and therefore feel good about following you, although often you do not like to lead others. The more space you give others, the more space they will give you. This will help you open up to the world, to truly know yourself when faced with challenges, and to learn to check your ego.

Understanding non-selfishness will allow you to experience a much higher than normal freedom, where your personal needs and those of others lose their distinction, since they are the same for everyone. When your limited ego serves a superior cause, which is the same for everyone, then you will not feel isolated and your individual self will evolve, serving the needs of those around you.

The more dominion you have over yourself, the more your satisfaction and fulfillment will increase.

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